Women in Wealth Awards 2016

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 25 my industry, so together, we can advance. Outside of my firm, I work through my role as the Treasurer for the Chamber of Commerce, to help women in various organizations and industries. Looking to the future, I would like to continue expanding my knowledge and to become a resource for others in our industry. I would also relish the opportunity to continue to work with other peer firms, to solve issues and create best practices, as well as advocating for peer firms with our regulators in the industry. As I enjoy giving back, I will continue to work with my community, to help women of all ages and industries reach their goals. M. Griffith is currently growing and looking to expand. With the regulatory changes that our industry is facing, many smaller companies are finding it difficult to move forward or to stay in business. M. Griffith is looking to partner with these businesses to show them the benefits of an employee owned company. Our service model is a bit different than other firms in our industry and as such, when coupled with our current support structure, makes us ready to move forward with expansion. M. Griffith Investment Services, Inc. was founded in 1947 and is a dually registered broker/ dealer and RIA financial investment firm that specializes in financial planning, investment management and retirement planning services. The firm offers a full spectrum of financial planning and investment services, from brokerage, insurance and retirement planning, to investment management, corporate retirement plans, and much more. Cathy Cucharale has now been with the firm for over 18 years, and has contributed significantly to their success in this time. We spoke to Cathy to find out more about her approach. WW160024 Company: M. Griffith Investment Services, Inc. Name: Cathy A. Cucharale, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer Address: 555 French Road, Building 2, New Hartford, NY 13413 Email Address: [email protected] Telephone: 315-738-4562 Web Address: www.mgriffithinc.com The financial industry, as well as other industries, has been primarily led by men in the past. One of the things that intrigued me most when I first joined M. Griffith was that it was initially run by Margaret Griffith; a woman who was the head of the corporation, at a time when women did not head corporations. Although I was not fortunate enough to have worked with Margaret, her legacy is very much present within our firm today. Very few women hold the position of Chief Operating Officer in the finance industry, which means I work hard, to not only succeed amongst my peers, but to represent the other women in my industry. I am determined to take part in various programs and speaking engagements to exhibit my knowledge and expertise. In my experience, I have found that a lot of women in this industry take on a support role; they are too intimated to speak their mind, so they limit their success. I strive to empower women who have the will power to succeed. Women need to be able to feel empowered to participate and express their thoughts and ideas, and to not become discouraged if one opportunity does not work out, as another will present itself if they are determined. I strongly believe that we need more professional women mentors, to help women who have the courage to grow to their true potential; I act as a mentor for women, as I feel so strongly about this. By providing a support system and encouragement, I work to help women in my industry, and others, grow to work to the best of their ability. I never shy away from a task and never ask a person to do something that I have not done myself. Within the wider industry, I take part in many different regulatory programs, which provides the opportunity to not only grow myself, but to share my knowledge and experiences with others in

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