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www.wealthandfinance-news.com Wealth & Finance International - Q1 2021 11 10 Wealth & Finance International - Q1 2021 Inventing Innovative Success For E-Commerce In this post-pandemic world of 2020 and beyond, there has been a dramatic increase in the widespread usage of technology amongst retailers and commercial businesses. Companies and brands have been forced to close their high street shops in places where the virus has hit particularly hard, and switching to e-commerce has been a necessity for so many of them. However, through the excellence of Holistic Technology, there need be no downtime. The firm has won the title of Most Innovative E-Commerce Management Systems – Asia, so we take a closer look to find out more about what it offers clients in Asia. Since the turn of the millennium, there has been a wealth of technological development that has allowed goods and services to be sold on the Internet in ways like never before. The emergence of sites such as eBay, Amazon, Wish, Shopify, and more has paved the way for businesses to get their goods to even more people than ever before. These global platforms have made it easier than ever before for buyers all over the world to access goods and services that may not otherwise be available to them. Holistic Technology, since its inception, has focused solely on developing e-commerce solutions for e-retailers to help manage business on multiple platforms, such as eBay, Amazon, Wish, Shopify and BigCommerce. The core way in which Holistic Technology does this is through its use of its flagship product, SoldEazy, or www.SoldEazy.com. Located at the Hong Kong Science Park, the offices of Holistic Technology is where innovation meets the needs of real e-retailers and shoppers all over Asia and the wider world. With more than a decade of experience in the world of e-commerce management, Holistic Technology was all too ready to begin its development of a series of innovative and effective online business management systems, helping them to assist sellers in expanding their business to various world-renowned e-marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. Some of the biggest names in online shopping today are these digital marketplaces, and having a system that makes it easier for sellers to be visible in these online marketplaces is absolutely imperative to their success and survival in the twenty first century. The way in which Holistic Technology works is it aims to subvert the existing business model and overcome the technical and geographical limitations of trading. With the comprehensive and innovative functions that its products offer, including SoldEazy, the systems have gained the confidence of more than three thousands small and medium enterprises when it comes to managing their online business. As 2020 has proven, with the emergence of the COVID-19 virus and further digitalisation of existing commerce and retail, being a presence online is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity. Armed with the systems that Holistic Technology has, every seller has the chance to set up their stall in these world- renowned online marketplaces. Built from the ground up to be a cloud-based software-as-a-service product, SoldEazy is an e-commerce management system that has been deemed one of the best e-commerce solutions that is currently available on the market. Such is the excellence of this particular piece of software as a service that it has received a number of awards and lots of recognition from Asia Pacific, including the highest accolade from the Hong Kong ICT Awards back in 2016. Over the last five years, the product has been refined, tweaked, and improved in every conceivable way to make sure that it is the best it can possibly be for its clients. Currently, SoldEazy is responsible for managing more than ten million products across the globe, with an approximate one billion pounds sterling revenue having been generated from over ten thousands clients around the world. What SoldEazy does is empower e-retailers to build, design, and maintain product content online. Through what SoldEazy has to offer, e-retailers can overcome the complexity of technical and business knowhow, thereby making their products visible across multiple channels to reach the widest range of potential buyers. SoldEazy is a cost-effective solution that, in essence, provides a shortcut for all of its clients to develop e-commerce business. It is ideal for any kind of retail business, and can be used to jumpstart a new venture, or begin a new chapter in an already-established business that has recently made the jump to becoming digital and online-friendly. However, SoldEazy is not the only Eazy service provided by Holistic Technology. In selling online, there are also questions around storage and shipping, which Holistic Technology has also thought of. STOREazy is another product that has been designed and developed by Holistic Technology, this time in partnership with international enterprises BigCommerce and Shopify. As well as developing online shopping platforms and making it easy for clients to set themselves up online, STOREazy also helps users start webstores and brand-building. Cultivating an online presence is one thing, but being able to maintain a brand’s message and identity is another thing entirely. Through a unified management system, STOREazy enables its users to start and manage more than one webstore at the same time, and maintain consistency across them all, should the user so choose. Once the webstore is up and running, there is also shipping to take care of. Holistic Technology’s ShipEazy is focused on exactly that. ShipEazy can efficiently handle orders and shipments, and incorporate with the firm’s other products to achieve a centralized and integrated management system that guarantees one-stop processing for all the issues is online business. ShipEazy effectively elevates the order processing speed and avoids the messy order management problem brought about by the absence of centralized management system. Finally, there is ChartEazy from Holistic Technology. Big Data has become the indicator of sales and marketing in all industries, and a lot of resources have to be invested in for collecting and analysing data. ChartEazy’s built-in data analysis function allows users to easily grasp the trend of the data and understand a brand’s strengths and obstacles. Having operation and management totally in hand is not an easy thing to do, but with the software tools provided by Holistic Technology, there is now plenty of opportunity for brands and companies to get set up in online marketplaces and take control of their products in an increasingly digital era. As more and more businesses look to take their offerings online to more customers than ever before, the work of Holistic Technology is proving invaluable in helping them do so. Company: Holistic Technology Company Limited Contact: Daisy Lau Website: http://www.holistictec.com/home/ May20101

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