W&F Q1 2021

www.wealthandfinance-news.com Wealth & Finance International - Q1 2021 13 12 Wealth & Finance International - Q1 2021 Innovative & Disruptive quointec Leads RegTech It might be fair to say that the words “innovator” and “disruptor” have been bandied about a bit too much when it comes to discussing businesses that do something in a slightly different way to the mainstream crowd. Yet, they are two titles that can be undoubtedly reserved for the work of the Regtech Firm of the Year 2020 – USA, quointec. We profile the firm to find out more about what it has to offer, and why it is deserving of these titles and achievements. quointec works in partnership with the team at Actuate Law to create customized, automated compliance solutions that are capable of outsmarting a lawyer and ensuring the complete safety of a clients’ systems. Imagine, if you will, the benefits of protected and privileged legal advice in the guise of technology tools. There is seemingly no end to the amount of benefits that this partnership can provide, with services revolving around the proper protection and safety of data privacy and security, corporate disclosure, information governance, healthcare, and financial services. What is the inspiration behind this outstanding amalgamation of technology expertise and legal prowess, however? What has brought quointec and Actuate Law into one another’s paths in a bid to deliver exceptional service to clients all over the world? The reason is simple: both firms believe that legal services without technology is a waste of time and money, and technology without legal insight is a liability. The partnership is equally symbiotic, and each brings something unique to the table. Interestingly, this partnership has resulted in quointec not being considered either a law firm or software company. Instead, it can quite simple be considered the best of both worlds. A fusion of service that keeps delivering the best service possible for clients at every turn, quointec draws on legal expertise and technological understanding of software to ensure that the client has everything they need. In essence, this is the future of legal compliance and it looks good. For quointec, it is a particularly exciting time as the firm has cemented itself as the first company of its kind to occupy the perfect sweet spot in that marriage of software company and law firm. There are few who could make it happen, yet quointec has done just that. Rather that follow a set of rules, the team at quointec has had to make the rules up for itself. It is very much an innovator and disruptor, having carved out a new niche for itself alongside its clients. They can very much think of the firm as a group of rulebreakers who lives to serve the rule followers. quointec started life with a couple of legal professionals, technology experts, and solution designers gathered around a table. Together, that group of professionals shared ideas and thoughts about what a never-before- created resource could look like if it was made to help organizations leverage technology and legal advice in order to solve their compliance needs and requirements. It is the expertise of that team that has born immense fruition for quointec. Every member of the team brings something unique and something different to the work that quointec carries out. The team is made up of individuals from a wealth of backgrounds, and each has achieved massive success in their own respective careers. This success feeds into the innovation and disruption that the firm seeks to create. By understanding how things already work, quointec can set about creating solutions that upset the odds and do things a little differently. Staff share a fierce commitment for creating outstanding experiences for every client, leaving no stone unturned in finding that perfect solution. Solving problems is the work that everybody at quointec loves to do, and that enthusiasm for creativity and collaboration is matched only by the desire to do right by the client every time. Ultimately, quointec is one of the best firms to give the moniker of innovator and disruptor. It understands the industry, and how the marriage of software technology and legal services can ensure total compliance across the board. Company: quointec Contact: Dara Chevlin Tarkowski Website: www.actuatelaw.com May20163

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