Alternative Investment Awards 2016

awards alternative investment wealth & finance2016 46 Management Company Company: Carlisle Management Company Name: Jose C. Garcia Email: [email protected] Web Address: & Address: 9 rue Sainte Zithe, 1st Floor Telephone: +352 268 453 59 AI16001 Carlisle Carlisle Management Company develops, initiates, distributes and manages yield-oriented and tax optimized investments specifically for institutional investors and financial intermediaries in the Life Settlements sector. We invited Jose Garcia to provide us with a fascinating insight into the firm, which has just been named ‘Best Open-Ended Alternative Investment Fund Manager – Luxembourg & Best Long-Term Life Settlement Fund: Long Term Growth Fund FCP SIF’. Specializing in, both, open-ended investment funds and related private equity fund transactions, Carlisle Management Company considers itself to be a holistic alternative asset manager, assuming a wide range of tasks over the entire life cycle of the investment. Since inception the firm has grown rapidly, and now represents a widely diversified investor base, ranging from multi-billion dollar institutions to the most respected private banks and investment management firms in the investment community today. Carlisle’s award-winning flagship product, the Luxembourg Life Fund, is an investment fund that acquires, trades, and manages a portfolio of U.S. based life insurance policies issued by insurance companies with an average A rating. These policies generate investment returns for the fund based on the difference between the face value of each policy and the acquisition price plus accumulated premiums at the time of mortal- ity. The fund’s open-ended structure allows investors to diversify their participation across a larger pool of life settlements while maintaining a higher liquidity profile than if they purchased them directly. Ultimately, our dedication to our clients is always our number one prior- ity. Whether in terms of ensuring a seamless interaction with the compa- ny, providing a proper allocation strategy or by simply creating products that meet their tax and regulatory requirements, Carlisle always operates with the best interests of our clients at heart. Many of the key evolutions over the years have been based on global investor feedback as well as management interaction and experience in a wide array of projects. We understand our clients’ key issues and needs. Variables such as regulation, transparency and structural integrity, we maintain as a top priority within our philosophy and protocols. When our clients talk about their needs, we listen very closely. This approach has served us well so far and we hope that it will provide us with exciting opportunities moving forward. Best Open-Ended Alternative Investment Fund Manager - Luxembourg & Best Long-Term Life Settlement Fund: Long Term Growth Fund FCP SIF