Artificial Intelligence Awards 2019 4 Wealth & Finance International - 2019 Artificial Intelligence Awards Technology is moving forwards like a hulking goliath – unstoppable, uncompromising, inevitable, in many ways, as businesses across a plethora of disparate industries look to play catch up. Or, at least, most businesses do. After all, hulking goliath or not, there must always be companies that drive change and spearhead innovation. Companies that deliver something truly game-changing. Imagine if this company works in the field of AI, an area of immense development. This company is causaLens. Based in London, causaLens can be considered a true ‘DeepTech’ firm in that it specialises in delivering meaningful advances at the intersection between science and engineering. In light of that, the company doesn’t even need to hire sales people - 100% of the company’s efforts lie in development and discovery, improvement and innovation. To put it more simply, the ‘product’ speaks for itself. Its merits and accomplishments stand very much alone. Ahead of the field. Indeed, from the very start of my conversation with Darko, one fact became very clear: causaLens isn’t thinking small. Far, far from it. Darko fundamentally understands the importance and potential of the technology. “We have a vision, and that vision is to optimise the global economy. Every business on the planet wants to be ‘able to see the future’ and plan according to that future. Whilst there are early developments in this area, all of the available solutions are unable to function at scale. You would need millions of data scientists to monitor the ever-changing variables in all the available datasets. It’s unfeasible to do.” “That’s the key value we are bringing to the world. We are helping to optimise businesses. Helping them to do things that they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.” All in all, causaLens is a tool in the pursuit of true efficiency. Of meeting supply and demand perfectly, to save resources, to minimise risk, to reduce waste. The possibilities are seemingly infinite from the outset. causaLens is an industry leader in time-series data. With this in mind, causaLens seems a natural fit for the asset management space, as Darko explains. “One of our more recent developments in this space is in the autonomous detection of causaLens was established to revolutionise and lead the way for the true future potential of AI on the global business landscape. Wealth & Finance Magazine spoke with CEO Darko Matovski to find out more about its work, ethos and ground-breaking technology. Best Deeptech Company 2019 predictive signals in time-series data. Think of it this way: you’re an asset manager and you have thousands and thousands- maybe millions – of time-series data sources. You can’t monitor all of it, as that would require an infinite budget. So, you ask around at conferences for “the best dataset”. But this isn’t a cookie cutter issue and a dataset that works for someone else will most likely not work for you. After all, everyone has a different portfolio, with a different strategy, with a different horizon.” “As such, the only way to effectively find signals is to have a technology that ‘lives’ inside your organisation that serves as a gatekeeper. For it to say, ‘hey this is a time-series that is useful, and this a time-series that isn’t useful, you can ignore it.’ Managing time-series data the old way would take weeks, even months or years, for just one data source. Using our product, you can monitor and sort thousands of datasets at the same time – which naturally increases returns.” Yet, as undoubtedly impressive as this is, there are of course a plethora of competitors in the wealth and asset management space that offer data management services. So, how does causaLens differ? In a word, causality. “The technologies that are currently out there, the machine learning technologies, do not function properly in financial causaLens markets. The reason for that is simple: there is a relatively low signal hidden in the noise and the world is constantly changing, so if you have technology which does not understand the causal dynamics of the system you’re trying to predict – your forecasts are unable to adapt when the world changes, and you’re always playing catch up. Stuck in the past. You’re driving forward by looking in the rear-view mirror if you’re using any other technology.” Perhaps crucial to causaLens is that the company truly considers itself, primarily, as a thought leader working towards achieving true AI potential. “Current technology cannot be considered ‘true AI’. It’s simple. We want to go one-step further and infuse causality into all our models. Causality is the building block for true AI. That’s where our name comes from – it’s the lens through which we can see causality.” causaLens may just be the harbinger of true, widespread change in the technology space and beyond. Darko says it best in his closing remarks. “Our vision can be captured in one line of code: global_economy.predict().optimize(). Our technology can optimise every business on the planet, no matter what industry they are in. With that line of code, we can change the world.” Company: causaLens Contact: Apostolos Lymperis Website: Nov19247 “To put it simply, our vision is to optimise the global economy.” - Darko Matovski on the importance of causaLens “It’s fully autonomous and understands cause and effect.”