Artificial Intelligence Awards 2019

Wealth & Finance International - 2019 Artificial Intelligence Awards 5 The study of robotics and automation is one of the biggest questions still present in the artificial intelligence industry today. How will humanity react to the potential that robotics can bring to manner areas of life? Warrington Robotics aims to help automate most services, helping businessowners, the general public, hospitals, and many more with aspects of everyday life. Seeking to offer robots as a service, rather than take people’s jobs away, these robots have been programmed to be run by humans, for humans. Since the firm’s beginning just three years ago, the small team of colleagues have been deep in research and ideas to help make robots more commonplace across the world. Over the last two and half years, Warrington Robotics and have seen its robots used across a wealth of varied industries, including machinery, automation, film, photography, food and beverages, as well as corporate and wedding events, and many more. Not content to simply create an artificially intelligent robotic product that is useful for one sector, the firm have brought to life something that is also entertaining and able to be used across a myriad of sectors. The host of innovative humanoid robots can be used for reception, waitressing, advertising, promotions, food delivery, and exhibitions. However, one of the firm’s most advanced and award-worthy products is the most advanced automated photography robotic solution: the Eva Photography Robot. Perfect for entertainment events such as weddings, birthday parties, proms, product launches, corporate parties, and much more, Warrington Robotics and ServiceRobots. com have created a real talking point that would provide yet another exciting feature for guests and attendees to be remembering long after the doors have closed. Advancements in artificial technology have meant that commonplace robotic technology is more of a possibility than ever before. Founded in September 2017 with the goal of helping humanity step into the future, Warrington Robotics and are together seeking to radically change the way humanity and robotics interact. We profiled the firm to find out more about it, and the secrets behind its double-award-winning successes. Service Robotics Innovator of the Year 2019 & Most Advanced Event Automated Photography Solution: Eva Photography Robot Designed and programmed to wander the venue floor, Eva offers guests the chance to have their photo taken without having to compromise on who is in the photo. Guests can ensure that every photo is perfectly taken using the robot’s highly intuitive and easily-navigable menu systems. With high-definition onboard cameras and a wealth of customisation options, Eva is far more advanced than everyday photo booths to ensure guests don’t have to leave the party for that perfect photograph. Adaptable and versatile, Eva is the perfect photographer for all manner of commercial and domestic events, causing a real stir wherever it goes. Configurable graphics settings mean that no event is the same when Warrington Robotics and is involved. With a large 23.8- inch touchscreen, and the ability to upload and share photographs via SMS or email, Eva can do far more than everything a regular photographer can. Instead of sharing photos to guests via email or via text message, they can be printed off at the Print Station in the room, for guests to take home as the perfect memento of a wonderful time. Warrington Robotics Ltd. Nov19158 Each robot that Warrington Robotics and offer include facial detection software, obstacle avoidance, point-to-point programming, and software built in-house to ensure a stress-free user experience. All robots are available for both purchase and rental, and any of the service robots available are both easy and affordable. A minor investment can guarantee a major return in the form of interest and countless memories of a great event. Ultimately, the outstanding and ingenious service that Eva and the other service robots present would not be possible without the innovation and the invention of the team at Warrington Robotics and Committed to seeing humanity and robotics come together in delivering truly unparalleled service, this firm’s ability to realise the future has seen it emerge as true leaders within innovative new robotic design and manufacture. With robots such as Eva already available, the possibilities are limitless for the firm heading into a new decade full of exciting potential. Company: Warrington Robotics Ltd. Contact: Amy Stanton Website: