Artificial Intelligence Awards 2019 8 Wealth & Finance International - 2019 Artificial Intelligence Awards APR2w2 The artificial intelligence industry has been developing at a breakneck speed in recent years that developments have enabled truly remarkable innovation within the technology industry. However, with those rapid developments also come the challenges of bringing products to market that are built-to-last and able to withstand the challenges of staying relevant. Based in British Columbia, a centre for AI research and development, is Canadian firm Mind Gear Studios. A visualization company, Mind Gear Studios is dedicated to the development and design of AR and VR solutions for all manner of industry and enterprise-level clients. Drawing on a wealth of staff experience in the film industry, Mind Gear Studios has developed a suite of solutions and tools that go well beyond the scope of visual effects and set design visualization. By utilizing the latest developments in three-dimensional AR and VR, the firm has created intellectual property that leverages those technologies and artificial intelligence into a synthesis of possibility. Visualization begins with a clients’ concept, idea, or story, and the team then work to transform it into a virtual reality that can be seen. Using real-time technologies and extensive visual communication experience, the Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have become increasingly common throughout the world in the last decade. Allowing people to fully visualize and immerse themselves in a space has enabled firms from all kinds of industries to take advantage. Helping companies do just that is Mind Gear Studios. Discover more about the firm as we profile it following its win in the Artificial Intelligence Awards 2019. Best AR & VR Development Specialists - Canada firm deliver those concepts, ideas and stories in ways previously unimagined. Staff hail from industries that commonly use the most up-to-date visual technology, including product design, 3D game engine technology, and previsualization for feature film. Bringing a considerable amount of knowledge to each project, the team at Mind Gear Studios can help in a myriad of ways. For feature films, the firm helps directors, visual effects supervisors, production designers, special effects team, and producers understand how a sequence or concept can come together. The firm also helps architects and real estate professionals create visualizations for show homes, trade shows, exhibits, or corporate installations, through augmented and virtual reality technologies that remain at the forefront of the tech industry. For Mind Gear Studios, the benefits to being based in British Columbia are numerous. The region is a world leader for research and development in AI and houses the second-largest VR/AR ecosystem in the world. As AI, VR, and AR continue to mature, one of the most important aspects for the firm is remaining nimble and ready to pivot at a moment’s notice. When opportunity arises, Mind Mind Gear Studios Inc. Nov19319 Gear Studios has been able to bring solutions to market that have been designed with change in mind, with maximum efficiency, and serve both companies and their clients. As an economy, emerging technology has always been difficult, as the economy can change just as quickly as the technological developments themselves. At the turn of the decade, the focus remains on getting AI, AR, and VR to a fully developed stage; a stage which Mind Gear Studios are keen to see society reach. Yet for now, the focus and goals of the firm remain the same. Pushing these exciting and potentially game-changing technologies forward to see what a mature industry can yield in terms of profits, whilst also solving some real-world problems along the way. Excitement is justifiably mounting around the seemingly limitless potential of augmented reality and virtual reality, and Mind Gear Studios’ introduction of artificial intelligence only continues to ramp up the anticipation. With all manner of industries and sectors seeking to take advantage of the benefits that AR and VR can offer, there are few companies better placed that Mind Gear Studios to offer truly exceptional services. Company: Mind Gear Studios Inc. Contact: Michael Neely Website: