Artificial Intelligence Awards 2019

Wealth & Finance International - 2019 Artificial Intelligence Awards 9 APR2w2 The global awareness of cybercrime has increased due to greater media attention, newly enhanced data protection laws and data privacy laws across the world. However, for companies looking to upgrade their cybersecurity, it can be confusing to navigate the hundreds, if not thousands, of technologies and service providers that are currently crowding the market. Launched in 2017, METCloud offers a cloud solution that has been built around the highest levels of cybersecurity technologies available. Having grown at an exponential rate in the last three years, this cloud computing security solution has become a vital service for an increasing number of organisations in the financial, banking, and insurance sectors. Data has become one of the most valuable commodities in the world today, and cybercriminals will look to take advantage of that spike in value. Companies must adhere to the most stringent rules in the form of the European Union’s GDPR laws, as data continues to be protected across the world. METCloud offers its clients the chance to experience the absolute maximum in security via its platform. Safe and secure for employees to do business, the platform boasts the highest levels of cybersecurity currently available in the market today. METCloud is offering its clients something radically different to what is currently available in terms of cloud technology and cybersecurity combined. A multi-layered and sophisticated cloud-based experience, it is the perfect platform for companies working in the previously mentioned industries thanks to its incredible levels of cybersecurity defence and surveillance with platform uptime of 99.999% (5x9’s), which is significantly greater than other public cloud providers operating at just 99.99% (4x9’s). Moving into 2020 and beyond, the team are seeking to increase uptime further to 99.9999 (6x9’s) and increasing the cybersecurity to the next level. Incorporating the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is key to the continued success of METCloud, as it will enable greater levels of capability and scalability. Across the digital landscape, cyber threats are always As technology and its widespread usage across the world becomes increasingly commonplace, so too does the looming threat of cybercrime. Offering a comprehensive platform of sophisticated cyber-defences and services to match the needs of today’s clients, METCloud is a firm that truly embodies what it means to be innovative. As we profile the firm, discover why it has been recognised in Wealth and Finance as the Best Emerging Cyber Defence & Support Product. Best Emerging Cyber Defence & Support Product: METCloud evolving at a terrifying pace and both AI and ML will be instrumental in combatting these threats. Technology will help develop a capability that will identify and remediate cyber-related issues within milliseconds, instead of minutes and hours. Within the next two years, METCloud aim to be able to leverage AI and ML to make configuration changes to systems rapidly in order to protect platforms and clients across the world. Behind the remarkable innovation at METCloud is an equally brilliant team of talented individuals. Gifted a culture of innovation in which they can thrive, the team are essential to the continued growth and development of such a game-changing cyber-defence product. Alongside the strategic technology partners that share the same values for innovation, research, and developments, the firm has become a UK powerhouse for protecting sensitive and business-focused data. Cybersecurity is not solely an issue for the United Kingdom, and the team at METCloud have been hard at work negotiating locations for overseas offices. Currently in negotiation with the US states of Maryland and Virginia, as well as Australia, Singapore, and the UAE, the scope for international expansion represents huge opportunities for METCloud. Continuing METCloud Nov19159 its expansion across the UK also, the team are seeking to make the coveted Forbes’ list of UK Unicorn companies. Only one of 2019’s thirteen companies was involved in cybersecurity; a fact that the firm is seeking to change due to its importance alongside the development of new technologies. Ultimately, the future of METCloud is potentially one of the most exciting UK success stories in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. A source of innovation the likes of which is seen very rarely, this outstanding firm is single-handedly changing how companies approach protecting their data in ways that were previously unimaginable; a true testament to the brilliance it displays. Company: METCloud Contact: Ian Vickers Website: Telephone: 0121 227 0730 GET CONNECTED, CYBER SAFE