Ethical Finance Awards 2022 10 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Ethical Finance Awards APR2w2 To some in the financial sector, ethical finance is a contradiction in terms. For the team at Fintex Capital, however, it’s a core part of their approach to business and one which has allowed them to thrive through even the most challenging of times. Since 2016, this intrepid team has been forging a bold new path that has helped many in a host of different communities. Many lenders play it safe when it comes to supporting people, wanting to guarantee a return on their investment. Those with poor credit ratings, along with SMEs, are often seen as poor choices. Despite the inherent risks involved, Fintex Capital has made it a principle of their approach that they back lenders who assist those who do not have easy access to capital. With finance underpinning so much of the innovation and progress we make as a society, it’s important to ensure that everyone has access to it. Naturally, this approach does not come at the expense of consistent returns, but it does Since the 2008 financial crisis, the world has had to approach lending in a different way. With banks reducing their activity, the potential for private investors and markets has grown considerably. The team behind Fintex Capital specialise in this field, offering attractive risk-adjusted returns and income for a variety of institutional investors and family offices. In the Ethical Finance Awards 2022 from Wealth and Finance International, the team have achieved truly incredible success. We take a closer look to find out more. incorporate a need to work with companies that are making a genuine difference. One of the lenders that the Fintex Capital team has worked closely with recently is ThinCats. This business has lent more than £1.2bn to British businesses in the UK, mainly MEs affected by the pandemic. The loan from Fintex Capital was able to unlock more than £400m of funding to struggling small businesses that now have a chance to flourish. This eye on success for all underpins every decision from the Fintex Capital team. Instead of defeating other companies, the team are always trying to move forward with a collaborative eye. Of course, the best collaboration comes from a degree of trust, and trust is only gained with transparency. By choosing the path of ethical financing, Fintex Capital has transformed the hitherto opaque private debt market. Their solution to the problem comes in the form of technology, with a range of innovative digital platforms and tools that make operations such as onboarding, risk management and Most Innovative Private Debt Firm - London Apr22062 performance reporting more efficient and accurate for all concerned. As a fintech, the importance of keeping up with the state of technology has proven to be vital. The Fintex Capital team have, for example, developed their own -house risk management tool called LISA which provides an instant diagnosis of a portfolio’s credit health. The tool enables the firm to undertake deep and versatile data analytics, easily identifying potential areas of risk. With a flat team structure internally, there’s enormous potential for quick developments to be made in this field where necessary. The world of private debt is not one without risk, though engaging with an established fund can mitigate this considerably. The team are heavily invested in their own fund, and on the same terms as investors. This means that the team are treating their own money with the car care as their clients. To date, the team are proud to have a superb track record that has had no defaults to date. Given the state of inflation, it’s more important than ever for investors to find an adequate return without taking excessive risk, and private debt offers a real opportunity for the bolder among us. Ethical finance is a concept that lies not only at the heart of Fintex Capital, but at the heart of their astonishing success. Their work embraces a care and attention to detail that is truly second to none. For those who are looking to explore the world of private debt, there are few options more suited in the ethical finance field. Company: Fintex Capital Name: Adam Marks Email: [email protected] Web Address: