Ethical Finance Awards 2022

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Ethical Finance Awards 9 APR2w2 With over 40 years of experience across 40 different countries, Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd has established itself as a leading crosscultural ethics consulting firm. Indeed, the firm provides global corporate solutions that aid investors in conducting business in unfamiliar jurisdictions. Specifically, Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd focuses upon developing legal, accountancy, and finance frameworks to ensure the successful launch of cross-border investments. It possesses a deep understanding of how different cultures operate – it knows that these differences can make or break cross-border transactions. As such, Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd has leveraged an international team that serves to decode any challenges and Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd is a firm that has been bolstering international relationships for investors through creating effective corporate solutions, since 1982. With offices across the globe, the company ensures accuracy and efficacy for its clients. As such, this year it has plans to expand its services to include a comprehensive anti-money laundering compliance service package to reduce indirect violations and investigations. bridge the gap between countries for clients. The local team acts as a point of contact for customers and collaborate with the overseas offices in order to establish the correct corporate framework for their cross-border investments. Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd offers these services to a diverse clientele, with a significant portion of its clients stemming from mediumsized to multinational companies. Further, the company utilises a two-pronged approach as a way to bolster brand awareness – this includes building an online and offline network through which it engages with target audiences. The company partakes in collaboration with governing bodies and possesses memberships with trade associations and chambers of commerce, for which it offers its expertise on the latest regulations from over 40 jurisdictions. Complimenting its offline efforts, the company’s online presence serves to actively cultivate informative intelligence and engage in a range of digital networks. Moreover, the international team creates content that explores the latest corporate regulations, with the overarching aim being to translate legal doctrine into clear and digestible information. Through taking this approach, Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd strives to supply a unique insight that differs from that of its competition and inspires a conversation amongst its clients. The diversity of the team ensures that Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd is able to tackle a plethora of corporate issues via a multifaceted approach. In essence, the team are vital to the company’s success. As they work across the planet, the company encourages crosscultural communications and understanding – it is imperative that each employee is equipped with cultural sensitivity, which they often receive Best Cross-Border Corporate Finance Advisors – China & W&F Excellence Award in Cross-Cultural Ethics Consulting 2022 Mar22479 training for. This includes body language, physical contact, and perceptions of personal space, as ideas and feelings surrounding these areas alter between different cultures. However, the Covid-19 pandemic greatly impacted international travel – particularly to and from China. Consequently, many shareholders and c-suites have been unable to remotely govern the subsidiary from aboard, which, the company cites, leaves it vulnerable to mismanagement and illegal activities. Subsequently, Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd has spent much of this time advising clients in gaining governance of such companies. In addition, the company has received an influx of requests to improve upon its clients’ company policies regarding employee misconduct. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd has advised over 15,000 companies internationally in establishing an effective governance framework to reduce risks and violations for the company. In 2022, the company plans to tackle money laundering in accordance with local and international anti-money laundering policies. With an increase in legislation in this area, Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd is encouraging companies to implement strict anti-money laundering policies to avoid indirect violations or government investigations. It is with this in mind that Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd plans to launch a fully comprehensive service package, especially in sensitive countries such as Brazil, Mexico, and China, to ensure that companies are fully compliant with such regulations. Contact: Roberto GILARDINO Email: [email protected] Company: Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd Web Address: Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd