Ethical Finance Awards 2022 6 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Ethical Finance Awards APR2w2 Moody’s has been proudly servicing clients across various sectors for a significant time, providing them with unquestionably expert solutions developed to suit multiple needs. Most notably, Moody’s has developed the ESG Score Predictor, a first-of-its-kind innovation. It is a cutting-edge risk management tool that has been specifically developed to enable financial institutions and companies to classify and examine ESG and climate risks and opportunities across millions of entities – no matter the size and location. Specifically, the ESG Score Predictor allows Moody’s to provide predicted scores for more than 270 million companies worldwide. Using an API, the models can then be applied to any “unscored” firm, producing easily comparable predicted metrics. Andrea Blackman, Global Head of Moody’s ESG Solutions, says: “We understand the value of combining big data with insights that hold a deeper meaning. By viewing the ESG landscape through a double materiality lens – and diving into the depths of critical sustainability issues and themes – we champion a domain-defining, rigorous and consistent approach to ESG analysis that considers impact on multiple stakeholders. As a result, our trusted data, scores and assessments enable you to distinguish meaning from noise.” In essence, Moody’s settles for nothing less than comprehensive coverage of companies, industries and ESG themes. Built with consistent, domain-defining methodologies, their solutions suite provides a comprehensive perspective on ESG and Climate, enabling business leaders to assess ESG risks and opportunities, strengthen sustainability action plans, and respond to regulatory requirements. Building on Moody’s strengths as a global, integrated risk management firm, Andrea adds: “Our solutions are uniquely positioned to service the needs of a broad array of market participants. Our craft begins with superior-quality data and analytical rigour: by combining ESG expertise with best-in-class risk analysis, we deliver adaptable data and analytics solutions to companies, banks, insurers, governments, asset managers and asset owners that meet individual needs on a global As a global integrated risk management firm, Moody’s has positioned itself to be the market’s leading ESG data and assessment firm while aligning ESG performance, credit impact, and risk valuation. As ESG Data Provider of the Year, Moody’s has strengthened various solutions that respond to every ESG-related goal in risk management and credit and equity markets, empowering organisations to make better, more sustainable decisions. scale. Crucially, every last piece of intelligence includes its data lineage and is clearly labelled for its alignment to international standards.” Alongside its core ESG Assessments and Climate Risk products, Moody’s Regulatory Data Solutions have been specifically designed to ease investors’ responses to SFDR and EU Taxonomy requirements, and extract consistent, comparable data, empowering clients to create innovative financial products of their own. To offer the best possible client experience, Moody’s ensures that all of the methodologies behind its products are accessible to customers. This includes having the analysts available to answer any inquiries that may arise, and provide additional transparency and support. What’s more, dedicated client services teams are on hand to offer advice and provide in-depth demonstrations of all product features. Going forward, the company is focused on further expanding its coverage universe and delivery channels to ensure that its solutions continue to reach the widest possible range of customers, and address the widest possible range of needs. Additionally, Moody’s is excited to launch Moody’s ESG360™ a new platform that delivers a consolidated view of decision-relevant ESG data and insights to portfolio managers through a single intuitive interface. The platform has been ESG Data Provider of the Year 2022 designed to meet the diverse needs of all market participants, from domain entrants to seasoned experts, across the asset management industry. The platform will facilitate screening, research, security selection, portfolio analysis, risk management and stakeholder reporting. Designed following extensive customer research, Moody’s ESG360 enables customers to access the intelligence they need with only a few clicks – presented in ways that are adapted to the ESG factors most critical to how they in particular make decisions. Launching in April, the platform ultimately aims to bring greater clarity and confidence to ESG-related workflows. An issuerfocused platform which facilitates engagement and information sharing between Moody’s analysts and clients as part of the ESG Assessment process – Moody’s ESG360 Connect – will soon follow. At the core of Moody’s is a desire to innovate, providing the knowledge and insight needed to build a more sustainable and resilient future. It is this desire that has earned the company the title of ESG Data Provider of the Year, and that will drive its continued success. Company Name: Moody’s Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]