Ethical Finance Awards 2022

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Ethical Finance Awards 7 APR2w2 Based out of Washington, D.C., 1863 Ventures is a hybrid organisation that functions as a nonprofit company accelerator and venture capital fund. Indeed, 1863 Ventures’ primary mission is to aid New Majority entrepreneurs, who, it states, have been excluded and disinvested, expand their businesses through programming, coaching, professional and personal mentoring, and streamlined access to funding. The company’s current goal ties into this mission – by 2030, 1863 Ventures hopes to create $100 billion in new wealth for the New Majority. Programmes, funding, thought leadership, community-building, and live/ virtual events are 1863 Ventures’ key focal points. The organisation is equipped to fulfil its services in these areas as its team is comprised of entrepreneurs and business coaches – which further allows for a greater connection with the organisation’s founders and provide them with practical advice based upon authentic experiences. As such, authenticity, community, diversity, universal opportunity, and emphasis are prioritised by the organisation. They are the fundamental values upon which the organisation operates. In essence, its objective to advance New Majority entrepreneurs from founders to CEOs is greatly mirrored within these core beliefs. Much of this stems from the company’s devotion to its internal culture, which centres around resilience, respect, and family. A clear embodiment of such traits is the company’s founder, Melissa Bradley. With over 20 years of entrepreneurship, investment, and leadership experience under her belt, there is no better leader for such an organisation. Bradley serves on a plethora of fund boards and has also built a career as an Adjunct Professor at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, where she educates master’s students on topics such as impact investing, social entrepreneurship, P2P economies, and innovation. Furthermore, she 1863 Ventures is a leading firm that specialises in aiding New Majority entrepreneurs. The non-profit company provides a wealth of services that have been informed by decades of experience and advanced data. has worked as a Presidential Appointee under Presidents Clinton and Obama. Of course, her experience is greatly reflected by that of the 1863 Ventures team. Many of the team members sit on the boards of a plethora of venture capital firms, which ensures that the firm remains on top of all industry trends and developments. In addition, 1863 Ventures thrives upon communication, which the team enforces in abundance. The staff have been known to share articles they’ve read, podcasts, and relevant information that relates to founders and institutions within the 1863 Ventures sphere. Collectively, the team strives for evolution – for improvement – and therefore, everyone is willing to learn, progress, and contribute. On top of this, 1863 Ventures utilises a wealth of data, such as NPS scores after programmes, participant ratings, and industry statistics, in order to support its decision making. The team is, of Leading Experts in NewMajority Founder Empowerment 2022 Mar22458 course, highly professional – but it is imperative to have these numbers. Statistics provide a deeper insight that cannot be matched by gut instinct, and therefore, 1863 Ventures meticulously collects this information to cultivate efficacy and progression. 2022, in turn, is a year for expansion. 1863 Ventures plans to grow its brand nationally, with much of its focus being to raise funds that will enhance its programming and make it more accessible to New Majority founders across the United States. Additionally, the firm is looking into the launch of a new fund that will supply New Majority entrepreneurs with more capital. This will also see the introduction of more staff into the organisation. Contact: Maxwell Young Email: [email protected] Company: 1863 Ventures Web Address: