FinTech Awards 2020

Wealth & Finance International - FinTech Awards 2020 APR2w2 Operating in such a constantly evolving and global market, ABAKA knows it must take several steps to ensure that it remains at the very cutting edge of the latest industry developments. First and foremost, the firm listens to client needs and endeavours to understand their strategic direction of travel. Using this newfound knowledge, the firm then provides suggestions that will help them further with their financial requirements. This co-creation process leads to innovation and development. By definition, ABAKA’s technologies are already at the cutting edge, having already developed its own neural network for natural language processing that powers the conversational artificial intelligence. There is also the inclusion of machine learning in the intelligent nudging module. Often, ABAKA’s competitors look to the firm when assessing what the latest developments are within the industry. There are a number of other ways in which ABAKA stands apart from its competitors, but one of the key benefits to using its platform is that it is modular, and hosted in Microsoft Azure. This allows clients to select the modules that suit their needs, and add additional modules over time with constant evolution. Ease of access and use for the client is key, as this approach means that the client enters into one procurement process, signs one legal document, and goes through one security and penetration testing phase, before having access to the entire suite of building blocks and modules. Understanding that many institutions are already technologically connected, ABAKA seeks to fit in with clients’ existing tech stack, rather than replace it, and operates in multiple jurisdictions. Across the last four years, the team at ABAKA has accumulated deep expertise in building and deploying solutions for major financial institutions across the world. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, its strategic partnership with Microsoft has supported clients with their digital transformation across cloud solutions, workplace channels or CRM systems. Regardless of size or stature, the firm has been through procurement, security testing, legal structuring, requirement specifications, and implementation, so clients can rest assured that there is a demonstrable track record of delivering quality services, time after time. Yet, with the havoc that COVID-19 has wrought through the world, ABAKA must remain on its toes and prepare to change its delivery. COVID-19 has driven the accelerated adoption of customer engagement technologies across the financial services sector. Irrespective of geography and sector, financial institutions are in need of new, sustainable, and scalable ways of interacting with their clients, and need to deliver cutting-edge technology to allow them to have a deeper understanding of their financial situation. During this crisis, there has also been large numbers of new clients coming to ABAKAwho need help turbocharging their own projects or starting on the path of launching appropriate products and interfaces for their end customers. This is a time of substantial growth across the world, and ABAKA is on hand to help. At its recently opened office in New York, the firm has hired three new business development team members, and are adding more development resources at its Sofia-Antipolis office, with plans to scale up its services in both Singapore and the UAE in the coming months. Across the world, things are changing more rapidly than anyone could have possibly anticipated. Technology was already driving meaningful change across the financial services sector, and the pandemic has accelerated that. The financial institutions that have put digital customer engagement at the top of their priorities will benefit the most from ABAKA in the coming months and years. There will be boosted productivity and cost efficiencies, catapulted innovation, and ultimately more satisfied customers to retain and expand fee income revenue streams. ABAKA is undoubtedly one of the finest financial technology service firms around and will continue to play a vital role in the years to come. Company: ABAKA Holdings Ltd Contact: Karolina Kuzmaite Website: