FinTech Awards 2020 12 Wealth & Finance International - FinTech Awards 2020 Everyday Loans is a well-established business in the UK’s financial landscape, recognised as the country’s largest non-standard branch-based lender of unsecured loans. Established in 2006, it has taken a firm footing in the marketplace, and provides a service to a significant number of UK customers. We asked Andrew Wayland exactly how this lender has achieved so much, so quickly. “Our business model is based on face-to-face, in-branch relationship lending,” he explains. “This means that each of our 70,000 customers across the UK receive ongoing face-to-face financial support from our expert customer account managers in each of our 73 branches. Our team is committed to helping customers get back onto a firmer financial footing and return to mainstream lending.” With around 14 million people not qualified for personal loans through traditional, mainstream banking, often thanks to minor credit history blemishes or bumps in the road, when life doesn’t quite go according to plan, businesses like Everyday Loans are essential. “We take the time to understand our customers’ needs on a human, personal level, which online processes and algorithms can miss,” Andrew continues. “Of course, we take credit history into account, but we also believe that each of our customers should have the chance to build a creditworthy future.” Our customers truly value the personal approach at Everyday Loans. “We provide a professional and friendly environment within which our customers can discuss their finances and get back on track,” Andrew tells us. “We always adopt a case-by-case approach that’s expertly tailored for each customer to ensure that repayments are affordable. We take the time to understand their circumstances person-to-person.” He believes that this is the key to the business’s success so far. “It’s this personalisation that engenders trust and builds long-term relationships. It is ensuring that each customer feels that their particular circumstances have been considered and that the loan we arrange is right for them.” Supporting this highly personalised approach, the business employs a highly sophisticated real-time, data-driven decisions swiftly, integrating with many of the industry’s leading Fin-tech companies such Loans have always been a key aspect of the financial industry, with unsecured loans helping millions of people every day. The team at Everyday Loans have made their business through supporting those who can’t use traditional banking systems. To find out more about the company in the light of its success, we caught up with Andrew Wayland of Everyday Loans to find out more. Most Customer-Centric Adverse Lender - UK as Clearscore, Experian and Equifax. When we asked how Everyday Loans coordinates with these businesses, Andrew explained “We hold and attend regular meetings to discuss the latest technological developments and how they can be integrated into our business to ensure that our customers continue to receive the very best service possible.” While Everyday Loans stands out as the only branch-based relationship lender in this space, it has many other qualities to commend it to those requiring a loan. Of its 70,000+ customers, over 40% are female with the team signing up to the Women in Finance Charter has been received so warmly by so many. The team has also implemented a Healthy Minds programme as part of a wider values-driven initiative designed to educate employees about mental health in the workplace. Looking forward, the team intend to develop an exciting and ambitious values-based growth strategy. Andrew tells us that this is another step to providing the best possible service to customers. “Our customers have come to expect the highest of Everyday Loans standards of products and services from us, and we will continue to put them first – by doing what is right for them. As part of this, we will continue to expand our branch network and range of credit products to meet the demand and growing numbers of borrowers who do not qualify for standard lending.” Everyday Loans provides a service that others cannot, empowering good people who need a little financial leeway. It’s to the company’s credit that it has continued to expand in spite of uncertainty, and seems set to continue doing so for years to come. Company: Everyday Loans Contact: Sam Foster Email: [email protected] Web Address: Jun20007