FinTech Awards 2020 16 Wealth & Finance International - FinTech Awards 2020 APR2w2 In the FinTech space, companies have to work hard to communicate the value of their products and services with potential clients and build their trust. Inbound FinTech supports businesses in the sector in achieving this. The team has worked with numerous SaaS businesses, FinTech start-ups and established brands in the Financial Services industry to grow their digital footprint, optimise their sales funnel and create a healthy pipeline of quality leads. Much of the team’s success is down to experience and knowledge of the most effective digital tools and techniques, including marketing and sales automation. But the methodology that drives Inbound FinTech’s decisions is analytical, targeted and laser-focused on clients’ unique customer needs. Often, these clients have important positions within their industry With the world of FinTech becoming increasingly complex, companies need to find effective ways to attract and communicate with their target audience. This is what the team at Inbound FinTech specialise in, using a variety of different techniques and mediums to showcase businesses’ expertise and help them to provide relevant solutions to the right people at the right times. In light of their tremendous success, we look more closely at this incredible agency. Best FinTech Marketing Agency 2020 niches and showcasing the work they do and establishing them as though leaders is key. Designed as a top-tier inbound marketing agency, with many highly experienced specialists to draw on, Inbound FinTech offers a wide array of marketing and sales disciplines. The company has always embraced the future, with cutting-edge software and CRM platforms used throughout a project’s lifetime. And more recently, the agency has added website development and growth-driven design (GDD) to its service offering. Inbound FinTech is a Diamond HubSpot Partner Agency, with the HubSpot CRM (and associated platform hubs) acutely serving the needs of innovative financial businesses. The inbound methodology and Inbound FinTech May20044 data-driven approach empower clients to grow, adapt and scale their businesses. Due to the agency’s deep-sector knowledge, Inbound FinTech can help clients to identify key opportunities and react to changing trends in the Financial Services industry. With strong roots in the FinTech ecosystem, the firm can see many of the latest developments before they arrive. During the current pandemic, Inbound FinTech has played an important role, enabling clients to be agile and meet the emerging demands of their customers. With innovative Fintech solutions proving more vital than ever, having the support and insight of a marketing agency like this is invaluable. The work of the Inbound FinTech team is tied to the success of its clients, and in today’s marketplace, companies face many challenges. One of the services that the agency offers relates to legacy tech stacks, a common issue in the sector. The team provides strategic support for change management and digital transformation projects, to help clients to modernise their infrastructure and empower them for future growth. The firm has already delivered lots of successful CMS and CRM migrations and website integration projects for financial brands. And the high demand for these projects is set to continue. The team’s depth of industry knowledge has proven pivotal and it’s no surprise that the company is scaling at pace. When combined with a slick, progressive and flexible approach, it’s the clients that see the benefits. As the agency grows globally, year on year, Inbound FinTech is well on target for achieving its ultimate aim of becoming the go-to agency for FinTech and Financial Services companies. The achievements of Inbound FinTech cannot be overstated, drawing on a large pool of experience to support clients in succeeding in their business goals. The big thinking that drives the company forward is sure to bring them success for years to come. Company: Inbound FinTech Contact: Sheila Mitham Web Address: