FinTech Awards 2020

Wealth & Finance International - FinTech Awards 2020 APR2w2 qashqade was founded in early 2018 with the goal of allowing private equity companies and their investors the chance to calculate their waterfall in a fully automated system, rather than using Excel spreadsheets. The firm’s software is a tool using the latest technology, and can be used to create easy and complicated waterfalls alike, as well as any type of calculations and valuations. Those can be fee validations, carry or performance fees, simulation of current and future pay-outs, or creations of scenarios to track portfolio companies and cashflow modelling, but all of them result in the creation of detailed reports for LPs or GPs. Clients can profit from qashqade’s advisory services in the form of due diligence, using the advanced qashqade application for comparison and discussion. Ultimately, qashqade significantly reduces the risk and increases efficiency and transparency as simply as possible. Specifically within the Fintech space, qashqade provides a solution to three different areas. Firstly, it helps to automate the most complex carry/waterfall calculations. Secondly, it works with clients to allocate and calculate carried interest by participants and legal entities. Finally, it simulates current output scenarios. The software itself can be used as a SaaS solution, or installed onsite for clients. That choice is down to the clients, as qashqade constantly asks the clients and prospects what better ways it can support them in their processes, and what would be the best improvement for them. In essence, the solution that qashqade has developed is a huge calculation engine that can calculate everything possible, which makes it totally innovative and unique in the marketplace. So far, no-one else has managed to create a piece of software that can replace Excel as a whole for such waterfall and carried interest calculations with the same level of flexibility provided by Excel. Not only that, but qashqade’s solution also boasts a user interface that can effectively manage that flexibility without expertise in Excel formulas or other programming languages. As well as fund managers and fund administrators being able to use the software, so too can investors, to understand more about what it happening and if the fees or carry they be charged or receive is calculated correctly.. The client is at the centre of the service that qashqade provide, which helps it to ensure it delivers the Based in Switzerland, qashqade is a Fintech start-up whose innovation has led to it being crowned the Best Cash- Flow Modelling Platform in 2020. The firm has developed a software for private markets, regardless if they are private equity, venture capital, real estate, or hedge fund, that closes an important gap in the application landscape for fund managers and investors alike. To find out more, we profiled the firm following its win. Best Cash-Flow Modelling Platform 2020 highest quality and service to the client themselves. Based on its own experience, clients are looking for a smooth and painless service delivery, but also expect a clear and honest level of communication should something go wrong. Overpromising and under-delivering are attributes that are unacceptable to anyone, and should never be an option for the client to experience. That is why qashqade constantly communicates with clients to understand exactly what they are looking for, before going ahead and delivering that in a truly excellent way. Looking to the future, qashqade is continuing its expansion on the product’s scope, with plans to add additional features that focus on the valuation and reporting side of the software. As it seeks to make life easier for clients and prospects, they will need that as the global economic environment shifts dramatically following the effects of COVID-19. With impacts being felt across deals in the private market, qashqade looks forward to being a part of qashqade AG May20078 the solution to the challenges that will inevitably come. For now, it stands as an example of the innovation that will come in the months and years to follow, giving hope to the Fintech industry that they can lead the way for businesses coming out of what has been a troubled time. Company: qashqade AG Contact: Oliver Freigang Email: [email protected] Website: