FinTech Awards 2020 18 Wealth & Finance International - FinTech Awards 2020 APR2w2 With experience covering software vendors, consultants, insurance firms, stockbrokers, and wealth managers to name but a handful of the clients Portfolio has managed, there are few better financial marketing firms out there than this one. Beginning life in the English capital just eight years ago, Portfolio has since grown to become one of the finest companies working in the city today. It boasts a particularly strong knowledge of the buy-side technology space, having worked with vendors that sell to hedge funds, asset managers, wealth managers, private equity firms, asset servicing firms, and asset owners. As for its own services, Portfolio guarantees seasoned professionals with a passion for finance and technology who are proficient in outsourcing, strategy, digital marketing, content creation, public relations, and creative works. Offering six disciplines to its fintech clients, Portfolio is a unique firm that expertly blends together multiple interests and industries into truly exceptional service. These six disciplines have been refined over time as a result of client experience, feedback, and ongoing training. The disciplines themselves divide into two streams, marketing and communications. Outsourcing, strategy, and digital marketing come under the former, whilst content creation, public relations, and creative works come under the latter. Firstly, the marketing side of the business. Portfolio will work tirelessly to become its clients’ outsourced marketing department, with founder Russ Bryan spending time working alongside clients in their offices. On the strategic side, the firm specialises in customer insight interviews, go-to-market plans, value propositions, positioning, brand values, and messaging guides. With 20 years’ experience in the financial technology world, Portfolio’s strategic insights are highly valued. Digital marketing is another thing completely, but Russ and the team at Portfolio are just as proficient. Whether it be website design and management, GDPR-compliant lead generation, email marketing, SEO, social media account management, Google Analytics work, social media adverts, content marketing, Google Ads, or Pay-Per-Click work, Russ and the team can handle it. Based in the City of London, Portfolio Marketing Communications is a highly qualified marketing and communications consultancy with a proven track record in finance and technology markets. Known as ‘The Fintech Specialists’, the firm is experienced in delivering board-level strategic counsel and executive-level implementation for corporate and business-to-business campaigns. Portfolio serves clients in Europe and the U.S., predominantly London and New York. Join us as we discover more about this firm’s latest successes. Best Financial Marketing & PR Specialists 2020 Once the marketing is done, Portfolio can also handle the communications side of the work. Content creation can take many forms, be it ghost-writing for customer newsletters, white papers, blogs, internal communications, copywriting for factsheets, brochures, case studies, awards submissions, or a whole host of things. Public relations can also be effectively managed, with tasks ranging from media briefings and writing opinion pieces, to press releases, raising personal profiles, pitching for forward features, and developing analyst relations. Each of these tasks requires no small amount of creativity, and that is exactly what Russ and his team at Portfolio bring to the table. Whether it be constantly refining scripts and storyboards during the production of product videos, or coming up with brilliant branding ideas, Russ and his team are capable of handling everything that a client can throw their way. There are three key aspects to the client service that Portfolio delivers; proactivity, creativity, and knowledge. Rather than wait for clients to ask for deliverables, Portfolio proactively makes it happen with suggestions that will help the client. Drawing their attention to relevant articles, regulations and marketing opportunities, it is this dedication that separates the firm as a consultancy from the other agencies and competitors. Creativity may not be the first word that springs to mind when thinking of financial technology and the Portfolio Marketing Communications May20041 world it entails. However, that is exactly what Portfolio does; think creatively about new ideas and themes in the world of fintech that can be maximised for clients. In this way, it can create compelling content that is both relevant and current. Finally, knowledge has always been a distinguishing asset for Portfolio. The firm always seeks to learn more about the specific functionality and competitors in the segments occupied by its clients, which continually adds to the bank of knowledge and how it can be used to really add value for clients. The world of financial technology never stands still. There are new technological concepts, new buzzwords, new operational challenges, new regulations, and new segments of the fintech market continually emerging. Working successfully in this domain requires continuous education and understanding. That is what Portfolio offers. It has always sought to attend trade exhibitions, listen to webinars, read the major industry publications and keep abreast of the latest industry developments in a bid to make marketing fintech better than ever before. Of course, the best barometer for the effectiveness of any firm is the viewpoint of its clients. One such client is Bruce Hobson, Chief Executive Officer of leading software and services firm, corfinancial. Hobson says: “Russ and his team have significantly boosted our marketing activities and international branding. They produce excellent research and copy for opinion pieces, case studies and press releases, as well collating multiple topics to support our regular corporate newsletters. Russ is a pleasure to work with; he is always positive and I would not hesitate to recommend him and his team.” Company: Portfolio Marketing Communications Contact: Russ Bryan Website: