FinTech Awards 2020

Wealth & Finance International - FinTech Awards 2020 APR2w2 May20090 Working with a diverse network of industries from manufacturing and distribution, to wholesale trade, technical services, and retailers, LQD Business Finance creates custom-tailored financing solutions that are structured, flexible, transparent, and go up to ten million dollars in thirty days or less. Each customer has very specific needs for their business or individual financial situation, and every goal and objective is different from the next. Since its inception, LQD Business Finance has offered broad-based financing to small and medium- sized businesses throughout the United States of America. That is why LQDQ Business Finance is so innovative, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all solution, that very rarely does fit all clients. In addition to various types of funding to small and medium-sized businesses that LQD Business Finance works with, it also offers a tech-enabled managed service solutions to large financial institutions. Through its proprietary operating methodology, Epsilon, the firm is in a near-constant state of innovation. Whether through process designs and optimization, enhanced data integration or artificial intelligence, LQD Business Finance is always looking for ways to increase efficiency whilst also increasing accuracy. Now, having refined and worked at making its solutions the best they can possibly be, LQD Business Finance delivers solutions up to three times faster than conventional lenders, as well as provide a wide range of short term business loans and working capital solutions. Throughout its six-year history thus far, LQD Business Finance has held steadfast in its belief that transparency and client education are both critical aspects in working to develop client relationships that are strong and can stand the test of time. It is a process that the firm has stuck to over the years. By investing in long-term relationships with clients, and working round the clock to understand specific client needs and challenges, Based in Chicago and this years’ winner of two Wealth and Finance awards, LQD Business Finance is a tech- enabled business lender, founded in 2014 on the notion there was a gap in the micro-middle market. Using an industry-leading business model and technology to deliver structured, flexible, and transparent solutions, the firm creates custom-tailored financing solutions specific to each customer’s needs. Following its success in this years’ Fintech Awards, we profile the firm to find out more. Best SME Financing Start-Up 2020 – USA & Most Innovative Risk Management Platform: LQD Matrix the firm and its employees are able to design tailored solutions that deliver unparalleled value to each and every client. As the world of finance evolves and changes multiple times, staying adaptable, flexible, and ready to change is imperative to the work that LQD Business Finance does. Staying ahead of that curve is as much about attitude as it is about skillset; two things that the firm has in abundance. The LQD Business Finance attitude is focused on leading and solving the complicated problems that transforms industries, and achieve this by having an exceptional team with deep inter-disciplinary knowledge, as well as constantly updating its toolkit and core competencies. Whether through advances in process and automation, or through on-going development and training of the team, keeping at the forefront of industry developments is at the centre of what the firm does. LQD Business Finance is unique because it is not defined by one single aspect. As much as it is a commercial finance company, it is also a technology, data, and automation company with a weather eye on the horizon of the future. Rather than follow the established norms of the industry, LQD Business Finance sees the task of redesigning these norms in a transformative way as part of its central mission. As the world begins to return to normal after the global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, LQD Business Finance will continue to pursue its rapid growth by expanding its product offerings. It will continue to expand its managed services offerings, including their recent launch of the LQD PPP Platform, an end-to-end solution for managing PPP Forgiveness Applications, as well as expanding its capital markets presence and bringing more of the best and brightest onboard to keep the firm on the path of excellence that it has followed to date. LQD Business Finance Company: LQD Business Finance Contact: Alexandra Runjo Website: