FinTech Awards 2020 24 Wealth & Finance International - FinTech Awards 2020 APR2w2 In the aftermath of COVID-19, which has swept the world and left very few unaffected along the way, a new culture of social distancing and safety has come into force. It is in this culture, that technology must forge a way forward for parts of everyday life to become normal again, such as viewing and buying a house. Moovshack is one such trailblazer, leading the way for so many people who must maintain social distancing whilst also looking for their dream home. By building a chat platform at its core, and then layering it up with useful innovative and interactive tools for every stage of the property journey, Moovshack is uniquely invested in helping buyers and agents manage the whole end-to- end experience from initial search, through to completed transaction. For buyers, Moovshack brings much needed centralisation of services and communications using digital tech to find and compare agents and valuations, schedule viewings, manage offers, and then track the sales process to a successful completion. For agents, the platform provides free listings, a GDPR-compliant customer engagement platform, and all the tools they need to secure new vendors, landlords, buyers, and renters. Moovshack is the first fully interactive and transaction-enabled property portal, innovating within the fintech space. Being interactive means it will integrate tools such as mobile payments for deposits and rent collection. When this feature is released later in 2020, it will also offer payment data reporting services so that tenants can have their rent payment history added to their credit file, to benefit all parties in the process. Moovshack may be a consumer-focused property app, but it also serves business customers such as estate agents. Providing easy access to feedback and support tools backed by up a rapid response culture are particularly useful ways to stay in tune with customers’ views and issues. Apart from direct access to the team at Moovshack from within the app, all of the property firm’s social media platforms are linked to the support solution so that it can monitor and respond to both good and negative feedback. Moovshack is always focused on finding new ways to provide better customer experiences as a mobile-first software business, so all of the tech it builds and uses is at the cutting-edge. Everything is done with the customer in mind. Fintech covers many different areas of finance, not necessarily the simplicity of moving money. Arguably one of the biggest financial transactions that any single individual will ever undertake in their life is the decision to buy a house, and developments in the world of fintech can help make that even easier. Moovshack is the ultimate all- in-one mobile-first property app and portal that directly connects home-buyers to estate agents, allowing them to meet, message, and transact entirely in-app if they wish. We took a closer look to find out more. Best New Property App 2020 Being mobile-first and fully interactive sets Moovshack far apart from the traditional property portals that are basically web-based advertising boards with zero on-platform interactions between consumers and agents. This USP that Moovshack offers enables to build interactive tools for consumers and agents alike, helping them to manage their full end-to-end property journeys in ways like never before. From initial search through to final completion, Moovshack is innovating well beyond its non- interactive competitors who can still only offer property search functions. Social distancing is something that we all wish would retreat swiftly, but the need to stay safe from the virus is imperative. Moovshack is the only interactive app to enable end-to-end property transactions, and is therefore the most social Moovshack Jun20184 distancing-compliant portal. Most of the property journey can initiated, progressed, and completed entirely at arm’s length if required, and with this platform being a software-as-a-service mobile app, there is nothing to stop Moovshack taking over the world. Wherever there is a viable market in need of digitalisation, Moovshack can be there. For those who want to find their next dream space from the comfort of their current one, they need look no further than this outstanding mobile app service. Company: Moovshack Contact: Mick Silver Website: