FinTech Awards 2020

Wealth & Finance International - FinTech Awards 2020 APR2w2 Staying at the forefront of the financial industry is an incredible challenge, requiring a great deal of diligence, determination and innovation. Yolt has managed to achieve this since the company made its first API call three years ago, now making over 22 million in a week. Yolt is a smart money app, giving people easy access to their finances from multiple accounts, in one central location. Useful beyond the limits of day to day spending, users are able to use Yolt to manage pensions, investments, utilities and various types of insurance, such as for the car, mobile phone or home. With the ability to make payments between accounts or to family and friends, it is the only app required for most people looking to manage their finances easily. The UK’s Open Banking initiative provided the groundwork on which Yolt has been able to thrive, with the team being the first Third Party Provider (TPP) to successfully make an API call. Now, this technology has helped over 1.5 million users in the UK, Italy and France to make the best possible use of their finances. It remains at the heart of Yolt today, and their commitment to open banking technology is a key factor that differentiates the firm from its competitors. The direction of the app has always been guided by the needs of its users. Each aspect and feature has been carefully shaped by the strong community of users who test features, partnerships, and connections, ahead of launch. A clear example of this is the partnership with Raisin, which has enabled users to benefit from easy access to their savings, a useful feature for those whose money needs to work hard, while also being used in other areas quickly. With such an impressive focus on what is required by real people, it’s no surprise that the company has been able to boast amazing growth. In the last year, for example, the team has completed a total overhaul of the app’s user interface to make set up quicker and day to day use entirely intuitive. While obviously this decision was a key factor in the growth of Yolt, the company is also always working to increase the number of supported bank connections to ensure more consumers can benefit from the power of API technology. Currently, Yolt has been As more and more financial decision making is done digitally, the need to make this technology available to all has become incredibly important. The team at Yolt have been committed to allowing their users a unique insight into their finances, enabling them to better understand their money. We look a little closer at the firm to find out more. Best Personal Finance App 2020 able to integrate 56 current accounts, savings accounts and credit cards using this technology, which offers the benefits of being reliable, fast and secure. Looking forward, Yolt intends to be a vital service in uncertain times. For users who need to cut back, their app presents smart data insights on where cutbacks can be made, while the team’s in-app partners are able to provide extra value for money. Recently, a rewards proposition has been put in place, offering users cashback vouchers on their purchases with selected retailors. As the year progresses, it’s clear the app will continue to expand and develop, placing those who use the app at the centre of the development strategy. Yolt May20139 In all, it’s little wonder that the Yolt team has been able to achieve such incredible success, drawing on the needs of the customer to create a successful business. Open Banking technology has presented many new opportunities to businesses and consumers alike, and Yolt is proudly leading the way forward. Company: Yolt Contact: Amy Byrne, PR Manager | [email protected] Web Address: