Fintech Awards 2022 16 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards APR2w2 Knarkz Solutions Limited is a mobile and web application development company that designs and develops software solutions for SMEs and large-scale organisations. It offers market-leading solutions that are centred around cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, the company, which was founded in 2015, is driven by a desire to help its clients’ businesses grow sustainably. It brings passion, conviction, and determination to the table. As such, it has built a clientele across several industries, including high-street retail shops, precious, and scrap metal recycling industry, property surveyor companies, healthcare, HR solutions, Legal Services, Recruitment sector, Health and Fitness, Smart Electric Heating & Financial services industry etc. It is with this diverse client-base in mind that Knarkz Solutions provides bespoke services in addition to end-toend software solutions that cover requirement analysis and modelling, software design and architecture, development of mobile and web applications, quality assurance, deployment, and publishing of apps. Client-centricity is at the heart of Knarkz Solutions’ operations, and it strives to guarantee customer satisfaction within each project. The company is all about building solid foundations, be it through client relations or premium workmanship. Therefore, it utilises an array of techniques to ensure that its clients receive the best possible services, such as problem solving, clear communication, approachability, and transparency. This approach secures long-term client relationships, and as a result, cultivates a greater amount of success for the company. Furthermore, it understands that no one wants to invest their time and money into a company that fails to consider what their ideas, needs, and wishes are. Knarkz Solutions is empathetic, it Knarkz Solutions Limited is a leading web and mobile app development agency. It truly prioritises its clients – its approach is central to customer satisfaction – and it does not believe in quick wins. Henceforth, it is entirely unique, creating bespoke solutions based upon its clients’ individual needs. sees its clients’ frustration and acknowledges the root cause, Knarkz Solutions values its ethos and commitment, and will always go beyond to put its clients at ease. It is this clientele that pushes Knarkz Solutions to remain aware of the latest developments in the technology industry. In order to do this, the company maintains up to date with monthly subscriptions of leading online resources, such as IEE and Tech Radar. On top of this, Knarkz Solutions listens to its customers’ ideas – it takes their suggestions on board – which has consistently opened new avenues for the company to experiment with new technologies. It makes sure to keep up to date with training and seminars, relevant to its line of work, to offer up to date services to its clients. Knarkz Solutions’ position within the market has been bolstered by these client connections. Quite simply, it is the company’s unique selling point. The company pours a great amount of time into forging strong relationships of trust and understanding, at Knarkz Solutions the signing of the contract is akin to taking vows of trust and Best eCommerce Web Development Agency - UK May22344 commitment, and this is something that it takes very seriously. Additionally, Knarkz Solutions believes that if it can speak the same language of its customers, that this will help to gain the trust the client needs to put in their solution providers. There are no shortcuts to knowledge and experience and that’s where Knarkz Solutions possesses an advantage over its competitors. Henceforth, over the next year, Knarkz Solutions will be expanding its services into unknown territories. Whilst working in Fintech, it is also looking to extend its services to encompass LegalTech solutions, for which Knarkz Solutions has recently joined hands with an esteemed legal firm. The company’s one year plan further notes its intentions to supply video solutions to banks, insurance, and the financial services industry, specifically with the most advanced and intelligent product in the market. The product – once launched – will be a major disrupter to the current market situation. Contact: Kibria Rana Company: KNARKZ SOLUTIONS LIMITED Web Address: