Fintech Awards 2022

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards 19 APR2w2 Wallet Inc. is a B2B2C FinTech and MarTech SaaS company that equips businesses with the tools and technologies required to maximise customer acquisition and retention rates. The Wallet Platform combines aspects of marketing, customer relationship management, digital payments, and loyalty features into a single system that helps businesses achieve their revenue goals. It strives to empower all B2C companies with proven tools to reach and motivate customers. Believing that small to mid-sized companies are often under-powered, under-staffed, and under-funded, leaving them at a competitive disadvantage compared to more prominent firms. Similarly, it’s considered that bigger businesses have lost the personal touch that smaller firms provide. The Wallet Platform was engineered to bridge these gaps and help all B2C companies engage with their customers in a manner that optimally rewards both the merchants and customers, resulting in additional revenue and profit for the business. Customer acquisition and retention are two sides of the same coin, a balancing act that can be difficult for everyone involved. Providing a service to entice newcomers and continually satisfy loyal customers is not enough, nor is it remotely easy. Thankfully, businesses like Wallet Inc. provide a suite of tools for this exact scenario. As an innovator in technology, it takes pride in providing meticulous API documentation and plug-and-play code modules that keep the Platform ahead of the curve and the tech community – crafting a service where software developers can connect to its libraries and build upon its rock-solid infrastructure to achieve their own development goals. Its partnership and active engagement with the community ensure the platform remains sharp, relevant, and fit for purpose, continually paving the way for innovative solutions to evolving business demands. The engagement with the community is an evolution of Wallet Inc’s approach to client service. The internal motto is “the customer’s success is our success”, so it strives to provide a proactive service and support experience. Its merchants have access to a vast knowledge base of detailed support articles, a community discussion forum, several step-by-step training videos, a live-chat support tool for instant assistance, and a dedicated discord channel for enterprise discussions. The team always stands by and awaits customer queries, operating with an in-depth ticketing system for logging unique business requests. Meanwhile, its community forum contains a historical record of all customer requests, feedback, dialogue, and discussions so that the Wallet community members can directly support one another. The Wallet Platform consolidates all the best means and market-proven strategies into a single stage, raising the bar for each tool. For example, many businesses are using different products to generate QR codes, track social media reach, create a link-in-bio hub, provide first-time customers with promotions, manage club members’ points, give repeat customers vouchers, manage gift certificates, promote upcoming events and sharing news through a blog. These businesses might still rely on old-fashioned email Best Customer Lifecycle Management Solution 2022 – North America Jun22287 campaigns to communicate with customers but, with this platform, they can evolve with the times. Comparatively, merchants on the Wallet Platform have access to all these tools in one place and can reach its audience via bi-directional SMS/ MMS messages, smartphone push notifications, integrated Apple Wallet & Google Wallet passes, and via search-engine optimised content that’s published on its behalf by the platform. Combining these features allows the business to connect with its target audience and keep them engaged for a long and mutually beneficial relationship. The next several years at Wallet Inc. will continue to be driven by clients’ needs. The roadmap is constantly changing and adapting to the needs and demands of its merchants. Still, Wallet Inc expects the number of technology partners and system integrations to increase drastically in the coming years. As a result, its merchants should benefit from simplified business operations and an ability to accomplish more with less time and effort. So, it will continue to listen closely to its client’s unique challenges and do its best to ensure its daily operations continue smoothly. Wallet Inc has crafted a mutually rewarding model that ensures that its merchants remain the focal point of its business operations for the foreseeable future. It will be exciting to see which challenges will require its attention over the next several years and how it rises to the occasion. Contact: John Turnham Company: Wallet Inc Website: