Fintech Awards 2022 24 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards APR2w2 MetaBlaze Ltd is a brand new and ambitious gaming company. It is developing top-tier experiences in blockchain gaming, designing a synergistic ecosystem by unifying GameFi (Gaming Finance) and DeFi (Decentralized Finance), with the focus being to create an enjoyable and innovative play-to-earn experience. MetaBlaze is developing a AAA, 3D play-to-earn game using brand new Unreal Engine 5 engine. It is crafting a futuristic rendition of the traditional fantasy-themed game, World of Warcraft, while simultaneously propelling it into the metaverse. It is accomplishing this move to the metaverse through implementing MetaBlaze Tokens, a multi-chain cryptocurrency designed to serve as the native currency and MetaBlaze NFTs (based on in-game characters) that are set to be featured in the game. As a native currency within the game, MetaBlaze Tokens will allow players to access the game’s many assets and features that build its Metaverse. This includes NFTs (like its BlazeBoxes and BlazeCores), virtual lands, and much more. The player will be able to participate in a thorough and innovative in-game economy, its NFTs allowing them to boost monetary rewards earnings and passive earnings. It will also play host to an NFT marketplace, accessed through the BlazedApp (Decentralized Application), which will be used to buy, sell, and trade NFTs. Additionally, the new MetaBlaze title will include digital property ownership. Players will be able to purchase, sell and own land within this immersive gaming Metaverse. Thus, all will reap the benefits of growing virtual real estate sales. As it has been seen among non-gamers and gamers alike, the advent of Virtual Real Estate has become a powerful source of income. MetaBlaze plans on providing opportunities at a rate never seen before, bringing a diverse and sustainable ecosystem to the cryptocurrency world. The integration of cryptocurrency and gaming is still a new endeavour but promises to change the $250 Billion per year gaming industry The rise of the blockchain has spelt fascinating new developments for all spheres, including video games. With NFTs and cryptocurrency ever-present in the public eye, gaming companies are looking to revolutionise the current landscape to provide new, lucrative experiences for their players and to futureproof their projects. MetaBlaze Ltd is designing an ambitious project for the ages. forever. MetaBlaze is looking to remake the current gaming infrastructure – using blockchain technology – developing engaging games that reward players for engagement, and create future value for others. Combining key elements of DeFi, integrating NFTs within a full-stack ecosystem, and developing in-game land parcels create a one-of-a-kind ecosystem. The ecosystem offers something for everybody and works harmoniously to bring more value and long-term sustainability to its web three communities. The founding team members of MetaBlaze have undergone a thorough KYC process with Certik. I.D. and liveness checks were conducted, and a rigorous background investigation was conducted on each team member. The Comprehensive Blockchain Gaming Company of the Year - the UK May22490 KYC Badge brings an additional security layer to the company. It enhances investor confidence as it reflects a commitment to unparalleled transparency and trustworthiness to its community and new investors. Metablaze is one of those rare projects that offer something for everybody, and the team has gone above and beyond to build something unique. It is well-positioned for explosive growth, and the ongoing token presale presents an ideal time to buy in on the next rising star in the crypto world. Contact: Mobeen Malik Company: METABLAZE Web Address: