Fintech Awards 2022

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards 23 APR2w2 Founded in 2017, ElysianNxt is a driven and enthusiastic risk and finance solution provider – with a platform that is changing the way we experience business. It has its head office and development center in Bangkok, Thailand and other offices in Jakarta, Indonesia and Brussels, Belgium. To date, ElysianNxt has 40 client installations across 8 countries: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Australia, Belgium, The Netherlands and France. Leading a revolution in risk and finance solutions, ElysianNxt is the driving force behind RegTech – and does so with effortless skill. RegTech is an absolute must for finance businesses looking to enhance their regulatory and compliance processes – and there’s no better platform for it than .NXT from ElysianNxt. With extremely quick calculation and ease of access, the .NXT platform allows financial firms ElysianNxt is a determined Regulatory Technology (RegTech) company with a mission to deliver both finance and risk solutions that result in security and expansion for the user. Staying ahead of the curve, ElysianNxt guarantees solutions that are user-friendly, technologically advanced solutions that assess risk and finance in real-time. Here we look to ElysianNxt to find out how to improve back-end financial calculation obligations. to respond to changes in real-time – with no unnecessary stresses or troubles. By running multiple simulations, it is completely feasible to prepare for any situation within the industry. As a fast and integrated risk solution, the .NXT platform uses made-from-scratch ‘streaming technology and a microservice-based architecture that is aimed at meeting the even-changing demands of risk and finance professionals.’ Processing these complicated and intricate calculations, whilst meeting and surpassing regulatory requirements, the .NXT platform ensures a fault-proof method. With its Cloud technology, it can fit any technology system that the client may have outstanding – along with adapting to all servers. ElysianNxt’s vision is to deliver innovative solutions every time – and it does so by approaching its Best Risk & Finance Software Solutions - Thailand May22623 clients with respect, understanding, and the answer to all of their problems and potential problems that may arise in the future. Futureproofing its clients make sure that the software industry has a better reputation and a better scope for risk and finance businesses when they are looking to mitigate risk or result of failure in their business strategy. With consistent communication with clients and with the ability to follow the latest technological and regulatory trends, ElysianNxt observes and runs circles around its competitors. With new ESG regulations in Europe, including the Basel IV obligatory regulation in Europe, due to be in force in 2025, ElysianNxt has created software that will always perform to perfection – so that businesses don’t have to worry about financial risks. Financial risks must be evaluated using stress tests – including covid, global warming, inflation, and much more. All of the issues and developments around the globe affect financial firms in ways that some of us don’t imagine. But ElysianNxt offers a safe space to manage their financial risks in a way that takes all potential outcomes into consideration. A focus on Basel IV credit risks and expected credit losses means that financial firms can have peace of mind – ElysianNxt solutions for stress tests offer insight into all variables and outcomes. It is making huge leaps every year and, with its highly intelligent and seasoned staff, it is always altering our perception of what is possible. It has now won Best Risk & Finance Software Solutions – Thailand, and it is safe to say that you can trust ElysianNxt for ‘tomorrow’s solutions today.’ Contact: Katherine Dickinson Company: ElysianNxt Web Address: