Fintech Awards 2022 32 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards APR2w2 Based in the City of London, this 10-year old company has quickly become the go-to name when it comes to marketing and communications in the FinTech sector. Over the years, the PMC team has delivered board level strategic counsel and executive level implementation for corporate and business-to-business campaigns. Their work has revolutionised the way in which many businesses connect with the world around them. The real benefit of working with a company like PMC is the exclusive focus they have on the FinTech sector. The deep domain understanding sets the team apart from the competition. Because they are focused on the unique demands involved in this highly specialised sector, companies don’t have to spend months explaining what they do, who it’s for and why it’s important. They can move straight to focusing on the detail of marketing their products. The speed at which the PMC team can onboard is incredible, becoming a crucial part of your marketing and communications systems. Instead of transforming content you provide into workable marketing materials, PMC specialises in understanding what your business does and then creating their own original content for you to review. The heavy lifting is done by the team, making life easier for all. Over the last few years, Russ Bryan and his talented team have refined the approach they have taken to encompass the six disciplines of outsourcing, strategy, digital, content, PR and creative. Each of these plays an important role in the way that any business reaches out, and PMC always ensures that their service is comprehensive in every way. When they work with their clients, they do so with the intention of lifting the marketing burden from them in every respect. It’s little wonder that so many organisations trust them to deliver time and time again. Of course, the challenge of working in this sector is finding specialists who understand the The most ambitious players in the world of FinTech always have marketing and communications to match, and those who want the very best turn to the team from Portfolio Marketing Communications (PMC). Having earned well-deserved success in the FinTech Awards 2022 from Wealth and Finance International, we thought it time to see precisely how this impressive team did it! unique difficulties involved. The PMC team has particularly strong knowledge of the buy-side technology space, working with vendors that sell to hedge funds, asset managers, wealth managers, private equity firms, asset servicing firms and asset owners. The team’s staff are seasoned professionals who bring a passion for technology and finance to each and every one of their projects. When thinking about financial technology, the PMC team bring proactivity, creativity and knowledge at all times. Instead of waiting for clients to ask for support, Portfolio takes the initiative to deliver what is required before many have even considered it. This dedication to the needs of clients has ensured they are positioned at the forefront of the communications industry. Best International Financial Marketing & PR Specialists 2022 May22581 Creativity might not be something that instantly comes to mind when thinking about the financial technology sector, but it is what has brought the PMC team continued success. They are always exploring new ways to maximise ideas and themes involved in the world of FinTech. When it comes to building up the way in which your business is seen, there are few finer than the team at Portfolio Marketing Communications. Company: Portfolio Marketing Communications Name: Russ Bryan Email: [email protected] Web Address: