FinTech Awards 2023 FinTech Awards 2023 Best Multi-Channel Automated Payment Solutions Provider 2023 - Middle East Awarded within the FinTech Awards 2023, Infinite Business Solutions (IBS) is at the forefront of revolutionising how businesses operate and serve their customers. With a suite of cutting-edge solutions tailored to the needs of various industries, IBS works to offer seamless, multi-channel payment solutions which have garnered the company well-deserved recognition on the regional stage. We learn more about the company and the factors behind its success. In this issue:

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FinTech Awards 2023 Wealth and Finance International is delighted to announce the return of the FinTech Awards! Now in the seventh year, the FinTech Awards aims to celebrate the best individuals and firms working within the FinTech field. FinTech is revolutionising everyday life! With more and more people having daily access to the internet, FinTech applications have become vital for those in the industry. In a highly digital world, leading a successful FinTech firm is a huge achievement. Innovation has been key for FinTech and staying ahead of the crowd and implementing new developments is crucial for reaching new consumers. The power of FinTech is exponentially growing, and this is an industry that does not have any plans of slowing down. With experts predicting the industry to reach $174 billion this year alone, FinTech’s business forecast is looking positive, and we at Wealth and Finance International are honoured to celebrate the leaders in this field. From blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency, and banking apps, FinTech is paving the way forward for the international financial sector. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

7. Infinite Business Solutions (IBS) DMCC: Best Multi-Channel Automated Payment Solutions Provider 2023 - Middle East 8. CAPinside: Best Online Consumer Lender 2023 - USA 10. Dollarito: Best Online Consumer Lender 2023 - USA 12. TACOai & Avant Garde: Best AI-Enabled Stocks & Options Trading Platform 2023 14. 1st Risk Solutions: Best Risk & Compliance Management Software Solutions 2023 16. eMetals Gateway Ltd.: Best Alternative Physical Metals Trading Platform 2023 - UK 18. Portfolio Marketing: Most Innovative FinTech Communications Specialists 2023 19. McCorkindale Business Solutions Limited (mbsl): Best Loan Management & Deposit Account Software Company 2023 - Australasia 20. FMI Technologies: Mining Idiosyncratic Alpha 21. GBST: Best Wealth Platform Technology Provider 2023 - EMEA 22. APEXE3: Capital Markets FinTech A.I. Excellence Award 2023 23. FynOps: Best SME Financial Operations Platform 2023 (USA): FynOps 24. Inbound FinTech (IFT): Best FinTech Digital Growth Agency 2023 25. Barchart: Best Global Fintech Market Data & Service Provider 2023 – USA 26. Durlston Partners: FinTech Headhunting Agency of the Year 2023 27. Taxdoo GmbH: Best eCommerce Tax & Accounting Company 2023 - Hamburg Contents

28. Exohood Labs: Most Innovative Finance & Entertainment Multichain Communications Platform 2023 29. Premia Insurance Consulting: Best Health Insurance & Medial Administration FinTech Company 2023 - Europe 30. HiPipo: Best Financial Inclusion Organization 2023 - East Africa 31. Sapience Communications: Best Tech & Finance PR Agency 2023 - England 32. DATAMARK: Best Business Data Analytics & Management FinTech Solution 2023 33. Alteway: Best Blockchain & Crypto Exchange Service Provider 2023 - Eastern Europe 34. Merlin Investor: Best Investment Planning Software 2023 - Switzerland 35. Valens Pay Limited: Best Global White Label Banking Service Provider 2023 - Canada 36. Zūm Rails: Most User-Friendly Payment Software Developer 2023 - Canada 37. Newaurora Corp: Best Big Data Processing Software Developer 2023 - Canada 38. Novatus Global:Most Innovative Global RegTech Company 2023 39 Thistle Initiatives: Best Financial Services Compliance Advisory 2023 40. CoverEase Insurance Services, LLC: Best Business Insurance & Employee Benefits Marketplace (USA): CoverEase 41. REIMAGINATION TECHNOLOGIES: Best Payment & Remittance User Experience 2023 - North America

Distributed each quarter to more than 65,000 high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals, fund managers, institutional investors and professional services firms, Wealth & Finance International has rapidly become the go-to resource for those looking to make the right decisions when it comes to securing and growing their wealth. &wealth finance i n t e r n a t i o n a l

7. FinTech Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Jun23477 Best Multi-Channel Automated Payment Solutions Provider 2023 - Middle East One company stands out for its exceptional contributions to the fintech landscape in a world where technology is shaping the way industries operate. Infinite Business Solutions, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, has emerged as a frontrunner in providing cutting-edge technology solutions and value-added services to diverse industries globally. With a relentless approach to innovation and a steadfast dedication to client satisfaction, IBS has carved a niche in the fintech sphere, setting new standards for excellence. At the heart of IBS’ success lies its comprehensive suite of six products, each meticulously designed to cater to the evolving needs of businesses across various sectors. Its flagship product, the automated self-service solution, iKiosk is a testament to the company’s expertise in creating tailored hardware and software solutions. With over a decade of experience, IBS’ kiosk designs are functional and visually appealing, offering organisations a complete self-service package seamlessly integrating with their operations. In electronic voucher distribution, IBS’ e-voucher distribution system, iVoucher has revolutionised the process of credit top-ups, card payments, and electronic vouchers. This streamlined solution simplifies logistical challenges while boosting operator efficiency and generating additional revenue for organisations. Meanwhile, the point of sale application, iPOS and mobile application, iMobile offer seamless payment options, enhancing the customer experience across various service providers. The web solution, iWeb encompasses the Terminal Management System (TMS), providing real-time visibility and unified management of connected devices. With modules like the Customer Care Module and the Cash Management Module, IBS empowers businesses to streamline their processes and offer superior service. Finally, the Wallet Solution, iWallet paves the way for online payments through mobile applications and merchants, transforming transactions. In the dynamic fintech space, IBS remains at the forefront of industry developments through its unwavering desire to continue to innovate. The company’s solutions for front-end channel automation, including self-service kiosks, payment POS, mobile solutions, and remittance kiosks, have positioned IBS as a leader in the remittance kiosk sector. With a keen focus on R&D, IBS continuously updates its software and hardware offerings to incorporate the latest security and safety measures, ensuring clients benefit from state-of-the-art solutions. At IBS, the client is at the centre of every endeavour. The company’s approach to client service is multifaceted, encompassing software and hardware support. Its software support team is committed to maintaining stringent Service Level Agreement (SLA) terms, offering round-the-clock assistance through a dedicated ticketing system. In parallel, IBS partners with proficient companies globally to provide hardware support under its rigorous supervision, ensuring that support services adhere to the highest standards. IBS’ internal culture is its unique selling proposition. Its emphasis on client satisfaction, cutting-edge technology, and quality assurance has set a benchmark in fintech. Employing skilled personnel who understand the intricate nature of the fintech landscape and possess outstanding interpersonal skills, IBS ensures that its clients receive the highest level of support. Moreover, the company’s holistic approach to employee well-being fosters a sense of belonging and trust among its workforce. As IBS steers toward the future, its trajectory is marked by a commitment to ongoing projects and anticipation of new contracts in 2023. Its dedication to innovation remains steadfast, with plans to introduce new products and versions incorporating the latest AI and big data analytics trends. By harnessing these powerful tools, IBS aims to create solutions offering enhanced benefits to service providers and end-users, reinforcing its position as a trailblazer in the fintech sector. IBS’ legacy is marked by pioneering contributions in a realm defined by innovation and transformation. Its crowning achievement, the IBS e-channels Management Platform, reflects its dedication to seamless integration and comprehensive management. This cloud-based platform is testament to IBS’ ability to adapt to industry changes and provide clients with a unified interface for controlling, managing, and monitoring various electronic channels. Infinite Business Solutions has redefined the fintech landscape with its innovative products, unwavering devotion to achieve client satisfaction, and continuous pursuit of cutting-edge technology. With a comprehensive suite of solutions catering to diverse industries, IBS has solidified its position as a global leader. As the company navigates the evolving fintech frontier, its focus on innovation, client-centricity, and internal culture continues to drive its success, making it a true leader in fintech. Company: Infinite Business Solutions (IBS) DMCC Name: Ibrahim Darraz Email: [email protected] Web Address: Awarded within the FinTech Awards 2023, Infinite Business Solutions (IBS) is at the forefront of revolutionising how businesses operate and serve their customers. With a suite of cutting-edge solutions tailored to the needs of various industries, IBS works to offer seamless, multi-channel payment solutions which have garnered the company well-deserved recognition on the regional stage. We learn more about the company and the factors behind its success.

Nov22526 FinTech Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Jul23682 Best Fund Benchmarking Platform 2023 - Germany Founded in 2018, CAPinside synopsizes the process of making products more transparent, and helps to find the right contact person to easily obtain information that is considerably more indepth. This assists clients in making the correct choices for them in terms of funds. In essence, CAPinside establishes connections, helps with comparisons, fosters networking opportunities, and remains resolutely up to date with all appropriate notifications. The company’s platform uses AI and machine learning technology to help connect investors and asset managers in the digital age of golden opportunities. The company feels that it is just as important to support its community away from the online world as well, which it does through promotion of ongoing live, in-person events. It is confident that face-to-face meetings at conferences, and the like, is truly what sets it apart and greatly contributes towards the building of its success. The whole idea behind CAPinside is to create a more transparent and speedy process when it comes to investments. That is why it has fast become the largest platform for professional investors in Germany. “CAPinside: the first independent online community from investors for investors. We want to achieve maturity for all investors - through transparency and honest analyses. Our goal is to enable every CAPinsider to build up an equal amount of wealth, at eye level with experts and relevant asset providers.” In terms of Fintech processes that are useful and innovative, CAPinsider has a simple but effective solution. Quite simply, whenever a new user chooses to register on its system, CAPinside will automatically ask them about their interests. Based on their answers, products and relevant articles are matched and presented. During increased use, the system learns to compare a client’s interests with the actual articles perused, and links further associated information that might be welcomed. If the user’s interests match the asset manager’s product range, the user is invited along to webinars and events where the asset manager can present the product in person. CAPinside takes on topics for its website/online system that it considers to be relevant to thought leadership. The creation of these articles is based both on the selection of the company’s chosen journalists, and on the frequency of topics searched for by users. It employs its own journalists to create many of the articles, but might also commission external business journalists to write specific pieces it thinks will be of interest to users. Its particular business focus as a company is on investment funds, family offices, private banks, financial markets, funds, equity funds, bond funds, mixed funds, fintech, and AI technologies. CAPinside provides all the necessary tools on its site for day-today work, and for users to select appropriate funds. It features rankings, comparisons, correlations, portfolios and useful portfolio comparisons. Users can send and share everything in one email, follow products and portfolios, compare them, and print them out. It’s an altogether super helpful and efficient service. “We compare over 40,000 ETFs, equity, commodity, bond, real estate, equity and crypto funds free of charge for each registered investor. Naturally including a holistic portfolio analysis.” CAPinside is proud to be situated at the very cutting edge of the industry, where it operates successfully as a leading player in a constantly evolving market. By bringing together product providers, asset managers and investors, as well as ensuring it listens proactively to all three parties, it has established itself as a safe pair of hands in the fintech, wealth, and finance markets. It is particularly gifted at being able to identify trends and threats in the industry, and so can proffer opportunities before they have fully evolved and become realities. Getting users in on the ground floor is a fantastic accomplishment for CAPinside. The internal culture at CAPinside is very much inspired by the company’s entrepreneurial spirit. It likes to feel that it is continuously challenging itself to improve, and exceed expectations, and looks for staff members who share this mindset. All the team members are therefore valued for their great minds, strong focus, and dedication to the aims of CAPinside. The company has ambitious plans for the future. Knowing that it has already almost saturated the German market with some 31,000 registered users, the logical next step is to look towards growth in new territories. For CAPinside, initially this means expanding into Austria and Switzerland. Next up after that is an intention to move towards the UK market, with London particularly in mind. This is because CAPinside knows that London is an important global financial hub on a par with New York. CAPinside is supremely aware of the fact we’re currently living in uncertain times. It is for that reason it feels there is an imperative need to be well-informed, and have a good understanding of, and focus on, tomorrow’s world today. One of the ways it goes about fostering this knowledge is through its hosting of the most cuttingedge conferences. These might focus on, for example, exploring the impact of Geopolitical Risks on Investment Funds. CAPinside feels that bringing together the smartest minds to explore the future is the best solution to ongoing current challenges for all. In the recent FinTech Awards, CAPinside has been named as Best Fund Benchmarking Platform 2023 – Germany. This prestigious title is an apt and fitting tribute to the work this outstanding company is doing to bring ease and transparency to the investment funds market. Well done to CAPinside, we look forward to seeing you achieve your expansion ambitions. Company: CAPinside Web Address: Contact Name: Achim Denkel Based in Hamburg, Germany, CAPinside is a digital matchmaker for funds, and a marketplace for product providers, asset managers, and investors to network. It is currently the largest platform for professional investors in Germany, with over 31,000 registered users. It has plans to further expand its business in new territories very soon.


Nov22526 FinTech Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Best Online Consumer Lender 2023 - USA In the US, 92 million adults cannot be scored using traditional credit scoring systems, and 69 million have an income of $50,000 or less. Traditional credit scores only measure the quality of an individual’s credit history, not their repayment capability. They do not take into account the stability of their job or their potential to generate income in the future. By determining an individual’s creditworthiness based on their historical access and use of credit rather than their ability to repay loans in the future, these traditional processes create barriers to financial inclusion. This means that those who lack credit history may be forced to turn to predatory lenders, who charge extremely high interest fees. Dollarito is working to tackle this issue by offering customers credit based on their current repayment capabilities rather than their credit score or credit history. Through a completely online application process that can be completed in under 10 minutes, the company provides personal microloans. These loans are delivered quickly, making them perfect for those who need to cover unexpected expenses and emergency costs. To fairly and accurately evaluate the repayment capabilities of an applicant, Dollarito has created a unique, AI-based risk model. It assesses their banking, transactional, and behavioural data, taking into account up to 24 months of their checking, debit, and credit account history to detect certain patterns and behaviours. In addition to this, Dollarito’s model assesses job stability by considering the applicant’s occupation and the economic environment in their area of residence. For example, if they work in the construction industry in the Austin metro area, where house prices are increasing, the firm can expect that they will have a stable job for the next 12 months. Throughout the duration of their defined loan period, Dollarito monitors their Loan Quality Profile continuously. Each time the user makes a transaction, their repayment risk is updated in real time. This means that the firm can respond proactively if their risk increases. Using AI, behavioural economics, cloud technologies, and real-time data to measure the repayment capabilities of applicants, Dollarito’s model is highly efficient, enabling it to deliver loans to clients as quickly as possible. From application to loan approval, Dollarito offers a completely digital experience, available in both English and Spanish. All individuals need in order to apply is government issued identification, a bank account, and proof of address. On Dollarito’s easy-to-use website, applicants complete a short survey designed to collect information about their income, employment, spending patterns, and more. They will then receive a personal loan offer along with details about the associated terms. When everything is approved and finalised, the loan will be deposited into the user’s account in as short as 10 minutes. People are at the centre of everything Dollarito does. The company understands that money is not impersonal but rather emotional, and that financial services can truly help people achieve their goals in life. Carmen Roman, Co-Founder and CEO of Dollarito, comments, “We are convinced that technology is a tool that helps to improve people’s lives. The most important element is always people. We see our company and services as a means to increase individuals’ wellbeing.” In recruitment, Dollarito aims to hire individuals who share its passion for serving people and demonstrate values that align with the company’s. These are inclusiveness, collaboration, professionalism, friendliness, humbleness, supportiveness, and trustworthiness. With people at its core, Dollarito works to provide clients with an easy, transparent, and secure experience from start to finish. For this reason, Jul23006 Located in Houston, Dollarito is a digital lending platform that provides microloans to underserved low-income populations, utilising a unique AI-based alternative credit scoring system to assess their creditworthiness. With people at its core, the company works to provide clients with a straightforward experience and efficient service.

11. the company’s web interface is simple, using plain and straightforward language to convey information in a way that is easy for them to understand. Dollarito also strives to deliver loans as quickly as possible. Clients can expect to receive a prompt response regarding the approval of their application. The company takes immediate action when a loan is approved, enabling the client to receive their money within 10 minutes. Furthermore, to protect customers’ important data, Dollarito’s Machine Learning Operations are containerised, and a data mesh strategy is implemented. Access to models, data, and notebooks in production or development have an audit trail and are strictly controlled. Operating in an ever-evolving industry, Dollarito is constantly working to invest in up-to-date technologies that meet the highest of standards. For example, it has automated many of its processes, including credit application, information processing, underwriting, credit decisionmaking, fraud detection, compliance with regulations, and more. Dollarito has been part of prestigious accelerator programs and has won recognized prizes from ADAPT Village Capital-MetLife Foundation and IBM-Masschallenge Artificial Intelligence and Security Mentorship Program. This has provided access to great mentors and industry experts. In addition, Dollarito is part of the IBM Partner Plus Program, allowing us to co-create with architects and developers to advance our solution with leading-edge capabilities. As a result of its dedication to its customers as well as its commitment to continuous improvement, Dollarito has been awarded Best Online Consumer Lender, USA, in the FinTech Awards 2023. In early 2024, Dollarito plans to launch a cross-border loan service. This will enable customers to deposit a loan to their family in Mexico but repay it themselves in the USA. By the end of 2024, the firm hopes to be able to offer loans to small businesses. Carmen adds, “Dollarito’s long-term vision is to offer a full suite of financial products to empower the low-income community with wealth-generating financial products tailored to their needs.” Contact: Carmen Roman Company: Dollarito Web Address:

Nov22526 FinTech Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Best AI-Enabled Stocks & Options Trading Platform 2023 TACOai is part of an ecosystem consisting of several sister companies in the financial and technology space, each owned by Prosperum Fintech Holdings. TACOai’s winning AI-enabled stocks and options trading platform was custom built for Avant-Garde Trading Securities, a FINRA member broker-dealer (“Avant Garde”). Backed by over 20 years of combined industry experience, Avant Garde has managed to secure itself a position among some of the top AI-enabled trading platforms newly available. As technology has developed, few have pursued the usage of AI for such critical sectors, and yet Avant Garde has been able to harness the potential of AI to craft something truly impactful. Whether it’s online stock and options trading, or crypto trading, Avant Garde is focused on equipping itself with the tools to carve out the future of the industry. By combining expert options trading acumen with a customer service approach that it’s unapologetically proud of, Avant Garde aims to break new ground within the trading industry. Its experience has led to a concrete understanding of, not only the sector, but exactly what investors want, and it’s willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that expectations are met. It’s thanks to all of these factors that Avant Garde’s focus is on steadfast customer service, security, speed, and functionality. But just how did TACOai and Avant Garde craft this award-winning trading platform? Born from a multi cloud approach that presented reliable uptime for all users, combined with microservices that are at the forefront of innovation, Avant Garde’s platform quickly took shape, revelling in its acute accuracy and staggering speed. As such, when building its AI-enabled trading platform, Avant Garde saw it essential to adapt to optimisation, all in the hopes that it could continuously improve and update its systems as technology inevitably progresses. Partner this with user personalisation and automation of repetitive tasks, and you’ve got a platform that’s irrefutably intuitive. In order to make the experience of utilising its AI-enabled trading platform as pleasurable as possible Avant Garde took an incredibly careful approach towards the way in which it operates. As a company, it recognised the frustration of traders who simply weren’t Jul23208 Trading is a sector that has never had a straightforward entrance. If you lack the correct knowledge and education, trying to become adept in trading can be a difficult feat to accomplish alone. But what if AI could help you on your journey? Avant Garde, through its sister technology company, TACOai, is committed to answering this very question in the hopes that it can solve the complexities of trading for each of its clients. We explore how TACOai has come to forge its award-winning, AI-enabled stocks and trading platform, built for Avant Garde.

13. reaching optimal transaction speeds, but had no way to improve their processes alone. And, when assistance is required, more often than not, individuals are left in lengthy queues waiting to speak to a representative. Luckily, Avant Garde’s AI powered virtual assistant will be able to grant customers with the chance to open an account, all whilst answering questions and, eventually, executing trades within a client’s account. Though some may be deterred by the concept of an AI accomplishing all of these incredible feats, Avant Garde also ensures that there is a professional broker available to talk to at all times, should a client require any extra assistance. Avant Garde is acutely aware of the struggles facing traders and investors alike, and has set out to correct these pitfalls within the industry through its tireless dedication and commitment to the people that have helped it get to where it is today. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned trader who’s simply wanting to speed up your trading processes, or a new investor seeking out a little extra hands-on assistance from professional options traders, Avant Garde is there to support you. Through its membership model, it promotes an ease of access that encompasses everything a trader could need to get started on improving their processes. This can take the form of zero commission on certain types of trades, to direct access to Avant Garde’s professional options trade desk, all whilst giving customers the chance to provide continuous feedback. Avant Garde values the requirements of its clients above all else, and is prepared to make any changes necessary to deliver what customers truly need. As evidenced by its acceptance into the Microsoft For Startups Founders Program, Avant Garde has clearly made all of the right steps towards progress. Now able to utilise Microsoft AI tools and products through Azure credits, it’s equipped with a whole range of tools necessary to keep its AI-enabled trading platform up to date throughout even the smallest of changes within technologies. It doesn’t aim to simply build a platform and leave it be, but instead through its sister company TACOai, to make constant revisions based solely on feedback and integration. Avant Garde’s AI platform is its magnum opus, and it’s clear that its faith in the equipment that it’s forged isn’t misplaced. Avant Garde is a company that prides itself on its adaptability, all in the hopes that clients can rely on it for anything. No matter how great the need, it aims to be a cornerstone of the AI trading industry, with systems and personnel in place to deliver on all of its promises. There’s an unrelenting commitment to understanding the demands of retail and institutional traders that sets Avant Garde apart in astounding ways, despite the company’s young age. It has a wealth of experience that helps to guide it forward, granting it the opportunity to overcome all obstacles in order to be there for its clients no matter what. So far, 2023 has been the year of AI advancements. Whilst the technology has indeed been on the steady incline, there’s been a sudden boom in its acceleration that has left many companies, investors and traders alike desperately trying to match this breakneck pace. However, Avant Garde is looking to spearhead our transition into the age of AI, and is already leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Its ambition is beyond admirable, and we’re sure that exciting plans are in the works for this adept AI trading platform. Contact: Thomas Smith Company: TACOai & Avant Garde Web Address:

Nov22526 FinTech Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Best Risk & Compliance Management Software Solutions 2023 1st Risk Solutions’ (1RS) founders met whilst working together at HSBC bank, and realised they shared a desire to find solutions suitable for managing risk. Ultimately, they decided that the best course of action would be to develop their own, and thus the groundbreaking Enterprise Risk & Compliance Solution ERIC was born. 1RS began by working with clients to find out more about their needs and ensure its incorporation of core functionality would therefore meet all key requirements. Its clients are a mix of investment and asset management firms, insurance providers, and banks. The focus for 1RS is to offer software solutions that enable clients to concentrate on managing the risk and compliance in their businesses. ERIC is the company’s solution, with technology used that is under constant review. This allows 1RS the capacity to respond efficiently to development needs, and to quickly enhance and adapt its flagship product appropriately. It is thrilled to be able to offer such a solution within the FinTech space, and to be able to keep itself at the forefront of industry developments with its cutting-edge technology. “1RS has been built and developed by risk and compliance experts. We understand the need for an integrated and flexible GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) Solution, that can meet any organisations operational risk and compliance framework. Our technology enables you to manage the continually evolving regulatory landscape. ” The technology team at 1RS comprises of a diverse group with a healthy mix of skills and know-how. This means that there are always plenty of new ideas being formulated across the team, and within the company’s broader network. 1RS believes in partnering with its clients on an equal footing. It is eager to know exactly what their focus consists of, so it can further develop solutions to seamlessly fit in with their needs. The dedicated team at 1RS requests feedback and implements client suggestions wherever it can, strongly believing that the best source of information when it comes to user improvements absolutely comes from the users themselves. When it comes to training, 1RS wholeheartedly believes that people learn in myriad different ways. That is why it provides information in short guide form, but also conducts personalised training sessions either online or face to face. It knows the power of a quick meeting in conveying the information in a way that is efficient and easy to grasp. Likewise, regular contact with its clients is an important way of ensuring that it keeps on top of any queries or requests. It recognises the value that’s to be found in regular and responsive communication. Key features available in ERIC include a capacity to detail risks, and link straight to the controls in place to mitigate those risks. It can also enable scheduling of risk and control self-assessments, and control testing to continually monitor the level of effectiveness. ERIC enables the ability to map FCA regulations to risks and controls, logs issues, risk events and audit findings, and manages action plans needed to resolve any issues and/or risk events. The system can also be used to manage policy attestations, request approvals for multiple activity types (including PAD, G&E), and to download a risk register report. ERIC is capable of extracting multiple reports across all the different modules. Such assistance maintains and keeps available a broad range of functions to adequately fulfil customers’ needs. “The modules in ERIC are interlinked, to enable you to easily view the connections. If a Control is performing badly, the details of any issues raised, and Jul23591 1st Risk Solutions is a company that was founded in 2016 by a team of Risk & Compliance professionals. It offers pragmatic and effective solutions to enterprise risk management and regulatory requirements with resources that support implementations, augment companies existing risk and compliance, and provide incredible ongoing advice and support for clients.

15. results of tests are displayed to provide context. The user can click on those records to see more information and get a complete picture of the details.” When operating in such a fast moving and evolving environment, it is obviously very important for 1RS to work hard to remain at the technology forefront. One way it maintains its lead is to stay in regular contact with, and receipt of, industry updates from regulatory bodies. It also often attends seminars covering key topics which help to make sure it stays on top of any developments in the industry. 1RS is also delighted to be able to partner with various companies in order to share knowledge. It also works closely alongside clients to ensure it gains information from them regarding industry updates. When it comes to recruiting new team members, 1RS is committed to seeking out people who are really passionate, and keen to be making a true difference. It empowers its team to be creative and find the ideal innovative solutions to meet its clients’ needs, whatever they might be. With its founders being such resolute Risk & Compliance experts, it is in the fortunate position of being able to combine such knowledge with technical expertise. This ensures the team are providing solutions that really deliver. As far as looking to the future goes, 1RS has a strongly held notion to ensure that it continues to develop its solutions to the very best of its capabilities. Its next major focus is to further enhance the reporting capabilities of the solution, to be completely sure it is providing the most valuable insights it can from the data that has been captured. It also plans to develop the way in which everyone can filter the information held on the system, to make it easier to view the data in multiple different ways. It wants to ensure that the solutions it offers are saving clients’ time, and that it is powering its resources appropriately - into activities that can’t be automated. The 1RS solution is already configurable across a large number of elements, which ensures it can be adapted to suit clients’ specific criteria, as well as to align with their measurement preferences. The company is also championing it’s solution to manage the requirements of the Senior Manager and Certification Regime. The combination of ERIC and SMCR, give excellent coverage for managing key compliance requirements effectively. 1st Risk Solutions has recently been recognised in the FinTech Awards as the Best Risk & Compliance Management Software Solutions 2023. This fantastic achievement is a terrific reward for the company, who is bound to progress further still as it continues onwards from strength to strength. Company: 1st Risk Solutions Web Address: Contact Name: Lisa Rutland

Nov22526 FinTech Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Best Alternative Physical Metals Trading Platform 2023 - UK Distributed ledger technology is a game changer and using Ripple blockchain to ensure traceability and ownership security is solving many challenges that have traditionally been part of the user experience with exchange-traded funds or physical precious metals. Ripple implementation in metals trading is just the start of the adoption of blockchain technology which will radically transform the economy. In the digital ecosystem such cryptocurrencies representing digital rights to physical metals have the potential to address regulatory concerns by decreasing volatility and facilitating adoption. The XAU issuance is already traded on Gatehub. Gatehub is a platform for the Internet of Value, built on XRP Ledger protocol that allows everyone to send, receive, trade, and manage any type of assets. The physical metals will be stored with one of the leading security carriers, whereas physical metals will be supplied by eMetals Gateway Ltd. (registered with The Birmingham Assay Office, founded in 1773 to provide assaying and hallmarking of precious metal items) and the tokens representing such ownership rights will be issued by eMetals s.r.o.. eMetals s.r.o. will submit a respective notification as soon as MICA is in force should this be required. Moreover, eMetals will issue proof of assets to ensure token holders that the tokens are fully backed by physical metals. Each token issued on Ripple represents proof of physical ownership of fine metals, holders of which are given the right to request physical delivery of their metals. All gold is redeemable for LBMA-accredited good delivery bars and free from any settlement or credit risk. Investors will be able to trade gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium around-the-clock, 365 days a year. Gatehub or other exchanges will maintain active buy and sell orders with the specified maximum bid-offer spread and offer the best trading conditions following the liquidity attracts liquidity rule. The future looks bright for eMetals Gateway Ltd. as it continues to address regulation concerns and decrease risks. Long may its success continue. Company: eMetals Gateway Ltd. Web Address: eMetals Gateway Ltd. decided to offer investors an alternative way to invest in, and trade, physical metals by combining the performance of the London clearing system with the transparency of an exchange-traded asset. Digital metals can be thought of as digital representation of rights secured by encryption and use of distributed ledged technology (DLT). Here we learn more about eMetals Gateway Ltd. as it wins its title in the FinTech Awards 2023.


18. FinTech Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Most Innovative FinTech Communications Specialists 2023 With experience covering software vendors, consultants, insurance firms, stockbrokers, and wealth managers to name but a handful of the clients PMC has managed, there are few better financial marketing firms out there than this one. Beginning life in the English capital just ten years ago, PMC has since grown to become one of the finest companies working in the city today. It boasts a particularly strong knowledge of the buy-side technology space, having worked with vendors that sell to hedge funds, asset managers, wealth managers, private equity firms, asset servicing firms, and asset owners. As for its own services, PMC guarantees seasoned professionals with a passion for finance and technology. Offering six disciplines to its fintech clients, PMC is a unique firm that expertly blends together multiple interests and industries into truly exceptional service. These six disciplines have been refined over time as a result of client experience, feedback, and ongoing training. The disciplines themselves divide into two streams, marketing and communications. Outsourcing, strategy, and digital marketing come under the former, whilst content creation, public relations, and creative works come under the latter. Portfolio will work tirelessly to become its clients’ outsourced marketing department, with founder Russ Bryan spending time working alongside clients in their offices. The firm specialises in customer insight interviews, go-to-market plans, value propositions, positioning, brand values, and messaging guides. With 20 years’ experience in the financial technology world, Portfolio’s strategic insights are highly valued. Digital marketing is another thing completely, but Russ and the team at Portfolio are just as proficient. Whether it be website design and management, GDPR-compliant lead generation, email marketing, SEO, social media account management, Google Analytics work, social media adverts, content marketing, Google Ads, or Pay-Per-Click work, Russ and the team can handle it. Once the marketing is done, Portfolio can also handle the communications side of the work. Content creation can take many forms, be it ghost-writing for customer newsletters, white papers, blogs, internal communications, copywriting for factsheets, brochures, case studies, awards submissions, or a whole host of things. Public relations can also be effectively managed, with tasks ranging from media briefings and writing opinion pieces, to press releases, raising personal profiles, pitching for forward features, and developing analyst relations. Russ is also in demand working with financial software firms as a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer. If you are looking for a senior-level marketer to renew your marketing focus, work with your executive management team and manage day-to-day operations within your firm, then he can help. No need for training, extensive explanation of your software or fear that your CMO will leave. Russ can take your marketing from 0-60 at the drop of a hat. Since starting his marketing consultancy, Russ has worked for over 30 clients across a range of fintech sectors, mainly within investment management. Some projects have been shortterm, while others have extended several years (even up to and including a successful trade sale). Russ also works on an interim basis, where you need someone with deep experience to rapidly move in and take control of your marketing, prior to the appointment of a new CMO. As a Fractional CMO who specialises in fintech, Russ will make available all his expertise to cover every aspect of your fintech business, bringing fresh, creative ideas and an objective viewpoint. His role would probably include creating your marketing strategy and implementing it. The role might also involve branding, content, PR, digital (including website development), launching your product, creative activities, market research and even helping with the hiring of marketing staff. As a trail runner and triathlete, you can count on Russ to bring energy, enthusiasm, and a tireless work ethic to your business. Of course, the best barometer for the effectiveness of any firm is the viewpoint of its clients. One such client is Bruce Hobson, Chief Executive Officer of leading software and services firm, corfinancial. Hobson says, “Russ and his team have significantly boosted our marketing activities and international branding. They produce excellent research and copy for opinion pieces, case studies and press releases, as well as collating multiple topics to support our regular corporate newsletters. Content is professionally produced, and Russ is always keen to ensure the best quality for all of our marketing output. “A key strength of Russ and his team is domain knowledge; they understand the investment management industry and software solutions, and can produce views, opinions and creative ideas accordingly. “This team have recently created our new website, supporting the production of a significant amount of new and updated content, with major improvements to the user experience when visiting our site. Russ is a pleasure to work with; he is always positive, and I would not hesitate to recommend him and his team.” Contact: Russ Bryan Company: Portfolio Marketing Communications Web Address: Based in the City of London, Portfolio Marketing Communications (PMC) is a highly qualified marketing and communications consultancy with a proven track record in finance and technology markets. Known as ‘The Fintech Specialists,’ the firm is experienced in delivering board-level strategic counsel and executive-level implementation for corporate and business-to-business campaigns.

FinTech Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance 19. Jun23552 Best Loan Management & Deposit Account Software Company 2023 - Australasia As a leading provider of fintech software solutions, such as finPOWER Connect, mbsl has sustained its standing in the fintech market space for over 30 years. Their ability to strategically plan, develop and customise systems to individualise their client’s loan management and deposit software requirements has meant long term business relationships have endured to the benefit of both mbsl and their clients alike. Close attention to detail, ensures solutions are functional and user-friendly and meet the unique requirements of each client. Offering a high degree of customisation and flexibility ensures clients can effectively manage their software processes in a way that aligns with their specific business needs and workflows. Thoughtful user experience design and regular usability testing ensure that their software is accessible to both tech-savvy individuals and those who may have limited technical expertise. A considered systematic approach to the quality of work provided, presentation, knowledge of the fintech industry including legislation, and consistency in proactive account management of their clients is the catalyst in forming a foundation of trust and collaboration, which in turn has led to an effective growth strategy for the business. Taking a cautious approach finPOWER Connect’s Strategic Plan distributed in 2022 outlines where it is believed technology is headed and the development intentions for the next two major versions of their software, culminating in version 5.0, currently on target to be ready for release in 2024. To accommodate changes prior to implementation of releases, mbsl consistently works with clients to determine business processes and documentation that may need to be revisited by clients and their independent professional sources, such as Lawyers, Accountants and Government agencies. finPOWER Connect employs API technology to enable integration with external systems and facilitate data exchange and automation. With the need to meet the New Zealand government APIs for compliance of regulations and standards, interoperability with government systems and improved data exchange and integration of their services mbsl actively engage with their clients to embrace API technology and comply with standards. Utilising APIs for integrations with ThirdParty systems, Custom Application development, data import and export, Web Portal integration, Automation and Workflow orchestration and Reporting and Analytics, finPOWER Connect offers the flexibility to extend and customise clients specific needs, integrate external systems and automate processes. mbsl’s focus and logical approach to customising APIs to ultimately enhance their clients operational efficiency and improve the overall user experience espouses their commitment to their clients successes. The world’s fast paced trajectory of connectivity and new technologies means that Commerce no longer needs to wait for a traditional business day to complete transactions and/or deals. Along with access to online Credit Bureau checks, Security enquiries, Security Registers and Electronic Signatures the introduction of 7-day banking in New Zealand in May 2023 has further afforded the finance sector the opportunity to update their business model by aligning their internal processes to the new payment regime. The ability to process payments in finPOWER Connect on weekends and/or Public Holidays e.g., paying Disbursements every day of the year is perceived to be advantageous for clients and their customers alike. mbsl believes that utilising 7-day banking will be of benefit both to the sector and their clients and critical for Loan and Deposit retailers to remain competitive. mbsl are well versed in their clients obligations in maintaining security processes and controls to meet AML/CFT legislative requirements. Third-party facial biometrical verification applications integrated with finPOWER Connect are perceived as essential tools that support clients to adhere to their legal requirements as reporting entities and assist with the prevention of fraud, ultimately allowing the opportunity to make safe business decisions when onboarding customers digitally. The software is designed to meet industry compliance standards and data security requirements, providing features like audit trails, user access controls, and data encryption. Taking a methodical, logical approach when providing ongoing maintenance and support for their software applications including upgrades, enhancements, and bug fixes, allows the opportunity to monitor the performance of the software in different environments and address any issues or user queries that may arise without undue delay. mbsl’s position in the fintech software market is a result of their strategic planning, customization capabilities, and commitment to client success. Staying abreast of industry trends and legislative changes, ensures that their solutions facilitate the capability to adjust and thrive in the dynamically changing financial software environment. Dedication to proactive account management and continuous collaboration with clients fosters trust, while their commitment to security measures supports compliance and risk mitigation. With a strong focus on the future, mbsl’s ongoing development and customisation efforts for finPOWER Connect further solidifies their position as a trusted provider of fintech software solutions. Contact: Sandra McCorkindale Company: McCorkindale Business Solutions Limited (mbsl) Web Address: