Fund Awards 2022 16 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards KBC Asset Management is a pioneer in responsible investing and one of the most prominent players in Belgium. It is a banking and insurance group – with 41,000 employees and 12 million clients across Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Bulgaria – and acts as an investment arm. KBC Asset Management works with retail and institutional clients and develops products for intra-group distribution whilst providing investment fund sales and advisory support. Its wide range of products allows its clients to invest in dependable companies and countries that recognise their social and environmental responsibility. This enables it to jointly contribute to a more sustainable society and help limit the A push towards integrating new-age technology with investment opportunities has been well underway for the past few years. But, while some firms see the next steps in the realm of the blockchain, KBC Asset Management has set its sights on harnessing its already impressed reputation to even greater heights. As pioneers of responsible investing and the winners of Belgium’s Best Asset Management Company award, a peek into its endeavours displays a high-potential avenue for the industry. adverse impact of businesses on society. KBC Asset Management lives by the motto, “Everyone invested all the time”, and is striving to realise a dream, allowing people from all walks of life to benefit from capital markets. With a market share of around 28% in investments, KBC serves as the Belgian market reference. Alongside this, it focuses on a ‘digital first’ approach to its practices, with a human touch. This digital approach makes it even more responsive, and further sets it apart from the competition. It accomplished this through KATE, an AI assistant that interacts with its client’s navigation through KBC’s digital channels – where over half Best Asset Management Company – Belgium Sep22318 of its investment plans are sold – alongside so much more. For example, KBC removed roadblocks inherent to retail investing by lowering the threshold requirements and maintaining its strong focus on digitalisation. As a result, it was able to draw in new investors and familiarise them with investing. With computing power steadily increasing, more robust software is being created. These modern technologies, such as AI, allow software to participate in investment decisions. One colossal development that KBC takes advantage of is tools that analyse industry and market data in real-time. This enables KBC to respond to market developments faster and more efficiently. Then, through human interaction and real-time AI data, KBC can better advise its clients. The two reinforce each other to provide accessible and accurate information and advice that best meets its client’s interests. KBC Asset Management is the first Belgian asset manager to launch a fund whose asset allocation and asset classed are determined with the help of AI-controlled models. It is constantly looking for innovative solutions to guarantee its clients feel comfortable when investing, no matter the condition of the markets. That focus on the client’s comfort has been rewarded over the past few years. KBC Asset Management is a forward-facing firm; from its implementation of cutting-edge technology to its principles to inspire and protect its investors, it goes above and beyond to craft a platform and environment where all can profit. Its dedication to the latter point alone proves that it deserves its spot as a pioneer and leader in the realm of responsible investment. As technology evolves and the market changes, KBC will continue providing an exemplary service. Contact: Jan Standaert Company: KBC Asset Management Web Address: