Fund Awards 2022

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards 17 Raynar Portfolio Management is an investment management boutique that searches high and low for great investments. Founded in early 2020, its core ethos is to design strategies that put client interests first, seeking to deliver optimal outcomes for its investors. Within 18 months of the firm’s foundation, it had exceeded the significant milestone of £100m assets under management – passing the £50m milestone within the first three months – and has only grown further since then. Raynar provides a range of strategies that all put the client first – striving to deliver optimal outcomes for investors. It is easy for a firm to say that they put clients first, but in practice, it does involve choices that might not offer the greatest opportunity for short-term growth for the firm but are the right choices for clients that it believes will stand Raynar in good stead over the long term. It, therefore, drives growth by focusing on striving to deliver outstanding performance from a range of thoughtfully designed strategies. To that end, it offers two exclusive funds and strategies to qualifying professional investors: The first is managed by the boutique’s founder, Philip Rodrigs – Raynar Flagship. It has a dedicated focus on stock selection and UK equities, particularly those at the smaller end of the scale, to achieve growth across the medium term. These are typically less well-researched but stand a greater chance of offering exceptional value; Flagship’s portfolio typically comprises 30-50 investments of this nature. This strategy benefits greatly from Philip’s prior experience as a renowned investor. Before founding Raynar, he was well-known for Designing strategies that deliver optimal outcomes is a challenging task. The decisions of those making these strategies must come from a deep understanding of the market and its movements, preferably from previous experience. Raynar Portfolio Management hosts precisely the individuals required for success. Founded and staffed by investment experts, it is a new investment management boutique for the new twenties. generating peer-leading returns from the UK stock market, driven by a specialist focus on smallsized firms. He is a multi-award-winning investor across his 15+ years as a portfolio manager and brought his experience and expertise to Raynar and the Flagship strategy program. As an investor who had consistently identified tomorrow’s winning companies today, long before the market appreciated the value opportunity, it is no surprise that the firm has got off to such an impressive start. Another core figure of the firm is Matthew Taylor, who manages Raynar Enhanced. It is a multi-asset strategy with a high degree of dynamism, seeking to enhance client returns. Assets range from bonds to equities, selecting the best and brightest fund managers. As a result, the strategy benefits from a high degree of diversification. Matthew Taylor, portfolio manager of the Raynar Enhanced strategy. Like the Flagship fund, there is a focus on growth in the medium term. However, Matthew’s approach is highly differentiated, employing an uncompromising approach to identifying overlooked sectors and assets that provide a compelling risk vs return opportunity. The fund tends to invest in mutual funds, investment trusts, listed equities and bonds, intending to produce risk-adjusted returns superior to those available in the broader UK equity market. Matthew developed his methods whilst advancing to Executive Director at Swiss private bank Julius Baer before switching to advising family offices directly. He has 16 years of investing experience designing multi-asset portfolios for high-net-worth clients and brings a uniquely applicable breadth of experience. Raynar recognises that, although the market is constantly evolving, one thing never changes: clients want substantial risk-adjusted returns over the long term. Scores of developments are concentrated on minimising client risk, Best Versatile Investment Fund 2022 (1 Year): Raynar Enhanced Portfolio Sep22018 which makes sense, but not if it is at the cost of diminishing returns. At Raynar, it strives to strike the optimal balance and avoid compromising on delivering performance. To that end, it did start with a blank sheet of paper, and in that sense, it is carving its path rather than jumping on the flavour of the month bandwagon. Looking ahead, Raynar Portfolio Management continues to focus on its core values of designing strategies that strive to deliver optimal outcomes for investors and putting clients first. In the short term, the number one priority is, as it always will be, striving to provide significant risk-adjusted returns for clients as it continues. However, Raynar also has ambitions to further deepen its investment management team and, in time, is looking to hire outstanding talent wishing to launch their propositions with the firm. The details of investment funds and strategies are intricately familiar to Matthew and Philip, but what truly drives the success and versatility of Raynar is the pair’s understanding of their strengths and the simultaneous adoption of their own strategies. It allows the team to play to their strengths whilst providing clients with the knowledge, tools and platforms that best suit their investment styles and portfolio needs. This flexible and impressive approach highlights precisely why Raynar Portfolio Management is so deserving of the award for Best Versatile Investment Fund 2022, as well as all its prior accolades and those yet to come. Contact: Philip Rodrigs and Matthew Taylor Company: Raynar Portfolio Management Web Address: “Searching High and Low for Great Investments.”