Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards 2021 4 Wealth & Finance International - 2021 Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards Upptec is one of the world’s leading insurtech companies. Taking on its first client on the 1st of January 2006, the company has progressed greatly since then, spreading out of Sweden and across Europe and North America. Since its founding, Upptec has been developing groundbreaking technologies that shape the insurtech industry. For example, Upptec has developed a cloud-based, completely automated claims journey that enables instant settlement for the policyholders. Simply, Upptec has optimised the entire process, making claims valuation and settlement as easy as it can be. Upptec is a leader – not a follower – as such, it is on a mission to pave the way into the future, constantly on the lookout for improvement and innovative solutions to cater to its client’s needs. Indeed, the firm thrives on pioneering digital experiences and sees any challenge as a great start to develop new ideas, challenging itself as it delves into unchartered territories. As a result, Upptec’s seamless combination of experience, determination, and ground-breaking digital solutions, have allowed the company to cater to its client’s needs with humble excellence. Client-centricity is the beating heart within the company. Upptec is committed to providing a service powered by transparency and efficiency, with the overarching aim to build trust with its clients. It has never lost a customer ¬– a fact that it views as confirmation of its willingness to create solutions that are of the utmost importance for its customers. Furthermore, the company prioritises working in collaboration with its clients, adorning them with industry expertise and an unrivalled level of customer service. It is honest and generous with knowledge as it wants the best outcome for its customers. It is this formation of a partnership with the customer that has enabled the company to shoot to unprecedented success. Upptec notes that customers are driving the digital claims shift, not the insurers. This is a key reason why the company chooses to work in collaboration with its customers, insurance companies, to develop and create the best possible solutions for the end consumer. The end goal is simple – to make For the better part of two decades Upptec has been leading the insurtech industry. Providing innovative solutions that optimise the insurance world, Upptec has simplified the claims valuation and settlement processes, ensuring that not only its client but the end consumer has a positive experience. Indeed, as the company enters 2022, it has plans to expand its reach further across the globe. Insurtech Company of the Year - Scandinavia claims automation easy to navigate. Henceforth, by doing so, transforming the insurance industry through cutting-edge tech innovations. Operating with the mantra, ‘solving tomorrow’s problem today,’ in mind, Upptec has remained ahead of its competition and has built a loyal network of clients across the globe. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the face of the industry, as numerous insurance companies have flocked towards the digitisation of their services. In turn, Upptec noted an influx of clients, while the industry was pushed into a new dimension. The progression towards a truly optimised, digital landscape was only enhanced by the global lockdowns and closure of in-person businesses. Upptec served to create a new platform for the insurance industry and altered the customer experience in preparation for the new normal. Upptec 2022 is set to be an exciting year for the company, as it plans to deliver new exciting solutions, and update existing products with innovative features, which will help solve problems that have been holding the industry back. Consequently, this provides the opportunity to leapfrog the digital transformation and deliver a whole new level of claims automation, which will create a streamlined experience for its customers. Ultimately, Upptec’s main goal is to continue its expansion, as it believes that this year will see the insurer shift from manual to digital and, possibly, beyond. Contact: Matilda Hansson Company: Upptec Web Address: Jan22381