Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards 2021

Wealth & Finance International - 2021 Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards 5 Zala Technology is an international management & technology consulting company with a focus on the insurtech world. The firm is on a mission to alter the way the insurance world operates, working with insurance start-ups, brokers, and companies whose goal is to make insurance easy and robust. Across a variety of services, including insurance management consulting, custom software development, Zala Technology works with clients internationally to empower them in the digital landscape. As one of the only companies servicing insurtech around the globe, Zala Technology prides itself on its ability to evolve the insurance industry. Be it UI design or API development, Zala Technology endeavours to provide the best possible solution – one that is sure to create an impact not only within its client’s company, but across the industry as a whole. Therefore, the company lives and breathes insurance, striving to remain informed about new developments and updates in legislation. Zala Technology wants to be the premium insurtech consultancy, therefore, it goes above and beyond the call of duty to guarantee perfection. It is with this in mind that Zala Technology takes a client-centric approach, moving away from what it wants and getting closer to what its customers need and love. Simply, Zala Technology believes in listening to the customer. As a result, it has built trusting bonds with brands globally, including One Click Code, HSB, and Zeguro. Furthermore, each decision Zala Technology makes involving its clients is influenced by its mission statement, ‘to encourage and empower insurtech organizations that seek to rethink the way insurance business is being conducted.’ The power of the happy customer should not be underestimated. It is because of its clients that Zala Technology has been able to thrive in a niche industry. Constantly developing, the insurance industry is notoriously hard to break into, and is even harder to remain relevant within. Zala Technology strives to remain ahead of the curve and invests greatly in education and research and works with universities and research groups to guide its understanding as to how future Challenging the traditional structure of the insurance industry, Zala Technology is drawing a focus to the insurtech world. Working with clients around the globe, the firm is on a mission to change the way the industry operates, modernizing it from the inside out. Indeed, Zala Technology believes that change starts from within – therefore, it operates to disrupt insurance in the right way. BestManagement &Technology Consulting Firm-WashingtonDC Zala Technology Jan22021 technologies can impact the insurance industry. Additionally, Zala Technology closely follows the NAIC and their strategic initiatives, to keep track of the latest legislation around cutting-edge technology in the insurance industry. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted numerous industries, and with no end in sight many have been forced to drastically alter their operations. Consequently, Zala Technology has seen an influx of clients over the past few years, and has, in fact, benefitted greatly from the new normal. The introduction of remote working has furthered this success, as the company has allowed its staff to work wherever they want whenever they want – making its teams significantly more productive and enthusiastic about their work. This success is set to continue throughout 2022, where in the first quarter, the company will be announcing a new insurtech product. Zala Technology also hopes to expand, introducing new staff into its offices universally. However, the firm can expect some leadership changes as the current CEO will spearhead its insurtech product company to challenge the status quo among specialty insurance providers. Contact: Layla Atya Company: Zala Technology Web Address: