Management Consulting Awards 2022

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards 11 APR2w2 In an increasingly globalised international ecosystem for learning and education, Mango Training and Consultancy has been championing the demolition of barriers to growth by its interactive learning course provisions. Nominally, its courses have been developed to allow the sharing of ideas across mediums, cultures, personal barriers, and languages, allowing it to develop a range of truly acclimatised language and soft skill programmes for its Southeast Asian clients. The beating heart of Mango Training and Consultancy as a company, therefore, is that of passion, integrity, empathy, professionalism, and adaptability, all of which its clients have grown to come to expect of it as standard when benefitting from its courses. Since its inception, Mango Training and Consultancy has been using its commitment to Having been founded in 2011, Mango Training and Consultancy has been responding to its clients needs on a holistic basis, offering learning solutions that are tailored to the market’s demands. Being one of the best in the business in its region of Southeast Asia, its effective communication is something that it has used to help it achieve this, with a vision of creating a world wherein people can communicate their ideas effectively by working around any barriers in their way instead of being stifled by them. each of these principles when working with its clients, many of whom are some of the world’s most well recognised financial institutions. Thus, firms such as Standard Chartered, Allianz, OCBC Bank, Tokio Marine, and MSIG have made it their interactive learning onestop-shop. It has established and maintained these clients and their trust by building partnerships that are meant to be long-term, right from the very start. By listening to their needs, adapting accordingly, and ensuring its products deliver the best results, it constantly communicates with clients and works hard to suit their needs. Mango Training and Consultancy, therefore, sees itself as a trend setter. Consistently innovating, growing, and bettering itself, it is Best Interactive Learning Course Provider - Malaysia ready to listen to its clients at every step of the process, growing from classrooms to instructor led and self-learning programmes alongside the needs of its wider market segment, responding to the demand for more autonomy in learning. The client’s success, in short, is the success of Mango and its team. Leading from the forefront of fully immersive learning experiences that handle learning that goes beyond the classroom, it is now looking forward to moving from just B2B to B2B and B2C learning solutions in Q4 of 2022, looking forward to seeing where this bold new direction takes it, its clients, and its wider industry next. Company: Mango Training and Consultancy Contact: Alex Cummins Website: