Management Consulting Awards 2022 12 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards APR2w2 dialogueSA consults to large corporates, mediumsized businesses, and individual business leaders, with its clients including blue-chip globals, successful start-ups, and established businesses in a variety of sectors such as IT, engineering, banking/investment, and social development. The company has developed organically since its inception and many of its clients have partnered with it for years, having formed strong relationships with them through shared understanding and mutual success. Director at dialogueSA, Amanda Holt says, “We focus on people because people are not only our passion, but also the cause and effect of everything that happens in a business.” She continues, “Our value is in supporting clients to build anti-fragile cultures that are able to respond and adapt effectively to unexpected change. We believe that effective leadership mindset and people practices are a core strength for future fitness and our experience bears this out.” The dialogueSA team are multi-talented, deeply experienced, and passionate about what they do. They craft specific solutions to meet the needs of clients by collaborating with other businesses within the industry, rather than seeing them as dialogueSA is a vibrant, multi-disciplinary small business that has thrived on an adaptive, non-hierarchal model for more than 20 years. It is a company passionate about ethical, effective leadership and transformative change. dialogueSA focuses on supporting people to be effective and sustain good business practices, especially as they navigate disruption and change. competitors. Their experience has shown that challenges of disruption cannot get solved by a one-size-fits-all approach, and the team therefore works with eclectic and creative methods to find relevant solutions. Indeed, dialogueSA’s solutions are highly personalised, with the team spending time exploring the client’s needs and requirements. Their edge is in their innovative programme design which focuses on the uniqueness of each client so as to catalyse, respond to, and integrate change throughout an organisation. They focus on activating and supporting the key decision makers and finding ways to navigate the many complex layers of change by ensuring the key areas of impact are artfully handled. This may involve leadership strategy workshops; executive coaching; conflict resolution and workshops around team dynamics; motivational seminars on future-fit mindsets and models; training in agile, systems, and design thinking approaches; and leadership and coach development. The team also offers a suite of programmes and allyship retainers for leaders during times of transition, including Rebel Leadership tactics; troubleshooting; revitalising corporate culture; and strategically facilitating disruption to add traction to change. Being thinkers, philosophers, academics, and business leaders, the dialogueSA team are always observing their environment and staying aware of developments. They never stop learning, with regular co-learning and brainstorming sessions that challenge them to keep ahead of the game. They also share this knowledge by presenting at and attending global conferences and Think Tanks in many aspects of their field. The team aren’t restricted to one specialism either, with individuals being experts in different areas, from psychology to law. Among team members are Change Leadership Specialists of the Year - South Africa Jul22551 a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Commerce and Manufacturing; a cutting-edge lecturer of design and innovation; a start-up leader; a company director; a monitoring and evaluation consultant, certified moderators and assessors; transformation and diversity professionals; master coaches; and learning-, change- and HR specialists. Ultimately, dialogueSA’s clients are delighted with the service and training they receive, with one client saying, “My experience with dialogueSA has been like if you were in the dark and someone handed you a torch – Light! They helped our organisation rebuild our employees’ trust and confidence in the leadership. We have now begun a journey towards a common sense of purpose and values.” Another client, a General Manager from an IT company, comments, “They sure know their stuff! The theory shared had meaning and personal relevance in my technical context. dialogueSA’s support has helped me feel several steps ahead.” A Global Vice-president shares, “The coaching has made me feel clear of the next thing to do. The coach’s diverse knowledge helped me see differently and I could take aspects and run with them immediately to lead my division better.” In their 22 years’ of making a difference, dialogueSA has added creativity, insight and relevance to clients who recognise the deep value they add. Company: dialogueSA Contact: Amanda Holt Email: [email protected] Website: LinkedIn: dialogue South Africa dialogueSA directors Noloyiso Poto and Amanda Holt