Management Consulting Awards 2022

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards 15 APR2w2 Faith Works Consulting’s core ethos is structured around the needs of its clients, always seeking to ensure they are satisfied with its services, which often involve providing evidence-based solutions that can be sensitive in nature, difficult to process, and challenging to implement. The team does not just tell clients what they want to hear, nor do they take the easy path to uncover complex problems; instead, they are thorough and pragmatic in their methods. As such, the team value helping organisations achieve their goals, focusing on relationship building throughout the consulting and coaching process, tailoring work to meet the needs of clients, and being clear with regards to pricing and satisfaction guarantees. Above all, the team’s culture revolves around helping to make the world a better place by providing services that support individuals and organisations in solving some of the biggest challenges, which they live through the motto of “Helping You Help Others”. The organisation’s several solution-based services cover organisational administration, operations, personnel, and finances. Administratively, the team contributes to goal setting, vision formation and thinking sessions, growth forecasting, strategic plans and frameworks, succession and transition plans, policy formation, market analysis, and competitive advantage appraisals. For operations, they provide a measurement of social and community impact, outcomes assessments, logic modelling, action plans and brand strategy, and assist with mission revitalisation. Financially, they perform fundraising needs analysis, grant writing, budget review and optimisation, revenue stream diversification, and help with capital and infrastructure campaigns. Lastly, for personnel, they conduct advocacy and inclusion training, conflict mediation, and targeted generational outreach. To deliver these services, the Faith Works Consulting team consult with many religious or faith-based non-profit organisations, such as public charities, higher education institutions, Faith Works Consulting is a management consulting and leadership coaching company working with individuals, social enterprises, and non-profit organisations. Its team members meet one-to-one with individuals and small groups to assist with their faith discernment and application, and offer leadership assessments and coaching. Although there are many competitors in the management consulting and leadership coaching space, Faith Works Consulting offers a broad range of services and products to a niche market of faith-based and religious-based individuals and organisations. advocacy groups, and foundations. They also enjoy collaborating with social enterprises, such as socially responsible businesses, entrepreneurial non-profits, mission-driven initiatives, and community organisations, to solve some of the most significant societal problems. They also enthusiastically participate in, conduct, and follow the latest research in management and leadership scholarship, best practices, and trends in order to offer salient and the most timetested solutions and problem-solving approaches. They take the lead in offering new, innovative, or uncustomary options to clients. However, they also provide services and products that adhere to what has worked well for those in similar situations or industries. Ultimately, the team’s approach to client service has always been their first priority. CEO of Faith Works Consulting, Dr Roger J Huston explains, “We are always going the extra mile to ensure that they (clients) have the data, research, knowledge, and information to make difficult decisions, enact change, and provide maximum impact on their communities and society. Our purpose is not just to increase growth and revenue. We want to help individuals and organisations produce lives with meaning and provide a legacy that makes the world a better place to work and live.” And Faith Works Consulting continues to expand its customer base and tailor its products and services to meet their unique and challenging needs. In an era of rapid change, many industries and individuals have to survive and thrive. Dr Huston notes, “Increased demands and new expectations brought on by evolving technology require that we deliver fresh management visions and bold leadership approaches to old problems and long-standing issues. We provide innovative and strategic products and services that meet these increased demands that adapt in real-time to new expectations.” Most Client-Focused Management Consulting & Coaching Service - Northeast USA Aug22273 Overall, Faith Works Consulting’s passion and goals remain the same as it heads towards the future – to help individuals and organisations provide a positive and lasting impact on the world for future generations. Company: Faith Works Consulting Contact: Roger J Huston, PhD, MPA Email: [email protected] Website: