Management Consulting Awards 2022 14 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards APR2w2 HOLCO isn’t only a consultancy or SaaS provider, but it acts as a partner for its clients. It proactively provides solutions and up-to-date knowledge, instead of passively reacting to client requests, meaning better, smarter, and more efficient solutions. It aims to always be one step ahead in terms of strategy and product development within the current market. To do so, it partners with some of the world’s leading consumer platforms, such as Mastercard. Specialising in development and optimisation, HOLCO’s great passion is to improve its customers’ businesses, whether small company or large chain or importer. With many years’ experience in providing training in management, Almost 30 years ago, HOLCO was founded as a consultancy company but are now aiming to be a SaaS provider as well, with the aim of supporting automotive dealers in their digital transitions. It is also the company behind the development of the well-though-out Service Agreement System (SAM), a strategic tool for growth, savings, and optimisation. This system is unique and useful not only for automotive, but all B2B businesses, being tailor-made for each dealer/manufacturer/importer per brand, model, and engine. sales and aftermarket within automotive, as well as expert knowledge of KPI, CSI, CI, and CRM, HOLCO continues to help shape the industry. The HOLCO team is always looking for ways to reduce manual administration and integrate existing platforms, as too many platforms for the user isn’t always a benefit. Thus, the Service Agreement System was developed, the costeffective solution which doesn’t compromise quality or the clients’ own goals. Operations and Finance Manager, Michael Rasmussen says, “If an action doesn’t add value, remove it; if it can be automated by a rule, let’s do that – creating free time for employees to focus on customers and value-adding tasks.” Best Service Agreement Management Consultants - Scandinavia Aug22445 Using AI, SAM foresees service and maintenance, and helps with planning as well as reduces parts stock costs. Long-term parts manufacturers can foresee delivery schedules based on service facts, analysing workshop invoices to ensure accurate accounting and invoicing. With easy access, low maintenance, and low administration, it enables fast and secure conversion rates, and improves revenue and liquidity for dealers and workshops. Michael tells us, “We forge out own path with the aim of changing the mentality of the industry. We keep pushing the boundaries of how the dealerships in automotive conduct business, as we see it as our mission to help the industry to adjust to a more modern and digital solution. We admit it is a challenge, as for some dealers; it’s small steps, one at a time, and for others, we can start the march as they fully embrace the change.” Now, HOLCO’s main task for 2022 is launching its solution for a new client, the largest car importer in Denmark (a well-known German brand), and then it will be delving straight into two European projects for 2023 – Watch this space! The company will also focus on further growth and integration to continue enhancing the overall user experience of SAM, taking it to the next generation with the use of applied BM solutions so it can be used as a sourcing tool. Company: HOLCO Solution Contact: Michael Rasmussen, Operations Manager Email: [email protected] Website: OR https://www. Left: Per SØby CEO Right: Michael Rasmussen COO “As consultants and business partners, we help with digital optimization of your business, so that you can focus on what you are good at!”