Management Consulting Awards 2022 22 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards APR2w2 Since 2012, Student Impact has been bringing together motivated students to work with forwardlooking and purpose-driven organisations to share their creative ideas which arise from innovative spirit and intrinsic motivation, alongside a theoretical foundation provided by the University of St Gallen. As a result, over 120 organisations (50% start-ups, 35% SMEs and larger corporates, and 15% NGOs and public institutions) have been supported across various sectors, including renewables, mobility, food, fashion, and finance. Each of Student Impact’s members believe in a world where responsible leaders reach their full potential to implement disruptive ideas and maximise their positive impact. Its close to 50 active members, who are full-time students working up to 40% on a voluntary basis, endeavour to contribute to a variety of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), with SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, and SDG 13: Climate Action being the most prevalent. Student Impact’s strategic intention therein is two-fold: Firstly, it seeks to support ecologically and/or socially the impactful start-ups and NGOs to become economically viable by supporting them on business-related mandates; and secondly, it aims to support the sustainability transformation of incumbents by working with SMEs (and occasionally larger multinationals) on sustainability consulting mandates. The work of Student Impact is characterised by a hands-on, learning-by-doing mentality combined with a pronounced supportive feedback culture which enables everyone (regardless of their position) to have a steep learning curve. With a co-creative approach, future-oriented learning remains the focus for the project team and the client, which encourages the creativity of all participants while promoting the development of feasible solutions. For this reason, Student Impact’s learning opportunities are not only limited to its students but help realise profound changes in the business Student Impact is a student-led consultancy for sustainable business at the University of St Gallen, aiming to achieve social and ecological impact and to make sustainability integral to the economy. Management consultancy is the consultancy’s means of success by bringing together motivated students to advise mission-driven organisations that seek to create social and ecological value on business-related mandates. world. While supporting sustainable ideas from innovative start-ups, it helps raise awareness on a larger scale. Moreover, in consulting SMEs, it has the opportunity to change existing and proven structures and has a positive impact on long-established business models. Thus, one of the main benefits is making sustainable ideas economically viable. Ultimately, in all their work, Student Impact’s members strive to follow the motto of ‘Be the Change’ as they aim to move beyond business-asusual by unleashing the transformative potential of business as a force for good. Therefore, the positive impact of young agents of change is helping to Most Innovative Management Consultancy - Switzerland Aug22148 bring about a future where planetary health, human wellbeing, and economic success are recognised as interdependent and thrive upon each other. Looking ahead, Student Impact plans to place an even stronger emphasis on sustainability consulting and supporting SMEs on their journey towards sustainability, be it on decarbonisation, embedding circular economy principles, or reducing waste streams. Company: Student Impact Contact: Johannes Tschiderer Email: [email protected] Website: