Management Consulting Awards 2022

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards 23 APR2w2 Deepa Nagarajan is an experienced management professional and educationist with over 28 years of corporate experience in several MNCs and industries. She is a renowned OKR Expert, the Founder and MD of Deepa Nagarajan LLP and owner of the OKR League brand. Deepa works with several corporate houses in both IT and non-IT Sectors. Her areas of expertise include strategy consulting, organisation design and development, business mentoring, coaching, performance management initiatives, and OKR consulting. Standing for “objectives and key results,” OKR is a goal-setting framework that helps organisations define goals – or objectives – and then track the outcome. The framework exists to help establish high-level yet measurable goals for a business, with outcomes that can be both followed and met. The focus Deepa has placed on OKR is explicitly due to a recognition of the potential that they hold in transforming organisations. She understood that, especially in the Indian start-up ecosystem and enterprise space, most organisations did not understand OKR frameworks and applications. This troubled her, as the right implementation of OKR can help inspire positive reform in a business. Still, poorly implemented OKR can easily ruin everything that works well in an organisation. As such, Deepa’s company’s focus is on ensuring that any partner businesses – that embark on a transformation journey – sustain the momentum, excitement, and commitment to change and meet their goals. To ensure this, Deepa and her team work with clients at the grass-roots level, on all levels of the organisation, and apply the top-level strategies that she and her team are renowned for. Deepa Nagarajan LLP, and the OKR League, work to understand an organisation inside out and ensure that it works smoothly with teams. Treading cautiously to ensure it doesn’t disturb what’s already working well, the team tailors its researchbacked approach and methods to fit in with acting on the negative points to accentuate the positives. This is the critical point where other OKR Advisory teams (and organisations that try to do it An inability to effect positive or necessary change is often a breaking point for many corporate entities. Stagnation in a business is its own type of failure, and to avoid it, teams must identify what works and doesn’t work and craft achievable – and trackable – goals for growth and change. To help organisations through this is Deepa Nagarajan LLP who has the power of research and an industry-backed framework. themselves) can fall short; OKR services require deep business acumen and delicate sensitivities to clients’ key pain points – even those that are unstated. This is what Deepa Nagarajan has that puts her and her services head and shoulders above that of her competitors. Not only has she used her business acumen and sensitivity to a business’s needs in her work with top leaders and female professionals from around the globe, but she has also authored a bestselling book on the subject of women in business – with a book upcoming on OKR Frameworks – and taught in top-tier schools. Best OKR Coaching & Consultancy Firm – India Aug22149 She also was conferred an honorary doctorate for her work in this field. Deepa Nagarajan has been a speaker and panelist at various corporate and education events; she has also won several awards for her contribution to workplace transformation. The award for the Best OKR Coaching & Consultancy Firm in Karnataka is one of many for her, not just in terms of what she has already won but what she will undoubtedly achieve. Contact: Deepa Nagarajan Company: Deepa Nagarajan LLP Web Address: