Management Consulting Awards 2022

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards 27 APR2w2 Offering a ‘Subject Matter Expert’ fuelled Human Capital (HC) outsourced advisory and service, Spartan Service Corp (Spartan) has positioned itself as an expert in talent acquisition and retention strategies, as well as specialising in strategic HC, manpower planning, outsourced HC operations employer of record (offshoring to Jordan, in-shoring to the USA), and outsourced payroll administration. “Our slogan is ‘Human Capital for One World!’” enthuses Laith Khoury, the firm’s Founder and CEO. “With values centred around being Synergetic, Persistent, Authentic, Reliable, Transparent, Adaptable, and Neoteric – which spells out SPARTAN – our mission is to provide professionally tailored services to empower accessible diverse, equitable and inclusive opportunities to drive organisational growth and profitability for our clients and stakeholders.” Staying one step ahead of the game is tough in such a fierce industry, but Laith and the team ensure they are always at the forefront of developing trends, giving them the edge and differentiating them against a sea of others. Empathising with all stakeholders who may be affected by the companies projects is another area in which Spartan stands out and Laith has noticed that this method has been proven to have a much higher ROI than being purely focused on the end result. But, perhaps most importantly, the firm places high importance on active listening, deep understanding, and attention to detail of the client’s needs and goals. “Staying in tune with your industry is important, but what will really make you more competitive or become a pacesetter, is being client-centric,” Laith explains. “The single most important area to focus on is, ‘putting your ear to the ground’ and listening to what your clients want, what your team needs from you so you can achieve clients’ needs and desires, and always deliver everything you promised you would.” Boutique HR outsourcing firm, Spartan Service Corp is located in the USA and Jordan, serving the MENA region in addition to North America and Western Europe. We find out more from Founder and CEO, Laith Khoury, in the wake of the firm being recognised in the Management Consulting Awards 2022. The company also has a fantastic internal culture. One which actively embraces diversity and allows people to be who they want to be. “We are all united in a mission to make the world a better place for everyone in work environments around the world. We take extraordinary measures to minimize toxicity between our teams and the teams of the clients and communities we serve.” Recently, Spartan Service Corp was recognised in the Management Consulting Awards 2022 and bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Best Global Recruitment & Headhunting Services Company 2022. And Laith believes he has the answer to why the firm continues to succeed, time and time again. “Keeping the greater industry perspective is critical to our success, but it is by no means the method to us staying up to date and ahead of others,” he elaborates. “Being honest is the best way to transform your clients into partners. That is when everyone wins.” As a bootstrapped business expanding rapidly, automation and digitisation have been Laith’s top priorities from day one. However, as the tech world is continuously evolving, he recognises that Spartan cannot remain stagnant and assume it will always have the best of the best. As its portfolio increases, it needs platforms and systems that can handle larger capacity. To this end, the firm is onboarding a Head of IT to help it streamline its services and streamline them with its CSR activities, and it seems that the sky is the limit as Laith elaborates on his plans for the future. “In 2023, we are targeting to expand to the UK, and work with incredible organisations that can really make an impact on the creation of accessible, equitable jobs for everyone,” says Laith, who is soon to be announced as one of the ‘Top 20 Dynamic CEOs of 2022,’ by The CEO Publication – USA Edition. “We have also signed a Financial Advisory Agreement with USAID’s Business Growth Activity to help us find financing for our expansion plans, Best Global Recruitment & Headhunting Services Company 2022 Jul22542 which will empower and enable us to achieve our mission and come closer to realising our vision of transforming today’s human resource changes into tomorrow’s human capital success.” Contact: Laith Khoury Company: Spartan Service Corp. Web Address: