Management Consulting Awards 2022 8 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards APR2w2 Nominally, Sales Sniper prides itself on treating everyone on its team like an elite athlete. It ensures that high standards are set and maintained in all areas of the business from top to bottom, and works hard to create the best, most watertight processes within the business itself. This also impacts on client interactions, as the focus is on ensuring that the company is fantastically organised internally so that it can make a big difference to its clients by delivering high quality solutions to client acquisition consultation, with its consultants taking on all the different elements of this service. These elements include optimising and creating systems that have an invaluable positive impact on a client’s sales cycle, such as scripting, contact cadence, follow-up sequencing, referral generation, CRM and pipeline management, all of which require an intense commitment to excellence on the part of the consultant. The fact that each of its team members embodies this excellence so well has given Sales Sniper an edge over the competition. It also makes it a fully trained external sales force and ongoing management solution that stands out to its clients as an exemplary partner and friend of the business. Its testing and data analysis are also second to none, with its own low-tier services such as ‘the closing code’ and ‘bootcamp’, being used to gauge the effectiveness of a strategy it seeks to implement before that strategy is even launched. Therefore, when Sales Sniper proposes or offers a particular strategy to its clients, it is confident that the strategy will have a positive impact in both the short and long term. The system itself gives the company confidence that its specific processes will result in a significant ROI when implemented. Arguably, perception management and communication are the building blocks upon which the entire relationship is built between With a full suite of front-end client acquisition consulting services, Sales Sniper has made itself a people-focused and innovative cornerstone of its industry. Over the time Sales Sniper has been in operation, its motto of ‘team, teammate, self’ has prevailed to create an elite group consisting of the most motivated, diligent, and tenacious people. As many of the staff are former Special Forces, the principles on which the company is based were largely developed by them. Every team member fits well into a high-performance sales environment. Best Sales Training & Consultancy Firm 2022 – Australia Jul22558 Sales Sniper and its clients. This is something that has allowed it to develop a long roster of loyal and established clientele, all of whom have grown to appreciate the honesty and tenacity that it implements, lauding it as one of the most exemplary partners in client acquisition and successful market development that are available. The mutually established positive relationship that it fosters between people as standard ensures that each person involved in a business transaction benefits from said transaction. Sales Sniper also prides itself on using resultsdriven data to communicate with its clients. This reaffirms the client’s confidence in Sales Sniper because they do not have to rely on someone’s word about the effectiveness of their campaigns or the ROI from the strategies implemented over the course of the project. Sales Sniper’s goal is to expand along its clients by creating a tide that lifts all ships. It secures its own growth and future prosperity simply by making itself an excellent service provider for its clients. Indeed, with this drive for progression, it is easy to see how Sales Sniper and its clients have succeeded in setting themselves on the path to exemplary professional development and extraordinary results. Going forward, Sales Sniper will be aiming to forge further referral relationships with agencies that share its passion for high standards and a culture of quality and hopes to make significant progress by the end of the fourth quarter of this year. As we move into 2023, the company will expand its Sniper Media branch, which specialises in bridging the communication gap between sales and marketing, improving both sides of the coin in a holistic sense. Company: Sales Sniper Contact: James Sackl