Management Consulting Awards 2022

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards 7 creating an internal team that can operate more effectively. With this impressive firm ensuring that marketing and lead generation activities are integrated and run to a consistent high standard, it’s possible to see real change at a rapid rate. The team’s preferred option is to collaborate with a business by ensuring that the various parts of an operation are clearly defined and feeding off each other. Stratique has gained a reputation for process optimisation and integration that is second to none. Thanks to the depth of information and data available to the team through the latest trends, AI and various strategies, the team are able to develop effective solutions for their clients. Because all reporting systems are live, it means people can focus on the important work of leads and conversions as opposed to justifying activity in retrospect. To stay ahead of the rapidly changing world of marketing, the Stratique team are always attending conferences, forums and masterclasses so that they can see how best to thrive in the digital marketing arena. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, when businesses were often forced to work online, digital marketing has become an essential factor. The team’s standing in the industry is easily seen, through its Google accreditation. With companies aiming ever higher, it’s the job of the Stratique digital team to ensure that their clients not only maintain their positions in the market, but improve on them! Adopting new technologies is what keeps Stratique at the front of industry innovation, with the team being one of the first to consider the impact of utilising marketing automation. They were trialling this technology over a decade ago, because affordable systems had just started to enter the market and because they could see the incredible potential of drip feed marketing. Even now, the team are constantly testing new systems, artificial intelligence and systems integrations to uncover the possible benefits it might offer to clients. Managing Director Andrew Wilson, reports that ‘the secret to our success is in the integration.’ Last year saw the growth of the web development, SEO and Google Ads team and ensuring that new staff members know what to do and the right things to say to the right people is no easy task, which is why the last six months has seen the creation of best-in-class standard operating procedures to ensure the level of consistency that customers have become accustomed to. 2023 will see 20 years of Stratique in business, and this B2B marketing and lead generation agency is ready to scale whilst continuing to innovate. There is considerable scope for growth within the business, with more telemarketing and LinkedIn social media staff being hired to facilitate this. With new technology a major consideration for the Stratique team, it’s clear to see that they are a company that is always looking to the future. The future for this team, therefore, is one which will see them continue to grow. Since opening their doors, the team have been able to deliver truly amazing results for their clients, including uncovering opportunities and setting up business meetings with FTSE 500 customers. This has been life-changing for many and is a sure sign of the value that the Stratique team can deliver if given the chance. Company: Stratique Name: Marie Beggs Email: [email protected] Web Address: