Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards 2023

Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance 11. Sep23198 Best Early-Stage Technology Start-up Investment Firm 2023 - Nigeria Octerra Capital, an impact driven venture capital fund, invests in high growth IP rich tech companies with a primary focus on Africa. It’s committed to backing early-stage sector agnostic solutions to encourage financial inclusion, address Africa’s climate transition and widen access to education and health through technology. It hopes this will create employment opportunities and improve economic outcomes. Octerra Capital sees Africa as a continent brimming with opportunities; Africa’s youth population, it’s geographic and cultural vastness and diversity with coastal exposures to Eastern and Western hemispheres creates a unique set of advantages held by this great continent. It is Octerra’s fundamental belief is that the African ecosystem requires solutions that create more resilient infrastructure, with technology solutions designed to address systemic challenges and handle economic imbalances. By 2050, Africans are expected to account for 25% of the global population, which is a good indication of the continent’s potential for enacting significant levels of influence over the global economy. Octerra feels Africa will do this through its ability to leapfrog technology, and apply its resilient talent to the global workforce. As investors in founders who are building innovative and scalable businesses, Octerra hopes to both leverage and contribute to the African opportunity. As an African-led investment fund, focused on investing in innovative early-stage tech solutions, the Octerra mission is simple: to accelerate prosperity on the continent. It believes in the power of innovation and entrepreneurship when it comes to creating solutions that address the challenges in Africa. In particular technology powered financial services in Africa will continue to grow in relevance, as they provide a foundation for the inclusion of historically excluded groups such as the unbanked, underbanked, and women. As an example, fintech solutions help drive access to quality healthcare, education and enable Africa’s climate transition. Technology is constantly evolving, and Octerra Capital has a proactive approach to ensuring it keeps its finger on the pulse. It summarises this as three pillars of strength, which involve continuous learning, collaboration, and keeping a pulse on the market. Continuous learning is something that is embedded into Octerra’s day to day operations through formal and informal training. It hosts internal quarterly ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions that focus on taking a deep dive into a specific areas. This allows for a greater understanding and knowledge to propagate, and provides necessary insights into markets, technologies, sectors, regulatory developments, technology trends, and ultimately risk management. Octerra collaborates with innovation hubs in communities, and supports incubators and accelerators that work closely with startups and emerging technologies. To keep a pulse on the market, Octerra actively engages with startup and investor communities and invests in across difference geographic ecosystems. This accelerates innovation and helps develop strategic partnerships at the same time. As a sector agnostic investor in IP rich tech businesses it looks for startups that are strong and diverse, or are led by underrepresented teams. It is interested in businesses that have developed proprietary tech addressing systemic challenges or problems. It also seeks out those who are aligned with its impact objectives: Financial inclusion, Gender inclusion, Job creation, Access to health, Access to education and Climate Action. As venture capitalists, Octerra believes that innovation is the key to continued growth. It boasts proprietary data-driven tools in the form of screening and portfolio management services that translate its investment philosophy through a multitude of quantitative and qualitative data points As a hands-on investor, this means it can focus on what matters the most, finding innovative high growth startups and then adding value to them through its networks, strategic support and helping model operational & financial efficiencies for sustainable growth. Octerra Capital has been named as Best Early-Stage Technology Start-up Investment Firm 2023 – Nigeria, in the Private Equity and Venture Capital Awards. As it prepares to launch its second fund, a $100m VC Fund in Seed stage and Series A stage tech companies in Africa, it should be proud it’s already being recognised for the excellent quality of its work. Company: Octerra Capital Web Address: Contact Name: Ashim Egunjobi