Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards 2023

10. Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance Best ACD Fund Services Provider 2023 - UK Yealand’s vision is to be the UK’s most respected Fund Services provider by building the business on the strong foundations of client service and retention, securing talented people and enabling them to grow and develop to be valued providers within the sector. The team truly believes that they are building something special but are aware that the success of the firm is solely dependent on the service it provides to its clients. With this always in mind, the company treats every client as a partner, seeing themselves as a part of a client’s business, whilst also ensuring it remains independent and impartial. For the company, the key challenge has been to successfully establish itself within a crowded ACD market, which is dominated by larger, multi-national organisations. What sets Yealand apart is its commitment to providing the highest calibre of customer service to clients, forging long-lasting relationships that will lead to continued growth over the coming years. In order to achieve its goals and remain grounded as it expands, the company’s strong reputation stems from its core value foundations, which serve as beacons and ensure clients have the best possible experience with the services they receive. These core values are split into four key areas, with the first of these being client centric. Through this approach, excellence is achieved in every interaction, and relevant, tailored solutions are used to exceed a client’s needs. Secondly, integrity has resulted in the firm remaining deeply conscious of its regulatory needs and social responsibility, never taking for granted the trust that has been instilled to the company by its customers. Thirdly, working together allows for the achieving of shared visions, and the championing of diversity. Finally, Yealand endeavours to continually challenge itself to provide optimal service to all clientele. As a proud ACD, Yealand maintains its position atop of the ever-changing landscape in which it operates by consistently scanning the horizons to understand what advancements are set to enter the mainstream over the next few years. From here, the company meticulously analyses the best way to prepare, reviewing its systems and providers to enable the automation of processes wherever possible, guaranteeing that the same high level of service that clients have come to expect can be afforded across the board. Since Yealand’s origins lie in the family office and private fund space, it is a key requirement for the firm that all prospective clients possess like-minded values, and a mutual ethos that reinforces the company’s solid foundations. Using its first-class reputation and pedigree status, Yealand continuously seeks opportunities that will be mutually beneficial and align with its company values. This all starts with senior and client service management teams, whose members come from large institutional fund backgrounds, and thus fully appreciate what is required of invest managers in their dealings with clients. The next few years are set to be an exciting time for Yealand. As work continues to build upon the core business of supporting private funds, additional plans are in place to attract institutional business, such as boutique and mid-tier investment houses. To this end, more than half of the current £9 billion pipeline of projects the company has lined up consist of institutional projects. As Yealand Fund Services continues to rapidly and sustainably grow, its institutional and innovative mindset place it at the forefront of the industry, having built an independent administration business that has flourished from premium client service delivery as its defining principle, and today stands as an innovator and cornerstone in the industry, boasting more than 15 years of experience and success. Contact Details Contact: Rob Leedham Company: Yealand Fund Services Ltd Web Address: Yealand Fund Services Ltd is a family owned and operated, fully independent host Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) and Fund Administrator, that has been operating since 2008. With strong values and a collaborative culture that helps the firm to build trusted relationships with its clients, is has gone from administering funds for Saire Aire Limited to offering its expert services to an array of clients across the sector. By providing tailored solutions with a robust compliance procedure and risk oversight to funds under its management, Yealand Fund Services always acts decisively, responds with agility, and possesses a demonstrable track record of stellar delivery. We speak with Chief Executive Rob Leedham to find out more about the organisation’s stellar services.