Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards 2023

8. Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance Best Recruitment Investment Partner 2023 - UK Since its establishment, KERV Capital has cemented itself as one of the most reliable and efficient recruitment professional investment specialists on the current market. By adhering to its core offerings, all whilst partnering alongside individuals who truly wish to see their businesses thrive, KERV Capital consistently demonstrates an industry prowess that has proven to attract even the most confident of clients. However, despite this fantastic standing within the wider sphere, KERV Capital’s approach remains rooted in its origins – it recognises that each individual that it invests in is in the same position that it had once been in. As such, it personally connects with clients, sharing an eagerness to see them succeed in the same vein that it did upon its own growth. Though it may seem impossible, KERV Capital accomplishes all of these feats whilst closely adhering to cost efficiency. It looks to grant instant access to all of the best support tools available to its clients, all at a fraction of the cost of starting a business without assistance. This, combined with its central support services, has allowed KERV Capital to consistently deliver on its promise of cohesive care – one that unites forging frameworks for new business ventures with enjoyment. Starting a new journey should always be exciting, and KERV Capital is determined to give its all to its clients, without having to sacrifice the pleasure that should partner the process. Offering assistance with finance, marketing, HR, and much more, KERV Capital has spent its years navigating the industry in a truly magnificent way. Though there have been challenges, specifically due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its detrimental effects on the economy, KERV Capital has risen above them to stand as a beacon of hope for struggling entities. Underpinned by values of trust, honesty, and respect, this collective has managed to accumulate a long standing client base of individuals, each imbued with the means to succeed. It’s for this very reason that KERV Capital’s name is now associated with realising the full potential of blooming entrepreneurs. Something that sets KERV apart from many other venture capital companies is that it is run solely by business owners and entrepreneurs, who are still hands on within the group as a whole and in their own JVs that form part of the group. There is a mentoring programme in place for JV owners where they work closely with the CEO on areas including ‘how to be a leader’ and ‘how to make your money work for you.’ As a result, the KERV portfolio owners boast an incredible 50+ units of property owned between them, ranging from commercial property and office blocks to HMO’s and short term holiday lets. Though the world is ever-changing, and technology is evolving at an incredibly rapid pace, KERV Capital has not once been swayed by the breakneck rate of innovation. On the contrary, it has embraced it completely. As such, it is always on the lookout for emerging changes within the sector in the hopes that it’ll be able to utilise some of the newest evolutions for the benefit of its clients. Everything that KERV Capital does is to help boost the chances of success for a manner of entrepreneurs, and has made it incredibly apparent that it’s not willing to forego any potential enhancements to its practises. Combined, these qualities amount to a truly aspirational collective that embodies the meaning of selflessness. Leveraging over 100 years of industry experience between the entire team, KERV Capital is set on identifying strengths within a business strategy, and amplifying them to the fullest. Truly, KERV Capital is in the business of helping others succeed – something that will no doubt continue to remain true as it takes its first confident strides into 2024. Contact Details Contact: Marc Rayner Company: KERV Capital Web Address: Boasting a proven track record of investing in some of the highest performing, entrepreneurial recruitment professionals, KERV Capital is a recruitment start-up specialist that has mastered the art of its services. By placing its focus on investing in like-minded individuals who possess an undeniable drive to succeed, KERV Capital has accumulated a wealth of experience, and has spent over a decade nurturing the businesses of tomorrow. Below, we venture into how it provides full financial support and expert guidance to help emerging entrepreneurs flourish.