Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards 2023

9. Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance Oct23088 Best HealthTech Growth Equity Firm 2023 With a team of passionate operators and investors, all of whom being wholeheartedly committed to supporting the firm’s portfolio and developing the next stages of growth, DGP can successfully support driven entrepreneurs who seek more from their business than just capital. As a results of its means, an end can be achieved where healthcare is greatly advanced through a series of innovative business models and technologies. DGP firmly believes in the power of collaborating with all of the management teams with which it partners, in turn offering unique, value creation capabilities that serve to be mutually beneficial. A bias towards action is abundant, and through the customised support given, specific and strategic business needs can be tended to. This is bolstered by the support of more than 30 executives across technology and healthcare, who champion the firm as well as the entrepreneurs they work so closely with. In today’s current climate, the developed world is yielding slowing growth rates, forcing high-quality companies and exceptional management teams to lean in during these uncertain times to accelerate growth and be in a possible position to stimulate long-term success. For DGP, the key challenge is the entrepreneurs with which they partner oftentimes see all private equity investment firms as similar. Understanding the subtle yet important differences between them is a vital component, critical for making the best choice of partners for themselves and their business needs. The approach taken by DGP in its operation relates to the tried and tested saying that, “there is no substitute for hard work.” As Bill explains, “No one in our ecosystem will outwork us. We drive growth through our reputation of working collaboratively with the best companies and management teams.” Although the firm does partake in the observing and studying of the latest industry trends and developments, the favourable method it frequently implores is the carving out of its own path to success, proud in its position as a trendsetter and not a follower. With reference to new investment opportunities within the sector, DGP possesses a keen focus on investing in healthcare technology, life sciences technology, technology more broadly, and technology-enabled business services. Reasons for an interest in these specific areas are three-fold. The company possesses deep sector expertise and domain knowledge, as well as an established track record investing in this sector in companies that have likewise proved themselves to be successful. Moreover, these focus areas have excellent, long-term secular tailwinds, ensuring longevity and success for years to come. DGP is a not a venture capitalist firm, instead investing in growth-equity and targeting companies at a later stage of their maturity lifecycles with an appreciation that companies along this maturity lifecycle must innovate, or risk losing their competitive advantage within the marketplace. For this reason, DGP embraces technological innovation, thinking about the host of ways in which it can be used to make the professional lives of employees more efficient, allowing for the doing of more with less resources necessary. As for the remainder of 2023 and into next year, DGP is holding steady on its current path, with a mission to use its demonstrably effective approaches to continue to grow and expand the business, partnering with only the best entrepreneurs, management teams, and companies which all fit within the firm’s successful investment mandate. Through this uncompromising approach, DGP has established itself as a frontrunner in the industry, and in doing so is more than worthy of this award. Contact Details Contact: Bill Stuart Company: Denali Growth Partners Web Address: Denali Growth Partners (“DGP”) is a pioneering growth equity firm specialising in healthcare and life sciences technologies, as well as the technology and technology-enabled services landscapes. By making both minority and select control investments, DGP seeks to invest in profitable companies that possess proven, capital-efficient business models. Through this, the firm can provide capital that will subsequently help to sustain or even accelerate revenue growth. As of the last day of 2022, DGP had more than $250 million in assets under management (“AUM”). We spoke with DGP’s Operating Partner Bill Stuart, to learn more about the firm’s successful efforts in managing and accelerating growth for its partner organisations.