W&F Q4 2023

12. Q4 2023 Wealth & Finance Jul23102 Best Crypto & FinTech Information Platform 2023 – South East Asia Those looking for the latest information on blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT, fintech (financial technology), and other such services need look no further than Kanalcoin, a company which strives to keep users of its platform as up to date as possible on these ever-changing sectors. Chief among these useful offerings is a series of live tables, which present information on the currencies or companies which have experienced the top market cap, gains, or losses, with the current price, and changes in the 24 hours flashing green or red to indicate a rise or fall, respectively. In addition to this, the website’s extensive news section is divided into categories such as bitcoin, cryptocurrency, fintech, and crypto crime, with each section possessing a wealth of information in the form of articles and news stories. These see regular updates, and useful tools on the side of the page allow those using the site and scrolling for articles to see bitcoin’s current price and performance with a handy graph, as well as providing access to a conversion tool, to see how much bitcoin is worth in a variety of other worldwide currencies. A dedicated tweets section also allows for easy interaction with other members of the community, and notifications serve to guarantee that users never miss any updates. For those who may be interested in making a start within the cryptocurrency investment field, but are unsure exactly where to begin, the Kanalcoin platform can help. Thanks to a dedicated section providing insights into the industry through a plethora of channels, including cryptocurrency definitions and explanations more broadly, details on NFT, bitcoin mining, smart contracts, and more, those with little knowledge of the sector can soon become experts, learning the best possible investment for them based on a combination of their needs and current market figures. Digital investments are on the rise across the globe thanks to a spike in the popularity of cryptocurrencies, and they are becomingly increasingly sought after by members of the public and investors alike. Bitcoin is the most famous of these and is a term likely familiar to those with even only a very basic grasp of the industry. Cryptocurrencies have actually been around since the 1990s, but only in the last ten years have they experienced a boom and bled over into the mainstream. Although bitcoin is the most popular of such currencies, there are many available, and in the world today, approximately 1000 types of cryptocurrencies are circulating the market. Kanalcoin firmly believes that there are three types of these currencies that everybody should be familiar with, and the first of these is of course bitcoin, as the leading currency on the market, it experienced its heyday in 2017, peaking at a price of 1 bitcoin to 266 million Rp, or approximately £13,800. The second essential sort is altcoin, this is an acronym for “alternative coins”, and these are tokens or coins that often take the form of alternative versions of bitcoin, with a few minor tweaks here and there. Finally, “token” acts as the key word for transactions carried out within a smart contract, and these take the form of both physical and non-physical assets, such as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Ultimately, the world of cryptocurrency and fintech can be a complicated one to begin to understand, but through Kanalcoin’s all-in-one digital solution, investors and prospective investors alike can enjoy the latest information, detailed guides on the different forms that investments can take, and useful tools designed to streamline the experience. For this wide range of reasons, Kanalcoin is more than worthy of being championed as the best platform of its kind in the area for 2023. Contact: Agung Prasasti Lio Company: Kanalcoin Web Address: www.kanalcoin.com Kanalcoin is the ultimate one-stop shop online information platform solution for all cryptocurrency and fintech needs, offering an array of services to those interested in the market, including news, insight, a breakdown of the different sorts of tokens and investments available, and even a new detailed directory page. With a simple and easy to navigate UI, visitors to the site can immediately garner all of the information that they need to stay up to date on industry happenings, with all the information that is published on this digital media platform being indexed by category, as to distinguish between news, information, and other services as straightforwardly as possible.