W&F Q4 2023

Q4 2023 Wealth & Finance 13. Best Drone Pilot Training Company 2023 - Middle East & Best Drone Sport Activity 2023 - Middle East Registered in the Emirate of Fujairah and the Emirate of Abudhabi, Melaaha Drones is approved by the Fujairah Emirate Civil Aviation (DCA) and the Abudhabi Emirate Department of Transport (DoT) to provide drone pilot training, drone maintenance and repair services, drone aerial mapping, aerial security surveillance, and the sale of drones and anti-drones. The company also offers commercial, industrial, and insurance inspections. Furthermore, having introduced drone sports to the UAE market, Melaaha Drones is proud to have been selected to begin building a UAE team in drone sports with the UAE aerosport federation as a member of the Drone Committee. Whilst it boasts a vast range of additional offerings, the primary goal of Melaaha Drones is to provide top-notch drone training courses to both professionals and hobbyists. The company hosts several different courses at a 1,700 square metre facility with examination rooms, offices, a simulation room, a briefing room, an indoor practical training area, a maintenance area for all kinds of drones, a data processing lab, and a Centre of Excellence (CoE). Firstly, Melaaha Drones provides an FPV course in which it equips participants with the skills and knowledge they need to fly an FPV drone. Its professional drone pilots will provide them with all the relevant know-how, educating them about everything from what an FPV drone is, what the GCAA UAV rules and regulations are, and how to build and maintain an FPV drone. They will also receive simulator and practical training for basic to intermediate flight skills. This course is great for those who are interested in drones and robotics, drone pilots and enthusiasts, photographers and filmmakers, RC hobbyists, and anyone who is interested in learning a new skill. Moreover, Melaaha Drones offers a drone operator (pilot) course for hobbyists. Lasting for 14 hours, it can be completed in two days. Participants will receive theoretical training through lectures and presentations, a simulation session to experience real life scenarios, and practical training in the flying field. In this, they will learn about GCAA UAV/UAS laws and regulations, the basic principles of flight, basic drone equipment and maintenance, basic flight simulator and practical training, and emergency identification. Once all course requirements have been completed and all theoretical and practical exams have been passed, participants will receive a pilot certificate, certified by the GCAA. Lastly, Melaaha Drones offers drone operator (pilot) courses that are designed for professionals and organisations. Lasting for 21 hours and completable within three days, it is structured in a similar way to the pilot course for hobbyists. However, the topics of education are more extensive, including GCAA UAV/UAS laws and regulations, the basic principles of flight, advanced drone equipment and maintenance, advanced flight simulator and practical training, emergency Based in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, Melaaha Drones is the only integrated drone training institute in its region, providing commercial, hobbyist, military, and STEM drone training. It was the first to be approved by the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority as an Air Traffic Organisation for drone training. Here, we dive deeper into the company’s offerings and the reasons behind is overwhelming success in the Management Consulting Awards 2023. identification and handling, and payload installation and utilisation. The pilot certificate, certified by the GCAA, will be issued to participants once they have completed all course requirements and passed the theoretical and practical exams. In its provision of all its services, Melaaha Drones is committed to quality, professionalism, and trust. The company uses high-quality drones that are equipped with the most amazing cameras, allowing breathtaking photos to be taken. As well as this, believing that its clients deserve the best, it hires certified photographers who take a professional approach to every project they work on. Furthermore, Melaaha Drones works hard to be trustworthy by keeping its promises. Its achievement of this can be seen in its impressive portfolio of testimonials from partners and clients. As a result of its outstanding accomplishments, Melaaha Drones has received two titles in the Management Consulting Awards 2023: Best Drone Pilot Training Company and Best Drone Sport Activity. Considering its impressive journey thus far, there is no doubt that the company looks towards a bright future, and we wish it the best of luck in all its endeavours. Contact: Mohamad Gholoom Company: Melaaha Drones Web Address: melaaha.ae