W&F Q4 2023

Q4 2023 Wealth & Finance 7. Aug23551 Best Payment Solution Startup 2023 - Italy My-Money is a pioneering, device-free payment system that relies on biometrics to make transactions secure and simple. Simply using biometrics, clients will be able to pay for goods or services, and experience the euphoria of freedom, and the safety of a biometric system that is known to be one of the safest on the global market. Imagine a world where card cloning, identity theft, and payment fraud no longer exists. How amazing would that be? Well, with My-Money this world is a lot closer than you think. The Italian company has patented a revolutionary new system that focuses on biometrics, making payments possible without devices. That means there won’t be any need to worry about having your phone charged as you can leave it at home. With My-Money, no one will be able to steal your identity because the system is based on your personal biometrics. It will be easy for all to use, with no technological barriers to overcome, allowing everyone to pay quickly anywhere and everywhere. Paying with biometrics is a natural gesture, easy to adopt, and the advantages will be multiple. No more queuing to enter the underground, or to enter the stadium. My-Money boasts the highest level of security on the market for payment systems and for area access. It can seamlessly adapt to any kind of biometric recognition to achieve this. Primarily the service will be aimed at B2B clients, with financial institutions heading up the pack. However, the company reach also extends to travel, leisure, transport, health, and smart cities. Thanks to the use of robust biometrics, there is no need for a physical medium to be present. “At our core, we aim to provide a secure, swift, and user-friendly payment system, eliminating the constraints of needing physical objects to transact.” Offering its services as a white label solution empowers partner organisations such as banks to handpick components, ensuring they seamlessly fit in with any existing infrastructure. This approach doesn’t just emphasize My-Money’s commitment to customisation, but also pinpoints its expertise in delivering specialised and agile SaaS solutions. My-Money has a strong belief that at the core of every successful business lies its people. It champions their talent, dedication, and collective power to sway the trajectory of an enterprise. To this end, it acknowledges that selecting employees is a strategic move that can make or break the future for an organisation. Foundational qualities the company wants to ensure are always present include a passion for the craft, and a deep investment in the work. This requires more than just skill, it requires heart. My-Money wants every individual to believe in the work, knowing it will shape a brighter future for generations to come. One of the biggest challenges the company faces is the sheer inertia shown by traditional banks when it comes to embracing change and innovation. They can be very slow to pivot, which is especially noticeable in an area where technological advancements are occurring at breakneck speed. If conventional financial operators do not integrate new technology promptly, they’re in danger of being left behind as businesses such as Meta, Amazon, and Apple rise to redefine and dominate the landscape. Considering the immediate future, My-Money has an ambitious strategic blueprint. It aims to expand internationally and solidify its footprint on the market. It aspires to be at the vanguard when it comes to reshaping the payments landscape. It is determined to make payments infallibly secure, and to simplify the payment process to make it super user friendly. At the core of its ventures is the principle of financial inclusion, as it deeply believes that everyone should have access to a safe and efficient financial system. My-Money has been recognised as the Best Payment Solution Startup 2023 – Italy in the FinTech Awards. Congratulations to the trailblazing company as it truly makes waves in the world of finance in new and distinctly cutting-edge ways. Company: My-Money Web Address: https://my-money.it Contact Name: Mara Vendramin