W&F Q4 2023

8. Q4 2023 Wealth & Finance Aug23072 Most Innovative Local Payments Method Service 2023 Hello, Mr. Breuss, you are Co-Founder of Nikulipe, a renowned expert for Local Payment Methods. Could you please elaborate more on what Local Payment Methods are? Local Payment Methods allow people to pay for online purchases when they cannot or don’t want to use a credit card. If you live in the US or parts of Europe, almost everybody has access to cards and can use them to shop online. But looking at it globally, in many regions of the world, only a small percentage of the population has access to cards and so LPMs are the only way for those customers to pay for goods and services bought online. Nikulipe is helping global e-commerce merchants to access those customers. So, what would be examples of Local Payment Methods? Examples of LPMs are wallets, online banking payment solutions, mobile money solutions, or buy-now-pay-later. Each country has a different mix of available and preferred payment methods, according to local habits but also technological availability. In China, more than 90% of all online payments are done with wallets like AliPay or WechatPay, in most Africa countries people pay with Mobile Money solutions like M-Pesa or Airtel Money, while in Europe online banking payment solutions are the preferred payment option. There are hundreds of relevant LPMs and this is why it needs experts like Nikulipe to manage and help global merchants to navigate through the complexities of them. What is the biggest benefit of Nikulipe and how do you differentiate from other market players? Nikulipe is focusing on countries and regions that are currently neglected and we enable consumers from fast-growing and emerging markets to take part in global e-commerce. We solve cross-border payment complexities and streamline access to LPMs for global merchants. We are not just offering the technical connection to those LPMs but we solve related complexities, including collection of funds, FX, reconciliation, and more with one API and one contract. This way, we open up opportunities for global ecommerce merchants to reach new consumers in those attractive, fast-growing markets easily and effortlessly. As a final question: Where do you see the biggest opportunities for global ecommerce merchants in the near future? There is an ongoing trend that more and more people shop goods and services online all across the globe. LPMs play a vital role in capturing these additional target groups even in established markets like Europe. In addition, there is an estimated potential of more than 2.5 billion people in emerging markets willing but not yet able to shop online. This includes parts of Asia and LATAM but especially Africa, with its 1.3 billion population of which 70% is younger than 30 years old. Internet and mobile infrastructure is rapidly improving in many of those emerging markets – still access to bank accounts and cards is still limited. This is why LPMs will play a vital role to access these additional market potentials, and by 2030, it’s predicted that more than twothirds of all global online payments will be done with LPMs. And Nikulipe is proud to be at the forefront of this mega trend. Contact Details Company: Nikulipe Website: www.nikulipe.com Nikulipe is a fintech company, specialized in providing global merchants access to Local Payment Methods (LPM). We speak to Frank Breuss, Co-Founder and CEO of Nikulipe, about new opportunities for global merchants to reach more customers in fast-growing and emerging markets. Taking local payments to the next level Press Kit