Retirement Planning Awards 2023

Nov22526 Retirement Planning Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Best Retirement Wealth Management Firm 2023 – New Zealand Lifetime Retirement Income (Lifetime) began with compassion and research. Established in 2016, Lifetime’s retirement income solution has swiftly become a goliath in its industry. Founder and Managing Director of Lifetime, Ralph Stewart, says, “For many retirees hitting retirement is the wealthiest they will ever be, outside of owning their own home. While that’s good news when heading into retirement, it’s also challenging. What do retirees do with that money to ensure it lasts their lifetime?” Through careful analysis and regular reassessment of a retiree’s expected investment horizon, Lifetime takes much of the guess work out of the retirement income equation. Lifetime customers know they’re in safe and supportive hands and can simply sit back and enjoy the income generated from their hard-earned savings. Lifetime’s Chief Marketing Officer, Chelsea Devlin tells us, “Lifetime helps take care of the income portion of a retirement plan, providing convenient, tax-paid, fortnightly payments into the retiree’s bank account. The same week as the New Zealand government paid pension (NZ Superannuation).” Chelsea notes, “Lifetime is at the forefront of retirement income solutions in New Zealand and our dedicated team of industry experts offer retirees peace of mind. Lifetime shows no signs of stopping in its quest to provide a suite of products to help retirees maximise their post-work lifestyle. “We currently offer a form of allocated pension, and will soon launch Equity Release, allowing retirees to release equity from their home for fortnightly income payments. This means retirees can benefit from their biggest asset without having to sell it entirely, enhancing their standard of living while they’re most able to enjoy it.” By helping retirees manage living costs through retirement, Lifetime doesn’t just offer income products, it also provides its customers with financial peace of mind – key to mental and physical wellbeing and a low-stress retirement. “Lifetime currently manages over NZ$700 million across more than 7,000 customers. It is governed by a Board of industry experts including Chair Dame Diana Crossan, former Retirement Commissioner, and Martin Hawes, best-selling author of “Cracking Open the Retirement Nest Egg”. The Lifetime team is committed to its customers and works hard to uphold the excellent service standards that have inspired loyalty among the many members who have been with Lifetime since its inception. Ralph Stewart explains, “Our job is to help our customers mind the income gap, between what they get through NZ Super and their day to day living expenses. “NZ Super is unlikely to provide most people with the lifestyle they were hoping for in retirement. It’s clear that for many kiwis, NZ Super alone is just not enough. Retirees need to have a clear plan in place to bridge the income gap in retirement.” Lifetime’s fuss-free approach to structuring its customers’ savings into a source of long-term income takes the confusion out of what can feel like a complex task. Using its Income Projector, Lifetime calculates an Annuity Factor unique to each individual. This adds a dash of science to the art of determining expected lifespan – and therefore how to make your money last as long as you do. Feb23375 Retirement planning takes place far before we actually retire. It is the process in which we determine what we’ll need when we retire, so we can build up our savings to meet those needs. But what do we do with those savings once we reach retirement? Lifetime Retirement Income works hard to help New Zealanders manage their retirement income.