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Retirement Planning Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance International is thrilled to announce the return of the 2nd annual Retirement Planning Awards! Once again, we strive to honour and commemorate those whose work allows this crucially important industry to flourish. In light of recent developments in the pensions industry, the Retirement Planning Awards 2023 arrives at a fitting time. As global interest rates increase, purchasing insurance products for company pension schemes is becoming more feasible, adding to further security in retirement planning. Considering that most consumers believe employee benefits are their best chance of ensuring a comfortable retirement, this bodes well for member participation of workplace pension schemes. Furthermore, with the use of helpful pension plan schemes such as CDCs, accessibility in retirement planning is improving. This combined with the ongoing development of industry technology and the increasing savvy with which pension plan managers provide for their members, the Retirement Planning market is showing signs of firm growth and fortitude. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. Next Level Holdings: Best Risk-Managed Investment Specialists 2023 & Investment CEO of the Year 2023: Paul Regan 8. Overseas Trust and Pension Ltd: Best International Trust & Retirement Solutions Provider 2023 – Guernsey 10. deVere Group Switzerland SA: Best Pension & Financial Planning Consultancy Firm 2023 – Switzerland 12. Lifetime Retirement Income: Best Retirement Wealth Management Firm 2023 – New Zealand 14. S.W.A.N. Virtual Family Office (VFO): Most Dedicated Retirement Planning Team 2023 – Indiana 16. Lubbock Fine Wealth Management: Best Tailored Retirement Planning Service Provider 2023 – London 17. Crystal Lake Tax & Financial: Best Financial Planning Firm 2023 – Illinois 18. myPension: Best Digital Pension Provider 2023 – Germany 19. McCrea Financial Services: Best Financial Advisory Firm 2023 – Scotland 20. Markland Hill Wealth: Most Insightful Retirement Planning Advisory Firm 2023 - Northern England 21. AdviserAsset: Most Innovative Financial Product Switching Software Developer 2023 – UK 22. Haven Protect Limited: Best Holistic Financial Planning Service Provider 2023 - Greater Manchester Contents

Nov22526 Retirement Planning Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Best Risk-Managed Investment Specialists 2023 & Investment CEO of the Year 2023: Paul Regan Meet the Hedge Fund Manager Delivering Stellar Returns with a Unique Insurance Based Risk Neutralizing Strategy In investing, we know there is no free lunch. With higher returns comes increased risk. But what if you could neutralize some of the variables that create risk in traditional investing? What if timing or pricing the market, or being right about the direction was no longer necessary for a profitable trading strategy? Meet Paul Regan— a man who has created an arbitrage-based strategy that successfully does exactly that. And his innovation goes far beyond successful trading by pairing an actual insurance policy with each investment, essentially creating a new asset class known as an “enhanced annuity” because it offers the same guarantees as a standard annuity but with a higher yield and lower fees, hence the term “enhanced”. We sat down with Paul to learn more about his unique innovation and new line of funds. Disrupting Traditional Risk Management David Dewell, a top commodities trader at Goldman Sachs, was quoted as saying, “What Paul Regan has done in terms of risk management and creating a world of future date certain returns is like what Elon Musk has done in the automotive industry. This level of disruption is world class and to call it game-changing doesn’t begin to explain it or do him justice.” Can You Create Future Date Certain Returns? Trading commodities has historically been all about attempting to profit by anticipating future price direction. Investors put their money on a directional move, whether that was in gold, silver, soybeans, or something else. What if you took a totally different stance? What if you employed an agnostic approach instead of trying to predict the whimsical twists and turns of the commodities markets? Mr. Regan has developed a system that takes advantage of the sometimes wild volatility of these markets but doesn’t involve speculation. This new approach generates steady, market-beating returns in all market conditions. Best of all, the investment comes with a guarantee you’ll receive at least a 24% annual return and won’t lose a dime. Yes, it sounds too good to be true. But Mr. Regan has a secret: he has developed a unique partnership with several major insurers who agreed to back his strategy. So this time, it really is different. Doing The Near-Impossible In the investment world, achieving high returns with low risk is akin to finding the Holy Grail. But, Mr. Regan’s past experience illustrates why he has been able to accomplish this seemingly impossible task of providing certain returns in an uncertain world. He’s been hard at work as a financial engineer for decades. Meanwhile, he has beaten the S&P 500 index for the past 10 years as a trader. More Firsts He is the first hedge fund manager who has successfully gained the support of major insurance carriers who are writing policies exclusively for his fund, Next Level Holdings, LLC. These policies enable him to contractually neutralize market and transactional risk for his investors. This allows the fund to ensure a consistent 24% annual return to those investors who are lucky enough to gain entry into one of his exclusive hedge funds. And that phenomenal yearly return? Guaranteed by the insurers. How Exactly Did He Accomplish This? In today’s challenging market, we find ourselves in complete awe of this accomplishment. Somehow Mr. Regan has brilliantly engineered an arbitrage-based fixed-income product. This has been attempted previously without success. What has Paul Regan done differently? We asked him directly so we could find out. Q. First off, Paul, we understand this is an arbitrage-based strategy. Can you explain arbitrage trading for us? Regan: Of course. Arbitrage is a form of trading in which traders exploit price discrepancies between the same investments in different markets. Arbitrageurs buy in one market while simultaneously selling an equivalent size in a different but related market. They do this to take advantage of price divergences between the two. Sometimes, products that are effectively the same thing, trade in different places or slightly different forms. For example, some large companies are listed on more than one stock exchange. Theoretically, as the shares on each stock exchange belong to the same company, they should be priced equally. However, the flow of information to all parts of the world is not instantaneous. Furthermore, markets do not operate with complete efficiency. When both stock exchanges are open, the share price may differ between them. The first person to notice the price difference could buy the stock on one exchange at the lower price while selling on the other at a higher price. In doing so, they secure a quick profit. I’ve been an arbitrage trader of commodities for decades, so this is my investing backyard, so to speak. Q. So how do you turn arbitrage trading into consistent results? Regan: I recognize that for the purpose of this article we have some limits, so I’ll make this simple. We’ll just use gold as an example. The gold market is extensive and worldwide. Gold investments range from actual physical metals to financial products that allow you to buy a digital claim to gold. This provides many opportunities for arbitrage across geography, time and form. Many people today opt for a gold ETF, which is a type of digital representation of gold ownership. Instead, imagine you buy long-term contracts which enable you to purchase physical gold directly from miners at predefined discounts below the spot (market) price. Feb23228

5. What if you could presell all that gold to international refineries at prices at or above the spot price before you actually paid for the gold? This is the purest form of true arbitrage you’ll find in the financial markets, as it eliminates execution risk. You can lock in a profit before risking capital. This is precisely what I’ve perfected. This is how I won over the insurance industry, and this is how I have been able to consistently beat the S&P Index. Q. That is fascinating. Can you walk us through an example? Regan: Sure. The spot price of gold today is around $60,000 per kilo. Now let’s say I wanted to sell 100 kilos of gold at that price. I could move 100 kilos to any one of my refineries in minutes with no problem. So by selling those 100 kilos, I generate about $6 million. Upon locking in that sale price, I then go direct to my consortium of mining groups. These entities are all under exclusive contracts where I pay them 3% below the spot price for that same 100 kilos. That costs me $5.82 million. I then arrange shipping of those 100 kilos directly to my refineries. That’s it. I have now generated $180,000 with no risk by preselling the gold. This is just a modified form of arbitrage. That 3% net difference is the key. That’s prenegotiated and helps out the mining groups. These firms are happy to sell their product for a slight discount below spot with long term volume contracts, zero marketing costs, and access to capital that otherwise wouldn’t exist. So now we rinse and repeat. Turning our capital over three or four times every 30 days generates 9% to 12% returns each and every month. Instead of 100 kilos of gold, my fund is turning over closer to 800 kilos a month. That’s around $50 million in monthly transactional volume, and we have the capacity to grow to 5,000 kilos of monthly volume this year. This is where my investors win by placing their capital next to mine. At the end of the day, we are generating returns of around 80% per annum after expenses. About one-third of that goes straight back to investors in our fund. Q. Wow, that is innovative. Is there more to this strategy? Regan: Yes—and this aspect is even more of an innovation. We guarantee our investors a minimum 24% return, and guarantee against the loss of principal. As you might suspect, this makes the Next Level Fund quite unique. While many products guarantee principal protection, I am not aware of any that also guarantees a specific future strong return. (Annuities, for example, are the complete opposite, with notoriously low returns.) With our fund, we guarantee an annual return starting at 24% but increasing to 40% for those investors who invest with us for a longer term and agree to lock ups.

Nov22526 Retirement Planning Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Q. How can you legally make a claim it is guaranteed? Regan: First off, I agree with an old investment axiom: If something sounds too good to be true, it’s because it probably is. Guaranteed returns—aren’t. Every investment carries some degree of risk. This is generally reflected in the rate of return you can expect to receive. If your money is perfectly safe, you’ll most likely get a low return. High returns entail high risks, possibly including a total loss on the investment. Our fund is completely different. Q. Why is your fund different? Regan: The first part of my model is the arbitrage component. There’s minimal risk because I sell first and then buy, but there is always some transactional risk. You can’t get away from it. But the insurance industry was founded to provide guarantees. We rely on insurance to protect our lives: our homes, our businesses, and our health. So this is where my model excels: we rely on insurance to provide a true contractual guarantee. What makes me different is why my investors love me: I succeeded in getting the insurance industry to understand our trading model. Now, these insurers have “priced the risk.” Because I pay them premiums, they are happy to issue coverage. It is important to note that the insurance companies issue the guarantee directly to my investors. It’s not through our fund or our firm. That provides the next level of assurance since the policy is issued in your name. It’s no different from how they would quote your premium for a life or health insurance product. Based on the investment size, we have the insurance carrier directly issue the surety bond in our client’s name. It’s pretty simple, but it’s a new concept in the hedge fund business where losses and wild volatility are the norm. Q. So, to clarify, your guarantee is a separate insurance policy? Regan: Yes, that’s it! The “guaranteed return” policies are issued to our investors directly from licensed and regulated major insurance carriers and not from our firm. I am sure that if we attempted to offer “guaranteed returns” directly, we would run into issues with the SEC and various other regulatory bodies and consumer protection agencies. It wouldn’t be prudent. This is where I came up with the idea to pair my investment offerings with insurance products. That would ultimately give our investors the highest level of assurance and certainty in a very uncertain world. Our insurance is high quality too. All of our surety bonds and insurance policies are issued by Lloyds of London or other firms carrying investment grade ratings from AM Best. Q. Can you tell us a little more about how you were able to partner with these insurers? Regan: Great question! It’s actually what I am most proud of. Most people assume that creating the model is my crowning achievement, but that’s not the case. Getting the insurance industry to bet big on me was a monumental achievement. Everyone in the financial industry knows that the insurance industry is incredibly regulated, conservative, bureaucratic and slow-moving. When I approached insurers, I was immediately subjected to intense scrutiny. I endured several forensic financial audits that spanned over 21 long months. Initially, I was forced to put up eight figures in counterguarantees. There was a never-ending mountain of legal documents and bureaucratic red tape before I could obtain the backing from the insurers we now work with. But it was worth the pain, as we now can issue our investors policies insuring against loss and guaranteeing a minimum return of 24% per annum. Q. How long have you been successfully applying this strategy? Regan: It’s been six years now. However, only within the last year were we able to roll out the insurance policy with surety bond protection for our investors. Q. Why haven’t we heard of you before? Regan: That’s a very subjective question, but I am not by any means a household name nor do I aspire to be. Plus, I’ve had my head down for the past several years developing this methodology and arm-wrestling with the insurance industry. I am a small player in relative terms of assets under management, and I prefer it that way. My focus is on results. I have achieved success because of the fact that I am small and agile, so I never want that to change. My investment strategy is inspired by Sun Tzu, legendary military strategist from ancient China. He was a master of agile warfare and preferred to win without fighting or, if that was not possible, pick the easiest battles. That’s how I run my funds….we stick with our strengths. We’re not looking to outgrow what we do best. I also don’t look for attention. While my name may not ring bells, I bet you’ve heard of my insurance partners. Lloyds of London, Afiancol Insurance, RedBridge Insurance, Ocean Reinsurance, these are all big names and you can say that I am standing on the shoulders of giants in that regard, however, I really value my privacy. Since I am happy to trade my own capital, there was no real upside for me to seek the spotlight. Now that I am actively launching my own funds, there is an obvious utility to these sorts of interviews, at least for the time being.

7. Q. How much money do you currently manage? Regan: I’ve developed and refined my strategy with my own capital, which I consider essential. As an investor, you want your managers to have skin in the game, and you get it with me. Since I started offering insurance policies, I’ve only recently started accepting outside investors. I’m currently managing around $50 million, most of that being my capital. Unlike most traditional fund managers, my niche doesn’t allow me to scale into the billions, nor is that size and scale appealing to me. Q. Tell us a little about your personal life…what do you do when you’re not thinking about arbitrage and investor insurance policies? Regan: I am a proud father and born-again Christian. I practice something called Bushido and live according to a strict code of honor and morals developed by Japanese samurai. I love the seven principles of Bushido and practice them daily. I am also a huge adrenaline guy. I like extreme sports and anything that allows me to test my mental fortitude and self-imposed psychological and physical limitations. I also love donating funds to help underprivileged children in the regions of Colombia where we have most of our relationships with artisanal and small to mediumsized private mining operations. Q. How many funds do you currently manage? Regan: Three. I want to keep it that way. I like simple, and I like easy. These three hit the investment goals and objectives of nearly anyone I might speak to, regardless of age, risk appetite, investment goals, or suitability. My lineup includes the Next Level Income Fund, the Next Level Growth Fund and the Next Level Retirement Fund. Q. Why would people invest? Regan: Really….(laughs) aside from guaranteed returns? (Laughs again.) Well, I always like to use the most popular benchmark of performance that professional investors typically use, the S&P 500 Index. Before I explain how I have crushed the S&P Index in terms of riskadjusted performance, I want to highlight a little-known fact. Over 90% of hedge fund managers don’t even match the S&P Index. In the years 2011 through 2020, the S&P 500 beat the average hedge fund every year. Yet if we compare my Next Level Growth Fund where investors get a guaranteed APY of 33.3% ROI, you would need to go back to 1995 (28 years ago) to find a year where an investor would have seen a better return. Now…to do that with the addition of an insurance policy guaranteeing an index-beating return? You tell me what you think. (Laughs again.) Q. Thanks Paul, this has been an amazing interview. How can people invest or learn more? Regan: Just send an email to [email protected]. I am still small enough that I usually answer all inquiries personally. You can also visit our website at

Nov22526 Retirement Planning Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Best International Trust & Retirement Solutions Provider 2023 – Guernsey A shared vision to protect, preserve, and enhance client wealth The founders of Overseas Trust and Pension (OTAP) brought the business into existence on the shared philosophy that, “Everyone has the right to a safe haven to protect and preserve their family’s financial future.” This belief continues to live out ten years since the business began through the range of innovative, international financial products offered by OTAP, which cover pensions, trusts, and retirement plans. The founders also believe that adequately equipping an individual to safeguard their wealth and legacy is best achieved by working alongside financial advisers who look to ensure the longterm interest of clients. Established in 2012, OTAP is a specialist provider of international pension, trust, retirement, and employee benefit solutions. These solutions deliver peace of mind and financial security to their clients by protecting their wealth from the many threats and uncertainties inherent in the world today. OTAP’s knowledge, expertise, products, and operational capability, together with their extensive experience in administration and the development of international solutions for private and corporate clients, are specifically aligned to the needs of advisers and clients. By working in partnership with advisers, OTAP feels that it is best placed to deliver its solutions to individual and corporate clients. Currently, OTAP partners with over 120 financial advisory groups worldwide, delivering solutions to circa 6,000 clients comprised of individuals and corporations. A Guernsey-based and regulated company, which means their clients’ wealth is preserved in a premier international jurisdiction Located in Guernsey, a premier financial services jurisdiction, OTAP is regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC), which is a mark of quality and accountability. Furthermore, Guernsey’s trust and pension legislation is considered to be worldclass, and clients benefit from an ombudsman service, which many international jurisdictions lack. This, in tandem with OTAP’s approach to compliance and governance, provides significant comfort and reassurance to clients as their hard-earned wealth is protected from the many threats and risks that wealth faces today. “We pride ourselves on the security and peace of mind our clients get from us being located in Guernsey. Highly regulated and well respected, clients benefit from the many regulatory and legal safeguards that Guernsey provides. Furthermore, Guernsey’s proactive legal system continues to evolve and enables the ongoing development of products and services, ensuring our offering remains relevant both today, and importantly, into the future.” - Rex Cowley, Co-Founder and Director. The Founders and Directors of OTAP are respected individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the pensions and financial services industry, and they are supported by a team of highly qualified professionals. It is this combination of experience and expertise at executive, management, and administration level, which delivers a specialist and highly dynamic business that puts client outcomes first. A world-class approach of service, security, and support OTAP’s world-class approach is underpinned by the values of service, security, and support. These values combine to deliver an efficient, expedient, and reliable service. OTAP’s products and services are used by a wide range of firms, from listed recognised brands to boutique specialist firms. These firms benefit from OTAP’s expertise on the regulations, application, and structuring of international pensions, trust, and employee benefit solutions, backed by dedicated technical support to advisers. OTAP understands and respects the client and adviser working relationship. Therefore, they equip advisers with the relevant information to assist in terms of their services and how these services can fulfil the needs of clients. The prioritisation of adviser and client servicing, efficient administration, and general support are seen as sought-after differentiators in respect of OTAP. Furthermore, OTAP is known for investing time in understanding the needs of advisers and providing them with access to relevant people in the firm, be it for technical, administrative, marketing, service, or strategic support. This access, together with quality support materials, case studies, guidance notes, training, and general correspondence, is valued by advisers. “In short, we develop our services to make a real difference in the lives of people. That is, we deliver on the things that really matter to clients and their advisers.” - Rex Cowley, Co-Founder and Director. Award-winning international financial solutions OTAP has an extensive range of award-winning international products that cater for income, accumulation, and succession of wealth. Furthermore, they facilitate a wide range of outcomes, including asset protection, investment freedom, choice of currency, tax efficiency, the ability to build wealth, improved financial Mar23146 Awarded with a title in the Retirement Planning Awards 2023, Overseas Trust and Pension Ltd has been recognised for its ability to guarantee peace of mind. Here we learn more about the unparalleled firm as it continues to serve its clients from Guernsey – and beyond.

9. certainty, global portability, tailored benefit options, the seamless passing on of wealth on death, and improved peace of mind for clients and their families. OTAP’s flagship products OTAP’s flagship products are available to individuals and corporations and provide very affordable access given their product entry criteria. Realistic entry levels are coupled with a range of pricing options, making their services accessible and affordable. All OTAP’s products provide significant access to the markets, so investments can be tailored at client-level, together with the ability to use multiple currencies. This investment and currency freedom, in conjunction with the entry and price characteristics, means OTAP’s products are highly accessible and can accommodate advisers and their clients. A philosophy of constant improvement OTAP recognises that the world and the needs of clients and advisers are constantly evolving, which has implications for their products and services. Therefore, OTAP continuously invests in enhancing and developing what they do, and how they do it. This is summed up by one of the Co-Founders and Directors, David Higgins, who says, “Constantly doing the very best for advisers and clients is what makes our business a success.” For more information on OTAP, contact them at advisers@ or +27 (0) 21 851 5584 or +44 (0) 3333 078888. Contact Details Company: Overseas Trust and Pension Ltd Web Address:

Nov22526 Retirement Planning Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Best Pension & Financial Planning Consultancy Firm 2023 – Switzerland deVere Group is the globe’s largest independent financial advisory, asset management, and fintech organisation with a client-focused attitude. Its approach enables it to build unbreakable bonds with its clients and its expertise allows these partnerships to flourish. “Over the last two decades, we have earned an enviable reputation for providing our clients with a results-driven service, which is at the heart of everything we do,” enthuses deVere’s Managing Director, Paul Dodds. “Our size, strength and resources mean that we are able to recruit and retain the industry’s top advisers who, in turn, offer our clients the widest range of products and services. These include our pioneering suite of fintech apps, market-leading low-cost financial solutions, innovative investments with specialist fund managers, insurance, property, tax consultancy, mortgages and FX, amongst others – not to mention world-class governance and compliance procedures.” deVere goes from strength to strength in all areas and, with its diverse services, it can help a multitude of people – with a myriad of concerns, requirements, or wishes. Specifically, in the world of retirement, deVere offers services that we can’t refuse. Paul tells us, “deVere works with leading global providers to ensure best access to and range of products that help our clients. These solutions help our clients secure tax-efficient financial freedom when they retire. “We believe this is becoming increasingly important as financial security during retirement is now more than ever a personal responsibility as governments around the world are unlikely to be able to support older people in the future as they have done for previous generations.” Herein lies the secret to deVere’s untameable success – its seasoned experts. With two decades of experience, and with many more decades of combined experience in its team members, deVere has made a name for itself – becoming a giant in its realm. Guaranteeing help with everything related to pension planning, such as advice, transfers, savings plans, tracing, long-term and diversified investment planning, tax advice, and estate planning. Its team of professionals each bring something different to the firm, promise brighter days, and deliver incredible levels of security in retirement planning. Paul tells us, “our team of experts are dedicated to helping our clients enjoy a fulfilling, life-enriching retirement that’s free from avoidable money worries.” Approaching clients with attentiveness and care, deVere starts by understanding them – and their needs. The longterm relationships that deVere creates are the result of its compassionate method, and its successful results are what keeps people trusting its work. Paul adds, “We build long-term relationships that create trust and rapport, which is essential when helping people with something as fundamental to their lives, and those of their loved ones, as their wealth.” Helping people with the upkeep of their desired livelihood keeps deVere at the forefront in the industry. It listens to its clients and ensures that they have everything they need to feel comfortable for the foreseeable future, which is imperative for individuals no matter the day and age. “We provide peace of mind as clients who have a clear plan for their finances and retirement are often more relaxed and less anxious about their financial future, allowing them to enjoy their present life more fully.” As deVere brought its services to the industry it brought with it the skilled ability to develop and promote fintech, throughout its solutions. By utilising the power of fintech, deVere has the innate qualities needed to succeed. It utilises AI virtual assistance to provide 24/7 assistance and personalised customer service, as well as innovative algorithms that can dispel any doubt when it comes to predicting future trends and patterns in finances. Its laser focus on being the best of the best doesn’t take anything away from the work that it does. In fact, it actually drives deVere forwards – pushing the boundaries of the industry by using pioneering technology, deVere ultimately changes the way we see wealth management. “There is no other business that can come close to deVere in fintech development, innovation and implementation. The advances in fintech are happening at breakneck speed and it has already fundamentally reshaped the whole financial sector.” Providing “secure, reliable, and regulatory standards,” deVere does all it can, and more, “to protect clients’ privacy and financial security.” Paul continues, “we believe this will provide clients with greater convenience, accessibility, customisation, transparency, and costeffectiveness in managing their finances.” deVere Group has now won Best Pension & Financial Planning Consultancy Firm 2023 – Switzerland in the Retirement Planning Awards 2023, from Wealth and Finance. It is sure to develop its services and solutions even more as it continues to expand its “suite of cutting-edge solutions including retirement planning solutions, wealth management, digital banking, peer-to-peer lending, cryptocurrencies, investment planning, all in the one place.” This will inevitably increase its volume of clientele however, its team of experts will consistently pull out all the stops for each and every one of them. Building its “very own financial ecosystem,” deVere has done more than exceeded all expectations, it has become an unstoppable positive force in an industry that is vital for the wellbeing of people everywhere. Contact: Paul Dodds Company: deVere Group Switzerland SA Web Address: Feb23394 deVere Group thrives on a global scale, offering impartial financial advice in international savings, life insurance, pensions, and much more, so that expatriates and international investors can receive the services they need with regards to their finances. Here we talk to its Managing Director, Paul Dodds, as it wins a title in 2023’s Retirement Planning Awards.


Nov22526 Retirement Planning Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Best Retirement Wealth Management Firm 2023 – New Zealand Lifetime Retirement Income (Lifetime) began with compassion and research. Established in 2016, Lifetime’s retirement income solution has swiftly become a goliath in its industry. Founder and Managing Director of Lifetime, Ralph Stewart, says, “For many retirees hitting retirement is the wealthiest they will ever be, outside of owning their own home. While that’s good news when heading into retirement, it’s also challenging. What do retirees do with that money to ensure it lasts their lifetime?” Through careful analysis and regular reassessment of a retiree’s expected investment horizon, Lifetime takes much of the guess work out of the retirement income equation. Lifetime customers know they’re in safe and supportive hands and can simply sit back and enjoy the income generated from their hard-earned savings. Lifetime’s Chief Marketing Officer, Chelsea Devlin tells us, “Lifetime helps take care of the income portion of a retirement plan, providing convenient, tax-paid, fortnightly payments into the retiree’s bank account. The same week as the New Zealand government paid pension (NZ Superannuation).” Chelsea notes, “Lifetime is at the forefront of retirement income solutions in New Zealand and our dedicated team of industry experts offer retirees peace of mind. Lifetime shows no signs of stopping in its quest to provide a suite of products to help retirees maximise their post-work lifestyle. “We currently offer a form of allocated pension, and will soon launch Equity Release, allowing retirees to release equity from their home for fortnightly income payments. This means retirees can benefit from their biggest asset without having to sell it entirely, enhancing their standard of living while they’re most able to enjoy it.” By helping retirees manage living costs through retirement, Lifetime doesn’t just offer income products, it also provides its customers with financial peace of mind – key to mental and physical wellbeing and a low-stress retirement. “Lifetime currently manages over NZ$700 million across more than 7,000 customers. It is governed by a Board of industry experts including Chair Dame Diana Crossan, former Retirement Commissioner, and Martin Hawes, best-selling author of “Cracking Open the Retirement Nest Egg”. The Lifetime team is committed to its customers and works hard to uphold the excellent service standards that have inspired loyalty among the many members who have been with Lifetime since its inception. Ralph Stewart explains, “Our job is to help our customers mind the income gap, between what they get through NZ Super and their day to day living expenses. “NZ Super is unlikely to provide most people with the lifestyle they were hoping for in retirement. It’s clear that for many kiwis, NZ Super alone is just not enough. Retirees need to have a clear plan in place to bridge the income gap in retirement.” Lifetime’s fuss-free approach to structuring its customers’ savings into a source of long-term income takes the confusion out of what can feel like a complex task. Using its Income Projector, Lifetime calculates an Annuity Factor unique to each individual. This adds a dash of science to the art of determining expected lifespan – and therefore how to make your money last as long as you do. Feb23375 Retirement planning takes place far before we actually retire. It is the process in which we determine what we’ll need when we retire, so we can build up our savings to meet those needs. But what do we do with those savings once we reach retirement? Lifetime Retirement Income works hard to help New Zealanders manage their retirement income.

13. “Our customer service is humanistic; our customers know they are not a number, that they’re part of the Lifetime family. We know them and we know their story. Our door is open to them and their feedback and opinions drive our product development. Our customers are our most important stakeholders.” In this way, Lifetime joins its members on their retirement journey, helping them to live the life they want. It’s this thinking that has helped elevate its customers’ experience of retirement income planning. “Our purpose is to develop transparent, low-cost, high-value retirement income solutions that New Zealand retirees can trust.” With its online portals and around-the-clock support, Lifetime takes a holistic approach to retirement income, striving to make everything as straightforward and accessible as possible. Its team supports people with their income projection tools, application forms and online portal, as well as informing and educating through webinars, seminars and newsletters. Looking ahead, Lifetime is gearing up to launch its home equity release retirement income product this year. And it is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve its services and tools by working with its customers and listening to their needs. Helping New Zealanders approach retirement with confidence and peace of mind, Lifetime Retirement Income has been recognised with the title of Best Retirement Wealth Management Firm 2023 – New Zealand, for the second year in a row Contact Details Contact: Chelsea Devlin Company: Lifetime Retirement Income Web Address:

Nov22526 Retirement Planning Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Most Dedicated Retirement Planning Team 2023 – Indiana “Maximizing Our Clients’ Potential Through Proactive & Holistic Planning.” VFO’s multidisciplinary services cover a huge range of areas including legal, risk mitigation, advanced tax planning, advanced insurance concepts, financing and real estate, business advisory, and private wealth management. “By taking a few steps back, and looking at the total picture, we can do the most complete plan someone has encountered.” Its unique selling point is its unparalleled tax reduction planning, which is not carried out by any other firm in the country. VFO’s Managing Partner, Ryan Foncannon, tells us, “We are also able to look at business return and a 1040 (Personal or Joint Return), and see where the advanced tax planning opportunities are for the client to significantly reduce taxes.” For high wage W-2 earners or business owners on a 1040, VFO “We show clients how to make money off of the money they would pay the IRS. Certain advanced tax strategies give huge tax benefits upfront by putting money into them. This can be in the form of a deduction and/or a refundable tax credit, with a great cash flow.” Aiding clients to mitigate or even eradicate taxes, for those around the top 1%, VFO illuminates a path towards a richer future – in more ways than one. “The more you are making altogether in the household, the more we can do. Tax planning is also a great tool to mitigate inflation costs. Helping you keep more to do more. What would you do with more?” With an ever-growing team of over 70 specialists, VFO is always on the lookout for more well-seasoned professionals to invent brand new ways to help its valuable clients. Doing all of the work, alongside its clients’ wishes, VFO brings an air of sophistication to saving time – and money. Exclusively crafted for those with a large household income, VFO’s services and solutions are developed with the client in mind. VFO is constantly learning, expanding, and introducing more ways to benefit from legal, advanced tax and wealth planning, support. Ryan shares, “We are more flexible and agile to make changes quickly.” Being a holistic and proactive planning Virtual Family Office, the firm works in a meticulous way. Weeding out any problems as they may arise. Ryan tells us, “We will start on the advanced tax planning side first. That is a major differentiator to begin with. We also believe having an advanced tax reduction plan in place, sets up everything else. We can not only show you how to save millions in taxes, but how to build wealth faster, by doing so. Then, we can help setup a total picture plan. That can include everything, including but not limited to businesses, real estate, other entities, trusts, and etc.” As an executive contributor to Brainz Magazine, rated as the 7th biggest international business magazine in the world, Ryan is consistently pushing his knowledge and experience out around the globe. This has only spurred him on to writing his own book, to share even more with as many individuals as possible. His book is set for release soon this year, and it will contain invaluable information about the advanced tax and wealth planning that VFO already provides. His book will inevitably spread the word about these services – hopefully causing a shift in the corporate landscape, so that more people are aware that they have access to its kind of assistance, and the means to help others as businesses themselves. Ryan’s book will also cover those “high impact tax and wealth strategies. That are be for high wage W-2 earners, business owners, realized capital gains, high & ultra-high net worth, and real estate investors to save not only save on taxes on the business return and/or the 1040 return. But also show you how to reposition the tax liability to build wealth, legally and in compliance with the IRS.” At the helm of such a dedicated business, and as part of its driving force, Ryan, and the team, work hard to steer people in the right direction with their wealth management skills. With four categories of clients: a client or family with a total household income or AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) of $450,000 or more; a business owner with a profit of $100,000 or more; a realized capital gains event of $500,000 or more; a net worth of $10,000,000 or more. These categories run much deeper than what appears on the surface however, Ryan adds, “We would love to connect to anyone that falls into one or more categories of our ideal client.” “Our goal is to give the most complete plan to our clients they have ever encountered. We empower our clients to choose from the numerous options that we present. We go through the pluses and minuses of each. We would also say that we actually listen to our clients better than anyone in the industry. We make them feel heard and understood.” S.W.A.N. Virtual Family Office has just won the glimmering title of Most Dedicated Retirement Planning Team 2023 – Indiana. Why not contact “your national experts that provide the “best of the best” in tax planning, legal, risk mitigation, wealth management, and business advisory services”? Contact: Ryan K. Foncannon, MBA Company: S.W.A.N. Virtual Family Office (VFO) Web Address: Finding a retirement planning team that is as devoted as the team at S.W.A.N. Virtual Family Office (VFO) is practically impossible. With a sole purpose of improving wealth management, this firm has quickly become one to watch in the industry; its dedication is absolutely unparalleled in Indiana. Here we learn more from its Managing Partner, Ryan K. Foncannon as it wins a title in the Retirement Planning Awards 2023.


16. Retirement Planning Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Best Tailored Retirement Planning Service Provider 2023 – London Since 1929, Lubbock Fine has been promising, and delivering, a complete range of auditing, tax, accounting, and consultancy services for both businesses and individuals. As a subsidiary of Lubbock Fine, London-based Lubbock Fine Wealth Management (LFWM) is directly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Its purpose and mission is to provide its undivided attention and holistic advice to its clients. Rich in history and experience, LFWM’s team strives to offer “exceptional financial advice service for private clients as well as businesses by building a bespoke financial plan, which is suited to their needs and long-term objectives. This includes pre and post-retirement planning, tax mitigation strategies, investment management as well as protection solutions. We spend time with our clients to understand their objectives, identify risks and explain in simple language without jargon what our advice is and why it is suitable,” enthuses its dedicated Director, Andrew Tricker. LFWM’s advisors are deeply proud of their work, and their approach to clients consists of so many layers such as honesty, trust, respect, clarity, the drive towards giving them peace of mind, and so much more. Not limited to one particular area, LFWM works hard to “eliminate those fears and enable clients to take the necessary steps towards a worry-free future.” “We are transparent with our charging structure and highly responsive. Our core values mean we behave with focus, intelligence, integrity, dedication, respect, strength, imagination, innovation, and passion. These values help us redefine exceptional. We look to build lasting relationships focused on trust and transparency ” Andrew tells us, “LFWM offers a comprehensive range of retirement solutions, including annuities, flexi access drawdown, and phased drawdown. We prioritise finding the most appropriate solution for each client’s unique situation and objectives, and we stay up-to-date on new strategies and products to continually evolve our thinking. “Working closely with Lubbock Fine Chartered Accountants allows us to combine different areas of expertise to achieve a shared objective: preserving and growing wealth for our clients. By integrating complex tax planning and investment strategies, we strive to help our clients achieve a comfortable retirement in the long run.” Andrew and his business partner, Gorkem, hold over 30 years of experience between them, guiding the way for the rest of the knowledgeable team. Andrew adds, “This experience gives us the confidence to rely on it as a solid foundation for our recommendations.” LFWM applies its knowledge and experience to every situation, and, of course, looks for new ways to revolutionise its services. Andrew shares some of LFWM’s plans for the future. He says, “We will continue to comply with the Consumer Duty requirements but also review our digital capabilities to enhance client experience. Additionally, we aim to strengthen our connections with various lawyers affiliated with the larger organisation bya means of networking, collaborative events, and sharing information about changes in advice. With these strategic initiatives, LFWM is looking to grow the business and continue delivering exceptional value to our clients.” Awarded with Best Tailored Retirement Planning Service Provider 2023 – London, Lubbock Fine Wealth Management has been recognised for its seamless ability to help its clients with pre and post-retirement planning, tax mitigation strategies, investment management as well as protection solutions. With its bespoke approach, it discards the idea that one single solution will do the trick – it simply puts its best foot forward in tailoring its services, to build unbreakable relationships. Contact: Kajal Nayee Company: Lubbock Fine Wealth Management Web Address: Lubbock Fine Wealth Management delivers perfectly tailored retirement planning solutions that are simply unmatched in all of London. This makes it a leader in its sphere, and an even greater example for others to find their own inspiration when helping others. We find out more about the firm’s current services, and its further growth, from its Director Andrew Tricker.

Retirement Planning Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance 17. Mar23010 Best Financial Planning Firm 2023 – Illinois Crystal Lake Tax & Financial provides integrated financial services to clients nationally who are within 10 years of retirement or have already retired. As retirement is something we plan for, and may represent a 30 year journey, it is critical that we have access to professional advice and experience when we need it most. Crystal Lake Tax & Financials’ fiduciary advisors are Connor Stewart & Michael Stewart. Established in 2008, Crystal Lake Tax & Financial is a multifunctional center, or onestop-shop, for wealth management needs. Celebrating its 15th year anniversary, Crystal Lake Tax & Financial continues to uphold its reputation, and with ease. It doesn’t simply provide financial planning and investment management, Managing Partner and Financial Planner, Michael Stewart, tells us, “we also have a CPA and full tax team on staff for tax preparation and proactive tax planning, as well as work with a legal team in house to assist our clients with their Estate Planning.” Wholeheartedly believing in the good it does, Crystal Lake Tax & Financial doesn’t just sell products – it helps people to invest, manage, and reap the benefits in some of the most pivotal years of their lives. Connor comments, “The most important aspect of our service is providing clarity and certainty to those nearing and in retirement.” Crystal Lake Tax & Financial’s services generate confidence in its clients. It always takes a firm yet fair approach to all of them, ensuring it is half financial provider and half behavioural counsellor – supporting clients through behavioural patterns that could be harming them financially, in order to help them to understand and correct those patterns. Michael adds, “To further educate our clients and the general public, we have published two books, The Retirement Success Blueprint: How to Build the Retirement You Deserve and Purpose Based Investing: 9 Steps to Rescue Your Retirement from Wall Street. “These actionable books allow our clients access to strategies to generate income in retirement, protect their nest egg, minimize the impact of taxes over their lifetime and make educated financial choices to be confident in their retirement,” “Having a real plan, a Retirement Success Blueprint, provides that certainty and clarity that they are going to be ok for a retirement that could last 30 more years.” Crystal Lake Tax & Financial has partnered with an assortment of financial research organizations to keep learning, growing, and, of course, evolving its ideas and skillset. This helps it to stay on trend economically and financially, so that its clients can benefit from its long list of solutions. “Our clients deserve and expect the best breed of technology to make their experience efficient and simple.” Speaking of the years to come, Michael shares, “The future growth of the firm will continue at a solid pace. We continue to double the firms staff every three years as we continue to expand service, investment and marketing initiatives. At present, we service clients in 27 states across the United States, including clients in 5 countries abroad. “We have an “Always Hiring” mindset where a right fit professional – advisory, marketing, client service, tax – will always be embraced by our firm to ensure that our clients have access the premier professionals in investment, financial, tax, and estate planning.” As the Best Financial Planning Firm 2023 – Illinois, Crystal Lake Tax & Financial delivers irreplaceable services that can help all throughout the retirement journey. It truly understands that everyone is different, so everyone will need a different approach. Honest and reliable, fierce yet compassionate, Crystal Lake Tax & Financial is one to look out for – as it will always look out for its clients. Company: Crystal Lake Tax & Financial Web Address: