Retirement Planning Awards 2023

18. Retirement Planning Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Mar23005 Best Digital Pension Provider 2023 – Germany With a platform that allows customers to conquer problems such as outdated management systems and technical problems, myPension has curated a retirement service that can suit the masses. Its digital platform is vibrant and full of helpful solutions, but it is not devoid of human life – quite the contrary. myPension offers full use of its competent professionals which deliver its award-winning services, and they are available personally through all channels of communication. The team is there to help, and they “offer people the opportunity to invest in good performing ETF-based private pensions, online, without commissions or unnecessary costs.” For more returns, up to 55% lower overall costs, and incredible tax advantages – anytime and anywhere – myPension has developed the pension platform of the future. myPension’s Manager, Alberto del Pozo, tells us, “Our unique selling point is the technical infrastructure on which we have completely digitalised all relevant processes that are necessary for the acquisition and administration of a private pension insurance. This allows us to develop very cost-effective and innovative products that are ahead of the competition in many aspects. For example, our platform allows us to offer private pension products well below one percent cost (reduction in yield).” “We even see ourselves as one of the drivers in the area of digitalisation in our industry. Our self-developed platform offers technical possibilities that established providers cannot offer due to outdated management systems. That is why we have decided to open our platform to third parties, such as insurers, in the future. In the future, some established insurers will probably develop and manage their products on our platform.” “Our customers are our best advertisement. Because 99% would recommend us to others.” One satisfied customer said, “Great customer service, very customer friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Very clear and well-structured homepage with a good overview and valuable information on retirement provision. Contract adjustments can be made quickly and easily.” Its natural and effortless approach instils confidence in all of its customers. They know they can depend on myPension for the honest and reliable support. Another customer shared, “myPension is the retirement provision of the new generation. Flexible, transparent, and effective. I feel well protected and have a full overview of my system permanently and at all times. Absolute recommendation.” Excited about its progress and deserving of its win as Germany’s Best Digital Pension Provider 2023, myPension lights the way for people throughout the country. It will inevitably impact other businesses by setting an example as it makes waves in the digital world of pensions. For the future, Alberto shares, “We are working on a completely revised version of our platform that will enable us to offer even more flexible and innovative product solutions. We plan to go live with the platform in early 2024. With our platform, insurers will be able to offer similarly flexible and digital products in the future as only depositbased neo-brokers and robo-advisors can today.” Creating simple, straightforward, and accessible ways of managing our pensions, myPension is a company for the people of the digital age. Contact: Alberto del Pozo Company: myPension Web Address: Founded in 2016, myPension was created to combat the widespread feeling of being charged too much for pension products and services. It delivers private pension solutions on a flexible basis. Here we talk to Manager of the firm, Alberto del Pozo, as it wins its title in the Retirement Planning Awards 2023